Global Lab Updates – 18th March 2021

Global Lab Updates – 18th March 2021

Mar 18 Tansie  
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Olvia Server Update

  • Olvia (Growth Specialized) server is changed to NEW Olvia (Growth Specialized) server.
    • New Olvia Server update will be arriving to EU/NA on 24th March, as announced in a GM Note
    • The NEW Olvia server is a growth-specific server that can be accessed if the new and return conditions are satisfied, the same as the existing Olvia server.
    • The connection conditions of the NEW Olvia server are as follows.

New Olvia Server Requirements New: Adventurers who are logging in within 30 days (720 hours) after creating a secondary password


Returning: Adventurers who have not logged in for at least 30 days (720 hours) and have not used the Web Central Market for at least 30 days (720 hours)

  • * The new Olvia server is for Adventurers who fulfill the new Adventurer requirement above or the returning Adventurer requirement and have less than a total of 150 levels with all characters in their Family
  • The benefits of the NEW Olvia server are as follows.
Benefits Before change after
Combat EXP 100% 150%
Skill EXP 30% 50%
Maximum level Level 60 99.999% Level 61 99.999%
Life EXP 100%

(up to Artisan 1)

Contribution EXP Contribution 0 ~ 100: Contribution EXP +150%

Contribution 100 ~ 200: Contribution EXP +100%

Contribution 200 ~ 250: Contribution EXP +50%

  • ※ In commemoration of the NEW Olvia server, the NEW Olvia benefit is applied to normal servers over about 4 weeks so that existing adventurers can also receive the benefits. Please note that 2 of the 4 weeks will be applied sequentially with combat experience, skill experience and contribution experience, and the remaining 2 weeks with life experience.

Level Reward Changes

  • Challenge conditions for acquiring Capotia accessories have been relaxed.
Item name Before change After change
Capotia ring Reach level 61 Reach level 58
Capotia earrings Reach level 62 Reach level 59
Capotia Belt Reach level 63 Reach level 60
Capotia necklace Reach level 64 Reach level 61
  • A level achievement challenge has been added to obtain enhanced capotia accessories.
    • This achievement can be completed once per family.
Item name Level achieved
TRI: Capotia Ring 62
TRI: Capotia Earrings 63
TRI: Capotia Belt 64
TRI: Capotia necklace 65
  • The minimum level condition of the crafting ceremony that can produce capotia accessories has been changed to level 61.
    • * The conditions for the capotia ring are the same as before at level 61.
Item name Before change After change
Capotia earrings Level 62 Level 61
Capotia Belt Level 63 Level 61
Capotia necklace Level 64 Level 61

Narchillian Gear

  • A special quest to obtain Narchillian equipment ‘[Special Support] Fugar’s Warfare’ has been added.
    • This quest can be accepted from the Black Spirit (,) on a character of level 50 or higher with Calpheon main quest completed, or level 56 or higher.
    • The quest is set to provide directions to Fugar located in Mediah, but you can proceed with the quest from Fugar NPCs in all villages. Please proceed with the quest conveniently according to the current adventurer’s location.
    • Each part of the equipment can be exchanged only once, and the list of requests is as follows.
      • [Special Support] Narchillian’s Sturdy Helm
      • [Special Support] Narchillian’s Hard Armor
      • [Special Support] Narchillian’s Slight Shoes
      • [Special Support] Narchillian’s Fine Gloves
      • [Special Assistance] Narchillian’s Sharp Main Weapon
      • [Special Support] Narchillian’s Delicate Secondary Weapon
      • [Special Support] Narchillian’s Powerful Awakening Weapon
  • * This quest is a quest that allows you to exchange PEN (V) Naru equipment for Narchillian equipment.
  • * This quest can be completed once per family through the Black Spirit (,). Therefore, please complete the quest as a character who will wear Narchillian equipment.
  • Narchillian equipment has been added.
    • Narchillian equipment can be exchanged once per family with PEN (V) Naru equipment for each part and a Canon awakening weapon that can be obtained as a reward for each class’ awakening quest.
    • The performance of each equipment is as follows.

  • ※ Each Narchillian armor is applied to the part of the set that is the same as the set effect applied when wearing the boss armor or Blackstar armor.
    • For example, if you wear Black Star Helmet + Black Star Armor + Narcane Gloves + Narcane Shoes, you can get the “Black Star Armor 4 Set Effect”.
    • Narchillian equipment cannot be enhanced or enhanced with caphras.
    • Narchillian equipment cannot be worn as a season character.
  • For Narchillian equipment, if the character’s karma is less than 0, the effect of the equipment is not applied.
  • Narchillian equipment cannot be sold and cannot be registered on the central market.
  • Using Narchillian equipment, a ‘Battle Soul Stone’ item that can improve Tuvala equipment has been added.
    • Tuvala equipment improvement can be proceeded by selecting one type of armor and one type of weapon desired through a quest.
    • The item needed for improvement is ‘Battle Soul Stone’.
    • When you heat 1 Narchillian Equipment (regardless of its type), you get 1 ‘Battle Soul Stone’.
    • Tuvala improvement is progressed through a quest. Can only be applied to 1 out of 4 Tuvala armor and 1 out of 3 Tuvala weapons.
    • Also, this quest can only be made once per family.
    • Improved equipment can have the ‘Battle Soul Stone’ extracted using a specific item.
    • The following effects are added when upgrading Tuvala equipment using a ‘Battle Soul Stone’.
Item Effect
Main weapon, awakening weapon Monster Damage +7
Secondary weapon Monster Damage +3, Monster Damage Reduction +3
Helmet, armor, gloves, shoes Monster Damage Reduction +7

Demihar Gathering Tools

  • 6 kinds of Demihar life tools have been added.
    • Demihar’s life tool has an effect of +50% gathering experience.

  • Demihar Life Tools can be worn from the Gathering Level Apprenticeship 1.
  • Demihar life tools can also be worn by season characters.
  • Demihar Life Tools are valid for 14 days when acquired, and tools that have passed the validity period cannot be used.
  • The durability of Demihar’s life tools is 300, and its durability cannot be repaired.

Dark Rift Changes

  • Hadum’s black sun light, which had encroached on the Dark Rifts for two weeks, has disappeared.
  • The black sun’s light has been extinguished, and the appearance time of the Dark Rift has been changed to the time before the event.
  • You can no longer find the Specter’s Energy through the Dark Rift.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • [Event] Binbane NPC of Sand Grain Bazaar, which can exchange trace items of fate, has been added.
  • Kzaka’s sealed weapon box, Offin Tet’s light sealed weapon box, and Liberto weapon package item descriptions have been changed.

User Interface Changes

  •  Improvements have been made so that a red notification lights up on the worker list icon when a worker is working.
  • The information text that is displayed when using combat/skill experience value voucher items has been changed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where the state of the head lifted was deactivated in certain situations on the Customization Screen.
  • Chat group optimization was in progress to correct the bug that the chat server was unstable.
  • Corrected the bug that the contents of other categories are not exposed when searching for all products in the Pearl Store.
  • When using the pad-only UI mode, it has been modified so that you can operate the skill-specific integrated UI.
  • Corrected the bug that the description of the smoked fish steak item is exposed as the description of the 1st grade lean meat salad item.
  • Corrected the bug that when using the “Go to Track Target” function with the knowledge that could not be acquired, it was guided to an abnormal location.
  • Fixed the problem that Aux and Effector were not initialized when all composition notes were initialized.
  • Fixed a problem where graphics were exposed awkwardly in some areas of the base of the Sosan Garrison.
  • The bug that the character is exposed abnormally when moving in some areas of the red sand stone chamber has been corrected.
  • Corrected the bug that the character movement is unnaturally exposed when the character passes the place where the Adona Rio Blanc NPC was after completing the quest of’Anyone Against Fate’.
  • Corrected a typo in the text displayed during the <Rakshan Chief Astrologer> Adona Rio Blanc NPC quest.
  • Fixed a problem where you could not install Audraxia chest of drawers on the wall in the residence.
  • Corrected the bug that the black spirit is displayed awkwardly when summoning the black spirit in the equestrian combat stance.
  • Fixed a problem where the camera’s position was exposed awkwardly when the conversation was ended after summoning the Black Spirit in the equestrian combat stance.


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