Global Lab Updates – 16th September 2022

Global Lab Updates – 16th September 2022

Sep 16 Tansie  
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Some of the contents of ‘Guild Boss Subjugation’, in which the adventurer’s adventure companion and guild members kill the boss, have been changed. It started with the thought that it would be great if there were many contents that would create a ‘fun meeting place’ where adventurers gather together with other adventurers in the guild to which they belong, enjoy together once a week, and share stories and solve problems. . With this update, the period of intensive subjugation of the guild boss will begin, and you will be able to enjoy the guild boss content a little more enjoyable.
Guild boss subjugation, which can also encounter mud monsters, Ferid, and Futurum, including Eye of the Ocean and Khan, provides adventurers with an appropriate level of guild boss subjugation so that these guild boss subjugation can come as a content enjoyed at the end of the week. At the same time, the loot has been adjusted to share the joy with the guild members, so we hope that adventurers will enjoy a more affectionate adventure during the intensive subjugation period.
Please note that starting with this guild boss intensive subjugation period, we are also thinking about ways to further nurture strong camaraderie among guild members in the future.
(In addition, we are preparing to make this guild boss subjugation period more enjoyable through event guild quests.)

  •  Guild boss subjugation content have been changed.

Guild Boss Common Changes

Changes Changes
Loot Changes
  • Added Brilliant Light Stone as a guarenteed drop
    • ※ This is a light stone with a significantly increased probability of obtaining a light stone of higher value than the existing purified light stone when opened.
  • Unstable Marni’s fuel as a guarenteed drop (the number increases depending on the stage)
  • Changed Enchanted parchment (+20, +30) obtained by chance → Valks’ Advice (+30, 40)
  • Significantly increased the probability of obtaining 1kG of gold ingots obtained by chance
  • Increased the maximum number of 100G and 10G gold ingots that were guarenteed to drop (the number increases depending on the stage)
Battle Changes
  •  Changed so that it does not attack with abnormal status that ignores the adventurer’s defense check
  • Added a chance for the guild boss to make a wide-area attack
  • Changed so that more than a certain amount of damage is not applied to the guild bos
  • Increases the ATK of the guild head from 0 to 3 stages by 2.8/1.6/1.4/1.13 times
  • Changed so that the debuff effect of the adventurer does not apply to the guild boss

Changes per Guild Boss

Loot Changes
  •  Concentrated Khan’s Heart drop rate increased by 2.4 times
  • Added Brilliant Light Stone of Flora as guarenteed drop
  • Moonlight and Black Stone with Sunlight can obtain (Except for level 0 bosses)
  • Gold Bar 1kG , 100G , 10G Items can be obtained
  • (Additionally increases the probability of obtaining 1kG gold bars according to the level, and the maximum number of gold bars obtained by 100G and 10G increases depending on the level)
Loot Changes
  •  In addition to the existing loot, the entangled stone of thought, Energy of all Creations can be acquired
  • Added Brilliant Light Stone of Earth as obtainable loot
Battle Changes
  •  The vitality of the giant mud monster is doubled compared to before
  • The defense of the giant mud monster has been increased by 3 times compared to before
Loot Changes
  •  In addition to the existing loot, the energy of all creations and Stone of Malice are possible to obtain
※ Stone of Malice is an item used to create Infinite Magical Crystal – Skill 
  • Added Brilliant Light Stone of Fire as obtainable loot
Battle Changes
  • Ferid’s health is doubled compared to before
  • Increases Ferid’s defense by 3 times compared to before
Loot Changes
  • Ancient Guardian’s Relics Can be obtained at a specified probability
  • Added Brilliant Light Stone of Wind as obtainable loot
Battle Changes
  • The vitality of the ancient Puturum is increased by about 1.3 times compared to before.
  • The defense of the ancient Puturum has been increased by 3 times compared to before.
  • the Keeper of the Ancient Guardian according to a specified probability maximum level of DUO (II) you can obtain the following items at
▼ The following items level of DUO (II) can be obtained at
Black Distortion Earring
Tungrad ring
Tungrad necklace
Tungrad Belt
Ogre ring
Laytenn’s Power Stone
Eye of the Ruins Ring
Belt of Valtara’s Hidden Light
Narc’s Earring
Tungrad Earring
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Basilisk’s Belt
※ Changes related to guild boss loot changes cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab, and will be updated on the official server.

Crystal Name Changes

The name of the crystal that can be mounted on the main weapon and the crystal that can be mounted on the glove is ‘hit’, so the name of the crystal that can be mounted on the glove has been changed so that the items can be distinguished by name.
  • The names of the three crystals that can be equipped to gloves have been changed.
Before change After change
Solar Power Crystal – Hit
Infinite Magic Crystal – Hit
Black Magic Crystal – Hit
Crystal of Solar Power – Capture
Infinite Magic Crystal – Capture
Black Magic Crystal – Capture

Tier 5 Pet Improvement

  •  In order to train tier 5 pets in more territories, animal lovers in each region have been taught Obi Velen’s training methods.
    • NPCs that can train tier 4 pets to tier 5 have been added for each territory as follows.
Regions and NPCs
Balenos: Fulvio
Serendia: Melissa Brady, Puia
Calpheon: Prezio
Altinova: Droche

※ However, the tier 5 pet training can be used after completing the ‘[Pet] Reason for Conflict’ consecutive quests that can be received from the Black Spirit (/).

  •  The ‘[Pet] Reason for a Fight’ quest can be started by summoning the Black Spirit (/) for characters of level 60 or higher with the quest type ‘Life’ activated.

Monster Improvements

  •  Commander’ and ‘Shadow of Gahaz’ of Summoning and fighting methods have been changed .
summon method
Before change after
‘Commander Kadri’ and ‘Shadow of Gahaz’ respectively
Appears at specific locations in Cadry Ruins and Gahaz Bandit Lair
During the defeat of the monsters in Cadry Ruins and Gahaz Bandit Lair,
‘Commander Cadry’ and ‘Shadow of Gahaz’ appear with a certain probability.
way of fighting
Before change after
Battle with single monsters ‘Kadri Commander’ and ‘Shadow of Gahaz’
In addition to the battles with single monsters such as ‘Kadri Commander’ and ‘Shadow of Gahaz’,
‘Kadri Commander’ and ‘Shadow of Gahaz’ summon a large number of additional monsters.

‘Kadri Commander’ and ‘Shadow of Gahaz that can be obtained by defeating loot as follows increased .

Common loot buffs
– Chance of obtaining scrolls written in ancient language is 2.97 times increased
in Black Stone (Weapon) Bundle drop rate 10x increase
in Black Stone (Armor) Bundle drop rate 10x increase
※ When using the Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) bundle, you will acquire 25-50 Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) items.
Cadry Commander the maximum amount of miscellaneous items obtained 3x increase in


  •  Marni’s Secret Room – The size of the orc camp has increased by 1.22 times one.
  • Wasteland iguanas hiding under rocks near Dolburi Coast have been revealed.

Quest/Knowledge Changes

  •  The conditions for life quests have been improved.
    • Life upgrade quests have regardless of the character’s level been improved so that
    • Improvements have been made so that you can proceed with the Life Advancement quest even if the main quest for Mountain of Endless Winter is in progress.
    • The text about the living level in the life quest name and description has been changed to be intuitive. (ex. Gathering Lv 40 → Gathering Specialized 10)
After the improvement so that the hunting quest can be completed through the Black Spirit from anywhere other than the designated NPC, the quest is completed so that the quest reward is not received with an unexpected character when the Black Spirit is called to interact with the Black Spirit for other purposes, such as strengthening equipment. The condition ‘Speak with the Black Spirit’ has been added to the condition.
  •  A condition for ‘Talking with the Black Spirit’ has been added to the completion condition of the following hunting surprise quest.
    • [Unexpected] Hunting quest for each other’s nest l
    • [Extra] Hunting Quest for Poacher’s Time
    • [Unexpected] Hunting quest for frightened horses
    • [Unexpected] Hunting request for my brother who is trembling in fear I
(※ Adventurers who were accepting existing quests can accept quests whose completion conditions have been changed after completing or abandoning the quest.)
  •  ‘Odelphine’s Sigh’, a quest to hear about ‘Grandma Margo’s Dream’ again, has been added.
    • Grandma Margo’s dream story is a story video that can be checked during the Winter Mountain main quest.
    • You can receive this quest from Odelphin in Duvencrune after completing the main quest ‘[Winter Mountain] Journey’ in Winter Mountain.
    • This quest can only be accepted and completed once per family.
※ After completing the quest, you can repeatedly check the contents of ‘Grandma Margot’s Dream’ through conversation with Odelphine.
  • Bartali Adventure Journal Volume 12, Chapter 1, ‘Give the fragments of ancient creatures to Thessalam’ conditions have been improved.
    • Thessalam has gathered enough fragments of ancient creatures, and from now on, we have decided to accept only one fragment, not two, from adventurers who come.
  • A category has been added to the recommended quest ‘[Promotion] Glory of the Training Family #1~6’, where you can get useful items related to training.
    • You can check these quests in the quests received (O) → Recommended quests → ‘[Life] [Promotion] Glory of the training family’ category.
  •  The contents of some of the main quests in the Winter Mountain area, which were difficult to find, have been improved.
    • The quest process has been subdivided for smoother pathfinding. (However, the reward is the same as when completing the previous quest.)
    • Adventurers who were in the process of ‘[Winter Mountain] Bag of Everything’ can proceed with the new ‘[Winter Mountain] Bag of Everything’ if they give up the quest.
(An adventurer who has completed the previous ‘[Winter Mountain] Bag of Everything’ quest cannot proceed with the new quest below.)
Existing request new request
[Winter Mountain] Bag of Everything
[Winter Mountain] Bag of Everything
[Winter Mountain] A festival of prayer for the hawk
[Winter Mountain] My brother’s path
[Winter Mountain] My brother’s path
[Winter Mountain] Festival of prayers for deer
[Winter Mountain] Fox’s Home
[Winter Mountain] Fox’s Home
[Winter Mountain] Surroundings
[Winter Mountain] Festival of prayers for foxes
  • Directions for Odilita’s main quest ‘[Odilita] Dellotia Pudding’ have been improved.
    • The location of the quest completion NPC ‘Helon’ has been added.
    • A notice has been added to the quest summary window stating that the quest can be completed by delivering wolf blood to Helon.
  •  Automatic pathfinding has been improved during the Kunoichi Awakening quests ‘[Kunoichi Awakening] Vengeful Blades’ and ‘[Kunoichi Awakening] Path of Emptying’.
  • The quest progress text has been improved so that the Season Pass quest ‘Finding the traces of Agris, God of Abundance’ can be completed smoothly.
  • When the main quest ‘The Sinners’ in Calpheon is in progress, the quest has been improved so that the intimacy with NPC Sanfjorn is less than 0.
  • Among the Winter Mountain main quests, the [Winter Mountain] quests that were not normally possible in a party state have been changed so that they can be proceeded in a party state.
    • [Winter Mountain] The First Witch’s Trial, Under the Thunder Tree, Mrowek’s Labyrinth, Betrayal, Climbing the Mountain, Keeper of Flames
  •  It has been modified so that you can obtain the title of ‘Dragon Killed’ after completing the main quest ‘Last Ritual’ of Drieghan with the Dracania class.
    • For the Dracania class, after completing the ‘Return of the Hero’ quest, you can acquire the title by talking to NPC Durgef.
  •  The description of the following quest has been modified to guide the contents identical to the actual content.
    • ‘[Absorption] Igor Bartali’s Black Spirit’
    • Daily quests for the Kamasylvia region ‘[Repeat] Fight for the Forest], ‘[Repeat] Unbreakable Tenacity’

Siege/Node War Changes

  •  The following loot shop items that can be purchased through the War Merchant have been added and changed.
Item name change
Essence of Glory
– Also available through Tier 1 and Tier 2 War Vendors ( up to 3 )
– Increased the number of purchases available through 3rd and 4th war merchants (up to 3 → 5 )
Essence of Courage
– Increased the number of purchases available through 1st and 2nd war merchants (up to 2 → 3 )
– Increased the number of purchases available through 3rd and 4th war merchants (up to 3 → 5 )
Caphras Stone Chest – 50
– Also available through Tier 1 War Vendors
– Selling price 100 million silver → 50 million silver
Marni’s Unstable Fuel
– Increase the number of purchases available for each stage
(5 fuel at any stage → 10/15/20/25 fuel )
Scroll to Increase Chance of Obtaining Honorable Items
A Scroll for Additional Acquisition of Honorable Combat Experience
Spellbook for obtaining additional honorable skill experience
– Item validity period increased (7 days → 14 days )
fresh orange juice
sweet raspberry juice
Sour Green Grape Juice
– Increased number of purchases (up to 10 → up to 30 )
Tiered loot chests
can be purchased with 5 million silver coins ‘Honorable Loot Box’ Unification into
– Designate the number of purchases based on the stage of the winning base
(Tier 1, 2, 3 → Up to 2 , Tier 4 → Up to 3 )
Item Acquisition Increase Scroll
– Added to the loot shop for all tiers
– You can buy 1 for 10,000,000 silver coins


  •  The phenomenon that the ballista being produced at the Ballista Works was exposed as if it was completed has been fixed.
    • The ballista produced by the Ballista Works takes about 15 minutes to make.


Other Changes


Backgrounds, NPCs, Effects, Cutscenes

  •  After collecting ore, Jin at a specific location in the Keysleeve Rock Zone has been modified to make it easier to get out of that location.
  • NPC Layla, who guides the graduation of the season character, has been modified to guide only the season character.

Mount Changes

  •  It has been improved to be able to interact with Merindola NPC while riding a horse.


UI Changes

  • Improvements have been made so that you can more conveniently check the information on items that can be acquired in the message window that is displayed when the Imperial Horse is delivered.


  •  It has been modified so that items in the bag cannot be moved while attempting to enhance.
  • When using the pad-only UI, the key guide arrangement of the Black Spirit’s gift box has been modified to be displayed more naturally.
  • The Immortal Depths Instant Entry feature has been added so that it can be used in Ale Village.



System Changes

  •  Optimization of game server lag has been done
  • If the Internet communication status is unstable, the phenomenon that the client is shut down or connection is not possible when using the settings storage intermittently has been fixed.
  • When the automatic navigation method is set to ‘Smooth’, the phenomenon in which the navigation path was automatically reduced during round-trip movement has been corrected.



Bug Fixes

  •  The typo in the description of the following items has been corrected, and some texts have been modified to look natural.
    • Liana’s Catalyst, God-Eyed Main Weapon and Awakening Weapon, [Guild] Nine Shark Fragments, Young Nine Shark Fragments, Young Nine Shark Bone Fragments, Old Moon Blessing Package (15/30/90/180 days)
  • The phenomenon that the monster did not appear in certain situations during the battle with the Unholy Incarnation monster encountered during the Black Star Equipment quest has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon of being able to move out of the veil through a certain method within Solare’s window has been fixed.
  • The World Map (M) has been modified so that the Node War stat limit UI is displayed in the correct location.
  • The phenomenon that the point information UI, which displays information such as level and vitality, was not exposed under certain circumstances, has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the terrain in a specific location of the Tooth Fairy Forest was unnaturally exposed has been corrected.
  • When my character is invincible, the hostile adventurer’s name information is not displayed in red has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the pop-up menu displayed when selecting a horse in the stable was constantly closed has been fixed.
  • When attempting to change a vehicle skill in the skill management window, the phenomenon in which the unlearned skill was exposed in the skill list to be changed has been corrected.
  • [Hangawi] Some expressions of the moon rabbit interior decorations have been corrected.
  • The phenomenon in which the name of the adventurer riding on the traveler’s horse was awkwardly exposed under certain circumstances has been corrected.
  • Under certain circumstances, Marni’s Secret Room – The phenomenon in which the name of the object of the Jade Lighthouse in the Jade Starlight Forest was exposed has been fixed.
  • When using the party UI in mini mode, the phenomenon that the pop-up menu that is displayed when using some functions is constantly closed has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the fairy skill icon displayed on the skill change UI was displayed incorrectly when changing fairy skills has been fixed.
  • Even though the blood expression setting is disabled, the phenomenon in which blood is displayed when a certain monster is killed has been fixed.
  • The title of the recommendation request for Marni Wave in the recommendation list has been modified.

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