Global Lab Updates – 11th March 2022

Global Lab Updates – 11th March 2022

Mar 11 Tansie  
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Arena of Solare

First of all, thank you to all the adventurers who participated in Solare’s Arena test at the Black Desert Lab. In particular, for the purpose of convenience, Solare Arena has a newly developed matchmaking system that allows you to find a match anywhere in-game, enter and exit directly back to the original location. We will further develop it so that it can become a more stable feature on the actual official server, and at the same time, we will consider the direction to expand and utilize it in various ways in the future.

In addition, players gave a lot of feedback along with the test. In particular, you gave a lot of comments about the stat limits, but the contents of last week are not finalized, and as mentioned before, we will continue to adjust so that more people can participate. (Today’s adjustments are also not finalized and we will continue to adjust them through continuous testing.) Also, you gave your opinions on the rules of the battlefield, how to fight, and where to fight. We will make further updates as we do. In particular, in the case of the location (map), like the capital Valencia, I think you will be able to get a new feeling of fighting the warriors of Solare. Lastly, we are improving on the feedback about convenience changes, such as a spectating function, better enemy identification, UI, etc., and we will prepare to quickly apply it to the Black Desert Research Lab.

  • The following changes have been applied to Solare’s Arena contents.
    • The maximum attack power, damage reduction, accuracy, and evasion stat limits of the total stats applied to the character in Solare’s Arena have been removed.
    • Among the character’s ‘total stats’, attack power, damage reduction, accuracy, and evasion have been changed to be applied at a rate of 25% of the actual value. (The figures are subject to change later.)
For example, in the case of an adventurer with a total attack power of 336 (sheet attack power 243) based on PEN (V) Tuvala equipment, will have about 84 attack power in Solare’s Arena,
In the case of an adventurer with a total attack power of 524 (sheet attack power 295), will have about 131 attack power in Solare’s Arena.
    • The attack/cast speed, critical strike, and movement speed levels within the arena have been improved to be applied at level 5.
    • The total number of rounds has been changed from the best-of-three system to the best-of-five system.
    • When entering the arena, the time and weather have been improved so that it is applied as a sunny day during the day.
    • The function to hide the identity of the camouflage in the arena has been changed so that it does not apply.
    • The starting section of the rank score has been changed from 1,200 points to 1,050 points.
    • The range of points that fluctuates when winning or losing has been adjusted to be higher.
    • The last match results have been reset.
    • The waiting time has been improved to skip after all adventurers have entered the arena.
  • A team display has been added to Solare’s Window Team UI. 
  • The design of Solare’s Arena match intermediate result and final result UI has been changed.
  • If a match ends in a draw, the result will be displayed as a draw.
  • The cheering motion of the character when winning a match has been added.
  • Solare’s Arena related UI and bugs have been fixed.
※ For smooth matching of Solare’s Arena, the Black Desert Research Lab can use Solare’s Arena matching function only during the testing period. The testing time will be announced separately through the Black Desert Research Lab notice.

Life Skill Improvements

A quest has been added for adventurers who want to start cultivation content and learn about cultivation. If you complete these quests, you will be able to obtain 1 fence that does not use contribution points, so we hope it will be of some help to adventurers who have already enjoyed cultivation content. As long as you have a contribution to lending the ‘Small Fence’, you can proceed with a new quest only with ‘Rental’ without having to retrieve the fence you have already installed.
  • A new quest that allows you to learn about farming and acquire 1 fence that does not use contribution points has been added.
    • ‘Do you know about cultivation?’ A quest has been added, and as a level 20 character, you can receive it from the <Valentine’s Disciple> Liana NPC in each town. (once per family)
    • You can get 1 ‘Matina Pinto’s Hard Fence’ as a reward by completing all of the quest chains.
    • ※ Martina Pinto’s strong fence has the ‘Strong fence’ same effect as (Number of installable spaces: 10)
  • A new quest has been added that allows you to exchange ‘Martina Pinto’s Hard Fence’ for a ‘Marked Old Moon Fence’.
    • The ‘Old Fence, Give a New Fence’ quest has been added, and you can receive the quest through the <Old Moon Manager> Claw NPC in Velia Village with a character of Farming Master level 1 or higher (once per family) 
    • You can obtain 3 ‘Mysterious Seeds’ required for seed research, 2 ‘Gold Bars 100G’, and 1 ‘Matina Pinto’s Strong Fence’, and 1 ‘Marked Old Moon Fence’ as a reward.
    • ※ ‘Marked Old Moon Fence’ has the ‘Old Moon Fence’ same effect as (Number of installable spaces: 10)  
  • The number of the following <wild> hunting monsters has been increased by about 20%.
    • Calpheon Area: Giant Wild Boar, Giant Big Horn Deer, Giant Wolf
    • Valencia Region: Giant Fox, Giant Lioness, Giant Lions 
    • Drieghan Area: Drieghan male goat, Drieghan female goat, llama, yak
    • Kamasylvia Region: Gazelle, Feather Wolf, Perica, Perina
    • Naxion Area: Grass Rhino, Green Stag, Green Doe, Jet Black Wolf, Jet Black Lion
    • Mountains of Endless Winter: Snowy Macor, Snowy Yak, Snowy Black Yak

Item Changes

  • Simple alchemy (L) for the following items with the [Event] Corrupted Immortal Oil item, [Event] Immortality: It has been improved so that the item can be crafted.
    •  Armor Draught
    • Perfume of Charm
    •  Flask of Frenzy (Mountain of Eternal Winter item)
    • Perfume of Insight (Mountain of Eternal Winter item)
    •  Breathing Spirit’s Perfume Elixir  (Mountain of Eternal Winter item)
  • In the description of the following items, information about the use of the dream horse has been added to the description.
    • Mythical Flower, Fern Root, Mythical Powder, Old Moon Censer, Old Moon Censer Mold
  • The descriptions displayed on the following item descriptions and buff icons have been changed from ‘Increased Horse EXP Acquisition’ to ‘Increased Mount Experience Acquisition’.
    • Elixir of Training, Celerity Draught, Stonetail Wind Set meal
  • A guide has been added to the description of the 6 artifact items separated by melee, ranged, and magic, stating that you can check the attack type for each character in the My Information (P) window.
  • The name of the ‘Marsh’s Relic – Additional Monster Damage’ item has been changed to ‘Marsh’s Relic – Additional Monster Attack Power’ to match the item effect.
  • The lower limit price of the items below, which was lower than the lower limit sold at the central market, including fees, has been adjusted upwards.
    • Bearskin Carpet 
    • stuffed fox head
    • Stuffed Weasel
    • Pumpkin Headdress 
    • Swamp Halberd Ornaments 
    • Brawler’s Glove Ornament
    • stuffed bighorn deer head

UI Improvements

Now, if you select an item to discard, you can select and discard the desired item without dragging and dropping them one by one. Of course, you can use the existing method as well, so you can use it in a convenient way.
  • The ability to discard multiple items in your inventory at once has been added.
    • After selecting the trash can from the bag, you can select multiple items to discard, and click the ‘Discard’ button while the items to be discarded are selected to discard them at once.
    • For items with multiple overlapping quantities, you can enter the quantity to discard when selecting.
    • According to the above changes, the ‘restore’ function that appeared when the existing recycle bin was selected has been changed so that it can be proceeded through the ‘restore’ button that appears while the recycle bin is selected.
    • In certain situations, such as the Dyeing UI and the Pearl Shop UI, you cannot use the Dispose function at once.
    • You can use the existing method that was deleted by moving the item to the trash can icon.


  • The ability to automatically sort items in the central market warehouse has been added.
  • In addition to automatic sorting, you can sort in descending/ascending order by grade, gear enhancement level, weight (LT), payload (VT), and mounting area.

  • The following enhancements have been applied to privacy mode.
    • Improvements have been made so that the Golden Bell notification message is not displayed on the screen.
    • It has been improved so that Arsha’s Arena invitation cannot be sent to private mode accessors.
  •  Party, Raid, Yar, and Arsha’s Arena invitation has been changed to the same text displayed when the other party rejects or fails the invitation.
  •  The design of the game end UI has been changed to the image of the rebooted warrior class.
  •  The output location of the crop information UI for the garden has been moved to the left side of the screen.
  •  The text displayed when there is no ranking in the Old Moon Grand Prix season ranking view window has been improved.

Other Changes

Backgrounds, NPCs, Effects, Cutscenes

  • The gates were tightly closed to prevent climbing to the Cron Castle Spire, and the surrounding remnants were cleared.


Conquest War, Node War

  • When using the remote installation function of the fortress before the base, the phenomenon where installation could be performed in a place where installation was not possible in a certain way has been corrected.


System Changes

  •   The security function of the settings store has been enhanced.

Bug Fixes

  • The phenomenon that the character’s movement was temporarily abnormal when the conversation with the NPC was ended has been fixed.
  • Atoraxion: The phenomenon that some effects were unnatural in the heart of Baa has been corrected.
  • Red Battlefield: In the capital Valencia region, the attack near the occupied area has been modified so that it cannot move to an abnormal specific location.
  • The phenomenon that the furniture arrangement in Balenos 3-1 was unnaturally exposed has been corrected.
  • A typo in battle or life box items has been corrected.

Class Changes

All Classes

To make it more convenient to change skill addons and skill presets, Tacros, a skill instructor from Velia Village, has come to the Battle Arena. Now, you can meet <Battle Arena skill Instructor> Tacros anywhere in the battle arena to learn skills, as well as changing skill addons and to change skill presets. As the role of the battle arena gradually grew, we were worried about replacing the role of towns, but I decided that being able to freely change skills was more meaningful in terms of increasing convenience since it directly affects combat. In particular, this feeback has been suggested by many people in various regions, and although it is a bit late, I hope it will be a meaningful patch.

  •  <Battle Arena Skill Instructor> Tacros came to the Battle Arena.
    • Skill acquisition and skill addons can be changed through <Battle Arena Skill Instructor> Tacross.
    •  <Battle Arena Skill Instructor> Tacros can be found at the starting point when entering the Battle Arena.
    • ※ You can enter/exit the free arena from anywhere through Menu (ESC) – War (F7) – Battle Arena, and when you leave, you will be moved to the previous location you entered.



  • The description of the defense increase effect of the Chaos: Red Moon I~III and Absolute: Red Moon skill has been changed as follows to match the actual effect.
    • Previously: All defense +20 for 10 seconds when using skills
    • Changed: Increases all defense +20 for 20 seconds when using skills


  • It has been improved so that the ‘Yippee!’ skill can be registered and used in skill slots.

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