Global Lab Patch Notes – 12th August 2021

Global Lab Patch Notes – 12th August 2021

Aug 12 Tansie  
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Guild Changes

  •  Added to be able to change the guild home server.
    • If you click the guild home server in the guild (G) window, you can change the home server.
    • * However, the built drilling rig will be destroyed when the home server is changed.
    • The guild home server can be changed once every 30 days.

The change of the local server was a function developed together during the initial development, but it was not applied to the judgment that the content connected to it should be considered during the discussion before the exclusive use. When I accidentally made a wrong choice or I really wanted to change, I had to give the least amount of recourse, but I couldn’t. We sincerely apologize to the adventurers who were unable to do anything but wait. We will consider more carefully so that such situations do not occur in the future.

Red Battlefield Changes

  • The mini-map display of team and guild members that can be checked in the Red Battlefield content has been changed.
    • The contents of the mini-map display change depending on whether you are a member of your team or guild are as follows.
Friendly team and guild members Enemy Team
White Red
We have changed the mini-map display method so that you can clearly recognize the team you belong to and the opposing team on the red battlefield. In particular, in the past, it was difficult to recognize the enemy and it was a little more confusing when the guild members belonged, but now you can see it a little more clearly.

Node War/Siege Changes

  • All annex items used in Node Wars and Conquest Wars have been simplified into one item.
    •  Now, all annexes, including the new temple and flame tower, can be crafted with ‘Annex building tools’.
    •  If you use this item, a new UI will be created where you can select annexes, and you can select and build your own within this UI.
    •  In the new UI, annexes that match the current stage (base stage, etc.) are automatically displayed.
    •  ‘Annex building tools’ can be purchased at the guild munitions store. In addition, all items for each stage of the annexes sold in the guild munitions store have been removed.

All annexes can now be loaded with a single item. Previously, you had to prepare different items for each stage and store them in the guild warehouse, but now you can manage them with one item, ‘Annex building construction tools’. However, this item does not stack the same as existing items. I hope this update will be meaningful for adventurers who are preparing for Node Wars and Conquest Wars.

In addition, we are continuously looking for ways to make the process of preparing for Node Wars, including the annexes, more convenient and easier. Some adventurers gave us ideas for presets and remote installations, but we are also reviewing these aspects. However, it has not been decided yet, so we will update it through the Black Desert Research Center once it is confirmed and development is complete. We look forward to your diverse opinions in the future.

  •  During Node/Conquest War, when the battle spirit gauge of the battlefield is 100%, an effect that is visible only to allies has been added when using the battlefield protection skill.
  •  When using the Battlefield Protection skill, the effect effect is exposed once with the buff effect of the skill applied.

  •  Some methods of fighting spirit gauge on the battlefield accumulated during Node Wars/Conquest Wars have been changed as follows.
Before change After change
When you kill an enemy, the battle spirit gauge decreases by 1%. When you kill an enemy, the battle spirit gauge decreases by 2%.
During the last Pre-Season of Conquest War, we are constantly checking your opinions. First of all, in the case of fighting spirit on the battlefield, we reflected your opinions and added a momentary effect so that the entire guild member could recognize it (I made it short and thick, but I’m also considering making the maintenance time longer if necessary), Some of the stacking rules have been changed so that the guild can better utilize this fighting spirit effect.

Also, we are thinking about a kind of ‘death move’ or means that can be used as a concept in the mid-to-late period of the occupation war. We are making the tank that was briefly revealed a while ago, and we are thinking of various other methods, so we would like to ask for your opinions.

  • During Node/Conquest Wars, the damage done by the horse’s attack skills has been increased by 10% when hitting barriers and barrier doors.
  •  During Node/Conquest Wars, the damage done by the guild elephant’s basic attack, moving horn attack, charge, and front paw attack skills has been increased by 10% when hitting barriers and barrier doors.
  • The occupant information of the Ogre and Troll mounts that can be boarded in the Conquest War has been modified to be displayed above the head.
  • The phenomenon that the flag of invincibility could be placed outside the Node War area under certain circumstances has been fixed.
  •  The phenomenon in which the flag of invincibility could not be installed in accordance with the current node stage has been fixed if several nodes are being occupied.

UI QoL Changes

  • In the Skill (K) window, you can easily find Black Spirit skills and specialized skills, as well as Crowd control effects such as stun and stiffness and smash effect skills ( ) was added.
    • If you select a skill filter type by clicking the upper left button in the skill list, the highlight effect is applied to the skill.

  • A button has been added to show or hide the durability gauge of the installed furniture when entering the dwelling.
  • When retrieving the installed fence, an explanation text has been added so that you can check the explanation related to the return.
  • When you hover your mouse over the function button at the bottom left of the Beauty (F4) window, a text has been added to guide the function of each button together. 
  • When changing settings after entering the Beauty (F4) window, the modified record UI is expanded so that you can check the change history.
    • ※ However, you cannot use Beauty (F4) content in the Black Desert Research Lab. 
  • The following UI items that can be checked in the friend list (N) window have been added, changed, and modified. 
    • Descriptive text has been added to the window separation button in the friend list (N) window.
    • Added notification when there is a new friend request in the friend list (N) window.
    • Added descriptive text to the accept/reject button in the friend request list.
    • When adding a friend, the name to be added has been changed to be entered according to the current character name/family name view setting.
    • Clicking on a friend message notification will open the main 1:1 conversation.
    • Changed so that up to 3 friend 1:1 conversation notifications are exposed.
    • Fixed the issue where the distance between the Send/Party buttons did not match when adjusting the window size of the separated 1:1 chat window.
    • Fixed the issue where scrolling would work abnormally when resizing in a separate 1:1 chat window.
    • The notification animation has been modified so that when a conversation comes to the same friend, the notification animation does not work.

  • The size of the scroll buttons in the following UIs has been increased.

UI name
warehouse for trade
Warehouse opened through Maid
What was commissioned (O)
Knowledge (H)
Guild member status
Guild Skills
Node/Conquest War Status
integrated exchange
red battlefield
Sector Ranking
Friends list (N)
  •  Improvements have been made to clearly distinguish the recognition point of the mouse cursor.
In some UIs, the size of the scroll button is small, and in the case of the mouse cursor, the recognition point did not exactly match the image of the mouse cursor. Therefore, there is a phenomenon that it does not seem to be recognized even when the mouse is placed on the scroll button, etc., which has provided inconvenience to UI operation without knowing it. We will continue to work hard to improve the convenience of both large and small so that you can enjoy the world of Black Desert.

Other Changes

System Changes

  •  Dialog window performance improvements have been made.

Bug Fixes

  •  The phenomenon that the item acquisition interaction did not disappear intermittently even after the monster died has been fixed.
  • When using an item whose cooldown has expired, the phenomenon that the item use does not proceed immediately has been fixed.
  • When setting Marni’s Stone on the Collection Count Check UI, where you can check the number of loot, Marni’s Stone, etc. collected, the phenomenon that the number is not updated unless you acquire the item or open the bag has been fixed.
  • When using the pad-only UI, the phenomenon that the collection number could not be checked in the collection number check UI has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon in which the sound effect of the intro video and Kzarka cutscene video was heard even if the sound effect was turned off in the game options has been fixed. 
  • The phenomenon that the UI was displayed abnormally when the personal settings of the game settings were loaded has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that certain backgrounds in the Oquilla’s Eye area were unnaturally exposed has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the tooltip of the icon in the upper right of the guild ranking UI was displayed abnormally has been fixed.

Class Changes

All Classes

  • The method of obtaining the power of the spirits from the Elvia server has been improved in the form of a buff rather than a weapon.
    •  You can now interact with the spirits of Okaira, Narc, and Valtarra and select the desired shape (main weapon, awakening weapon) to receive the same spirit effect without changing the weapon. However, the buff duration is the same as before.
    • When opening an attribute equipment box that can obtain the power of the spirit or reapplying a buff effect while a buff effect is already applied, the existing buff effect is deleted and the buff effect is renewed.
You can now use the weapons of Okaira, Narc, and Valtarra spirits in the form of buffs instead of wearing them in the Elvia battle area. This content was also a topic from the last late-night talk, but as a result of internal discussion again, we decided that it should be done quickly to increase convenience, so we improved it like this. (However, the image included in the description is a development version and has not yet been confirmed by the lab. Therefore, this content will be applied to the official server immediately.)
In addition, we are discussing further to improve the inconvenience of changing weapons (weapon<->weapon, weapon<->matchlock, etc.). However, please note that in this part, problems that may occur with other content must be considered together, so please note that even if it takes time, we want to think carefully before proceeding.
  •  A function to automatically use sprint when moving a character has been added.
    •  If you set a movement route for a character that is not on a vehicle or a character with back luggage, or starts moving for the first time after setting a round-trip route or automatic movement, an auto-run setting button is exposed near the Endurance UI.
    • Activate this button to automatically sprint to the specified path or camera direction when you have enough endurance to run.
I mostly use auto move when I’m not talking or moving a reasonable distance, but for sprinting, I had to press shift once and then repeat it again. In the past, we added a way to keep the character using sprint while auto-moving, such as the update that improved the ability to continue using ‘Rapid Cruise’ while auto-moving. In addition to this, we will continue to find and further improve the convenience of movement.

Dark knight

  •  In the character creation and beauty (F4) window, three types of face types with improved skin have been added.
    • ※ You cannot use the Beauty (F4) window at the Black Desert Research Lab, but you can customize your character through character creation.

Before Improvement After Improvement

▲ No. 1 face type

▲ No. 4 face type (after improvement of type 1)

▲ No. 2 face type

▲ No. 5 face type (after improvement of type 2)

▲ No. 3 face type

▲ No. 6 face type (after improvement of type 3)
The Dark Knight’s facial skin has been improved. In this Black Desert Research Lab, 3 types of face types with improved skin have been added so that you can see the differences from the existing ones. When updated to the official server, the improved skin will be reflected directly on the existing face to preserve the customization. Please note that the entire skin other than the face will be introduced directly to the official server.


  • When using Fuse Gravity skill, the amount of Star’s Breath recovered per star has been reduced from 10% to 5%.
  • The resource consumption of the Twisted Orbit and Accell: Twisted Orbit skills have been changed as follows.
Before change After change
Consumes 30 Mana when using skills 100 stamina is consumed when using skills

Some performance adjustments for Nova have been reflected in this Black Desert Lab. In particular, in the case of awakening, in addition to the stamina recovery effect of the ‘Crushing Ring’ technology, there is no stamina consumption value for some mobile devices, so it was possible to move relatively freely even with a relatively small stamina. This has a strong aspect to PvP only in the accelerated state at the beginning of awakening, and as a complement to this, the use of various movement techniques was eased to strengthen the utility. However, as patches such as improved linkage of various technologies have been made, even without acceleration, it is showing a stronger appearance than the initial intention. We decided that a little adjustment was necessary, so we changed the resource consumption of ‘Crossed Orbit’ from Holy Power to Endurance, and changed it to use it a little more carefully than before.

In addition, ‘Star Ring’, which can be counted as a key awakening skill in PvP, is already showing strong performance in multiple battles with its own effect alone. However, there is a recovery amount of the Breath of the Star through ‘gravity fusion’, so it is judged that the linkage (reuse standby time) to other technologies such as ‘singularity breakthrough’ is excessive. was adjusted to 5%.

This adjustment is for the part that is judged to be relatively strong, and adventurers who are playing Awakening Nova will test it and give feedback.



  • The text that can be used in Kibelius status has been added to the description of the following skills.
    • Gravity Rift, Void Gateways, Illusion Expansion, Spatial Collapse, Ator’s Energy, Realm of Anguish, Reset


  •  The critical strike chance of the skill Lightning Prison to condemn has been changed to be applied only in PvE.
  • In the Bolt skill, the character does not disappear, and the invincible effect has been changed to the super armor effect.
  •  The  bug in which the attack was applied where the attack height of the Lightning Prison and Flow: Interrogate skillwas higher than the height of the effect has been corrected.
  •  Fixed the issue where Black Spirit: Ator’s Energy was not used.
  • Fixed the issue where the additional damage of the elemental weapon was not applied to the Black Spirit: Flow: Interrogate


  • The crit chance of the Form Sprint skill has been removed.
Along with Awakening Nova, the performance adjustment of Awakening Sage has been reflected in today’s lab. First of all, in the case of ‘Flashing’, it disappears from view when it is determined to be invincible, and after that, it has a relatively strong performance that can be directly linked with other techniques to strongly suppress the opponent. Therefore, we have adjusted the character so that it does not disappear when using ‘Spark’, and also changed the invincibility judgment to Super Armor judgment. In addition, we judged that the 100% critical strike effect of ‘Criminal Thunder Jade’ is too advantageous in many-to-many battles, and this effect has been removed. The reason for completely removing it is that it can be maintained at a fairly high level even through residual buffs and skill specialization. This adjustment is about the parts that are judged to be relatively strong like the awakening Nova, and adventurers who are playing Awakening Sage will test it and give us your opinion.


  • Fixed the issue where the sound effect was not output in certain situations when acquiring the Core: Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire! skill. 
  • The bug that the weapon was abnormally exposed when moving automatically while sprinting in the awakened state has been corrected.
  • Fixed the issue where Labao’s voice was not heard when using Labao on Deck! skills. 
  • The damage distribution effect has been changed to apply in PvP situations when using Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire! and Cap’n’s Orders: Cease Fire! skills.
  • The cooldown of the Wind-piercer Patraca skill has been changed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds. 
  • Skill cooldown of Labao on Deck! changed from 10 minutes to 1 minute.
  • The Flow: Earth-render Patraca skill has been added so that it can be activated by left-clicking after the Sun-shielder Patraca skill
  • It has been improved so that Close Quarters: Suppress skill is activated when ↓ + left click after Spare No Quarter! skill is input. 
  • Improvements have been made to smoothly link to Crow’s Mark skill after switching from Serenaka state to Patraka state by pressing C.
  • The bug that Mareca Swing was not activated on water when using Mareca Swing in the awakened state has been fixed.
  • While using Flow: Wave Skedaddle in awakening state: The bug in which the jump was activated first even when the operation key of the skill was entered has been corrected.

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