Foreign IP Block from 15/10/2015 [KR]

Foreign IP Block from 15/10/2015 [KR]

Oct 14 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, a black desert.

For seamless global service of the Black Desert Black Desert busy or services  overseas IP connection in some areas it is going to be blocked.

Overseas IP is blocked website access is limited because the game will not be used.

He adventurer, you see that you are using the black desert, South Korea service abroad, please, please not have this inconvenience.

■ Foreign IP restrictions guidance

Enforcement Date:  Thurs, October 15th, 2015

Action:  Blocking Korea Black Desert Main access of some overseas IP

Appropriate action  will be processed next game, based on Article 6 ① anti Terms of Service.

※ next game Terms of Use (in 2014 it applied eight 1st)

Article 6 (Approval and restrictions on the use application)

① The Company does not apply to those approved for use in any one of the following subparagraphs, you can cancel the approval.

4. If a company uses the service in a country other than the Republic of Korea required under the contract with the foreign company or service

In relation to the service provider for the user to access in a particular state management, operations, if necessary,

▶ Go to the next game Terms of Service

We apologize for the inconvenience and, adventurers will ask for your understanding for the broad seamless global service of a black desert.

We will strive to offer more and better services.

thank you.

◈ Notice

[Regarding the Foreign IP Block]

Dear explorers,

We are blocking certain foreign IPs, especially those from the countries where Black Desert is already being operated OR will be operated in the near future. If you live in the country where Black Desert is already being operated / will be operated, you will NOT be able to access the Korean website / server.

Please consult the following regarding this measure:

■ Foreign IP Restriction

Date: 15- the OCT, -2015

Measure: Blocking certain foreign IPs from accessing the Korean Black Desert website

This measure is based on Article 1, Act 6 of Daum Game’s Terms of Service.

※ Daum Games Terms of Service (Effective Date 1, August, 2014)

6. Acceptance and Rejection of an Access Request

①  The Company About enterprise | reserves the right to reject or cancel the acceptance of an access request if it falls in one of the following cases.

4. If the request is to use the service outside of the Republic of Korea, and it is necessary to reject such requests due to a contract between the Company and the overseas service agency, or managerial / administrative reasons in providing the service to users accessing from certain countries.

>> Daum Games Terms of Service

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we ask for your generous understanding in order to provide a seamless global service.


The Black Desert Team

Daum Games


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