29/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

29/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

May 29 Tansie  
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Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/update/read?articleId=137&pageIndex=1&bbsId=BDN002

This patch update was approximately 1.4GB and included 2 new classes  along with 67 additional changes.

For details on this update, refer to the information below.

[Events ]

● New Wizard/Witch class celebration events are taking place

 Gift for new adventurers! 

– When creating a character for the first time, within the event date/times, costumes, pets, mount costumes and various other gifts are available through rewards. (Costumes and Value Package last 7 days but all other items are permanent)

– Event lasts from Friday, 29th May to Thursday, 25th June.

Gift for the returning adventurer!

– If you haven’t logged in between 1st, May to 27th May you qualify for a special gift.

– Costumes, Value Package, mount costumes and other useful items, such as full skill reset scroll. (Costumes and Value Package last 7 days but all other items are permanent)

– Event lasts from Friday, 29th May to Thursday, 25th June.

Collect the Sorcerer’s Stone! 

– Every time you connect, once a day during the event period, you can collect Sorcerer’s Stones.

– Place the Sorcerer’s Stones in a combination in your inventory to win prizes! Refer to the information below.

– Event lasts from Friday, 29th May to Wednesday, 24th June.

3 1
6 2
9 3
12 4


★ Bonus events! 

– From Saturday, 30th May to  Sunday, 21st June, 200% Combat Experience will be automatically applied every weekend.

5/24 5/25 5/26 5/27 5.28 5/29 Sat 30/05
            Combat Experience 200% UP!
Sun 05/31 6/1 6/2 6/3 6/4 6/5 6/6 (Sat)
Combat Experience 200% UP!           Combat Experience 200% UP!
6/7 (Sun) 6/7 6/8 6/10 6/11 6/12 6/13 (Sat)
Combat Experience 200% UP!           Combat Experience 200% UP!
6/14 (Sun) 6/15 6/16 6/17 6/18 6.19 6/20 (Sat)
Combat Experience 200% UP!           Combat Experience 200% UP!
6/21 (Sun) 6/22 6/23 6/24 6/25 6.26 6/27
Combat Experience 200% UP!            


– To celebrate the launch of Wizard/Witch from 29/5/2015 to 04/06/2015  to acquire increasing luck items one by one every day (up to seven) should be paid.

* This item can be found through the challenges.


For you interest and support towards the new Wizard/Witch class,

Thank you.

● May event gift – Accessories have been added to celebrate Family Month.

– There are 4 accessories you can acquire.

* You can buy the items between Saturday, 30th May to Sunday, 31st May between 5PM and 11PM (UTC+9)

* Items can be purchased from the in-game Pearl Store (F3) under the Mileage tab for 1 Mileage.

 [Character ]

● New Wizard and Witch class has been added!

● Characters have been modified to include freezing resistance to stun resistance.

[Blader ]

● Sign sword techniques using a jump: unusually different techniques are used.

[Plum ]

● Sign sword techniques using a jump: unusually different techniques are used.

[Item ]

● The experience of alchemy stones has been increased depending on material consumption.

● When collecting with a hoe, it has been modified so that you can obtain the fruit acids.

● Alchemy produced at this level has a chance to obtain shine powder.

Original: Lv 1 Professional or more

– Change: Lv 1 Trainee or more

● When you get the results to Level 1 alchemical trainee making way more than the chance to get a glowing powder has been increased.

● Fixed alchemy stones during grinding experience is to climb higher than that.

● Alchemy stones item exchange price has been adjusted.

● Basic defense improved as compared to existing poles armor has been increased to +3.

● Helmet has been changed so that it can be dyed.

– Le Brenna pitching is excluded.

● Has been added so that you can convert 3 MP Potions (extra large) to 1 HP Potion (large).

● Has been added so that you can convert 3 mentality potion (extra large) to 1 Convenience mentality potion (large).

● The compensation commission that the weapons and offhand weapon box has been modified to give a reward.

– Opening the weapons box, you can obtain a weapon for your own character.

● Creatinine have been added to heat the secondary weapon.

● Has been added to heat some accessory items.

– Nuclear weapons in ancient, ancient guardians of tension

● The following stores sell the item and item exchange rates have changed.

– Red coral earrings

– Blue coral ring

– Red coral ring

● Added the following item to be heated.

– Blue coral ring

– Blue coral earrings

– Red coral ring

– Red coral earrings

[Content ]

● The monster hunting knife efficiency of the southwest and the media area has been increased significantly.

– Monster is getting stronger, you can earn more silver.

● Guilds to declare war cost 300,000 million in silver was changed.

– 1 million during the first proclamation and silver are consumed every two hours after the 300,000 silver is consumed by war costs.

● After 15 minutes when applying for Guild Wars has changed the war to start.

● Workers hired price has been changed.

● The worker exchange trading price has been adjusted.

– The workers and the expiration of all existing registered trading period, is registered as a re-registration price changes.

● The automatic movement speed of the horse and carriage has been modified to be the same as the moving speed manual

● Guild leader delegate: under certain circumstances the mandate, without being consumed in the Guild funds.

● Horse training techniques rights commission has been modified to be used properly.

● Occupation has been shut down around the city area before and as a base for other parts of theCitadel and the effect does not affect the visibility has been fixed.

● The other characters have been modified so that it can be recovered during operation and their cannons.

● End sales charge has been adjusted to 25% all around the area.

● World’s bosses drop items ZAKA size has been fixed.

[Referral and knowledge ]

● The images of the full knowledge has changed.

[Other ]

● Bug showing the character on the floor, digging or abnormally entering the ground has been fixed.

[UI ]

● Once the replication, you can use the tutorial to use at times, replication effects does not disappear.

● Accessories enchanting success has changed.

– +1: Ⅰ 

– +2: Ⅱ 

– +3: Ⅲ 

– +4: Ⅳ 

– +5: Ⅴ 

● World map in the list of the entire worker worker regained all of the Restore action item window is closed.

● Adventure logbook for verification, select another year: year after scrolling the text position is unusual.

● Recovery mounts died in the other areas of the stall, find buttons are not exposed.

– Carriage is not exposed.

● The Guild window, sort by each former occupied status score features have been added.

● Equipped attributable item shortcuts if you use register Windows do not display notification messages.

● Replace the litter items: Exchange items if the price of the warranty period has expired, the item has been modified so that the notification message.

● Item ToolTip is one indication that price’s high price and Exchange, easy to view has been improved.

Original: Upper / Lower Limit: XXX, XXX ~ XXX, XXX

– Changed: Upper Limit: XXX, XXX

    Lower Limit: XXX, XXX

● A bug with scrolling when using the Warehouse has been fixed.

● Resistance figures (%) indicator has been added in the information window.

● In the window information within each of the life experience of the figures will be displayed in the right corner (percent) level has been fixed.

● If you run out of money during the Guild Wars proclaim a message that has been added to the guild lack of funds to appear.

● The base before the notification message at the start of the 1 channel appears to duplicate in any other channel.

● The default UI Scale of game options have been modified to 100%.

● Improved customization window is not affected by the surrounding characters.

 Solid/sharp-grade alchemy stones if the message failed to attempt to grow full abnormally appears.

●  Citadel, stronghold, stronghold, as well as the Garden Centre, conducted safety notification message when installing in the area has been fixed.

– Unable to install in safety zones.

● A bug that stopped guild employment contract once in 24 hours has been fixed.

● The access time of the guild invisible tooltip has been corrected.

● If the alchemy stone growth during three grades can be dropped or destroyed it has been added to the alert notification message to appear.

● Freeze phrase has been added to stun / stiffness in resistance item in the info window.

● The bug has been fixed to appear black pages when moving the mouse wheel referral list page.

● Tough whale whale tendons and tendons leap cooldown in tooltip that displays the error of Elixir is shorter than the time at which the actual application has been modified.

– 5 minutes → 10 minutes

● If you turn off these warehouses ESC to activate the filter, select the processing in the warehouse, this error has been fixed, the filter remains in storage.

● If the filter is disappearing items that are held in the applied state in the bag this error can not choose the bag compartment has been fixed.

● Solid / Shining Stars of alchemy stones charge / polishing during downgrade / destroyed alert notification message appears the error has been fixed.

● When a professional contract laborers, the color of the artisan workers have been modified to exit gracefully.

[System ]

● In Photo mode, the character of social action, this time to start a character action cam has been adjusted.

● Road at a distance above the character’s hair, horse tail, an error that has been modified is displayed abnormally.

● Character slots per server has been extended from 8 to 9.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

Thank you.

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