28/01/2016 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

28/01/2016 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jan 28 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert

Thurs, 28th January 2016 weekly patch update includes New Year events along with 59 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.
Translated by BlackDesertFoundry.com


● January New Year’s Eve – Hot Time event has been added.

– Duration: Friday 29th January 4PM – Sunday, 31st January 12AM

This event lasts a total of 56 hours! Combat experience 200% and increased Blackstone drop rate!


● Happy seven days event has been added for new adventurers.

– Duration: Thurs, 28th January – Thurs, 25th February 25th

– New adventurers will receive special gifts in the mail!

– New adventurers receive the following gifts:

Fish costume (7 days), Tier 5 horse (female), Value Package (7 days), Jewellery set

– Each day receive rewards for logging in:

– Day 1 – Luck and combat experience (1 hour)

– Day 2 – 10G and combat experience (1 hour)

– Day 3 – Weapon (+9) and combat experience (1 hour)

– Day 4 – 20G and combat experience (1 hour)

– Day 5 – pet cat and combat experience (1 hour)

– Day 6 – 30G and combat experience (1 hour)

– Day 7 – Beauty palette (7 days) and combat experience (1 hour)

Events page Shortcuts


● Hidel New Year Festival event is in progress.

– Duration: Thurs., January 28th 2016 ~ Thurs, February 18th before checking

– Oh Puig town of Heidelberg, Amerigo, completing the referral to Shilen will receive a special reward!

– Kill monsters to complete quest.

– Gather quest to receive Pointed Black Crystal Sculpture x3, Solid Black Crystal Sculpture x3.

–  Complete fishing quest to win a golden fishing rod.

Events page Shortcuts


● New Year event  is in progress.

– Duration: Thurs, 28th January ~ Thurs, 18th February

– Kill the monsters “Red / monkey / year, collecting Chinese items, to be rewarded with a variety of rewards!

Events page Shortcuts



● Flow: The name has been changed to recreate recreating technologies.

● You can register a shortcut window re-creation technology has been modified so that you can use immediately.

● use of technology recreates super armor status has been changed to the forward guard condition.

● recreating the flow: Technology disillusioned awakening has been added.

● PvP damage of anger when 100% of the black Elemental technology has been raised slightly.

● If durability is fully consumed in the Longbow been modified so that some technologies are not activated.

● The durability was slightly reduced the probability of some mitigation techniques.

● mental healing technology described in spirits has been fixed.

● Damage of the will of the wind technology has been modified successfully.

● Playing, wind gathered early shooting technique has been improved so that the effect is visible.

● If you use a howling wind technology to register a shortcut window has been modified to be used with abnormal phenomenon.



● After using ginbam jireugi technology in the state of being mounted to the charm if you change envoy has been modified to better use technology deceased abuses immediately.

● The durability was slightly reduced the probability of some mitigation techniques.

● costly effects of industrialization technology of darkness has been modified to correctly apply during PvP.



● This attack when determining the direction of technology giant leap has been modified to use anger in the black spirits.

● Epee Ria Marine knot just decorative appearance when worn properly has been fixed.



● heukrang space has been modified this phenomenon does not apply a rigid Thunderbolt technology in use in certain situations.



● 2 gyeokpung technology offset this phenomenon does not apply when the strike has been fixed.



● This phenomenon does not blink an eye at some actions have been corrected.


[Wizard & Witch]

● part of the body has been modified expression is abnormally phenomenon that appears when customizing.



● Walk This behavior has been improved naturally.



● Left-click sogeom have been corrected during this abnormal phenomenon in the Pearl store.



● has been improved so that you can use while you ride on the water aboard the next item.

– Full nutritional feed

[Event] full of nutritious food

– Cheap feed

– Good food

– Organic food

● The exchange registered amounts of some items it has been adjusted slightly as a potential breakthrough.

– This exchange can be registered amount of some items is an unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● card reader Item Description Guardian of the Rings has been added.

– Maximum HP and Maximum MP / determination / Effects divine power +25

● The following are the basic abilities of ornaments has been increased.




Scala necklace

ATK + 4 / + 4 Defense

ATK + 5 / + 5 defense

Guardian of the ancient tension

+6 Attack

ATK + 6 / DEF +2

The promise of friendship

Armor +5

Defense + 5 / Maximum HP +15

Mesto Earrings

ATK + 3 / + 1 enemy gravity

ATK + 4 / + 1 enemy gravity

Riedel Earrings

Defense + 3 / + 1 enemy gravity

Defense + 4 / + 1 enemy gravity

Blue coral earrings

ATK + 3 / Maximum MP / rain / divine power +25

ATK + 4 / Maximum MP / rain / divine power +25

Red coral earrings

ATK + 1 / enemy gravity + 3 / + 50 endurance

ATK + 2 / + 3 enemy gravity / Endurance +50

Proof of the Temple Guardian

Armor +5

Defense + 5 / Maximum HP +15

Outlaws of the Rings

ATK + 2 / + 3 armor

ATK + 2 / + 4 Defense / maximum endurance +50

Red coral ring

ATK + 3 / DEF + 2 / + 50 endurance

ATK + 5 / Def + 2 / + 50 maximum endurance

Elite Belt rutum

Defense + 3 / + 60LT Weight

Defense + 4 / + 60LT Weight

Schultz Gladiator’s Belt

ATK + 3 / + 50LT Weight

ATK + 3 / weight + 60LT / maximum endurance +50

The nucleus of ancient weapons

ATK + 5 / Def + 4 / + 50LT Weight

ATK + 5 / Def + 4 / + 60LT Weight

Belt of the Centaur

Armor +5

Defense + 5 / Maximum HP +25


● The following abilities have been changed when enchanting of ornaments.





The promise of friendship

Defense +2

Defense + 2 / Maximum HP +15

Proof of the Temple Guardian

Defense +2

Defense + 2 / Maximum HP +15

Cards Lee Protector Ring

DEF +3

Defense + 3 / Maximum HP +15

Belt of the Centaur

DEF +3

Defense + 3 / Maximum HP +25


● The exchange registered the following amounts have been adjusted trinkets.

– Ancient Protector tension

– Riedel Earrings

– Blue coral earrings

– Red coral earrings

– Gladiator’s Waistband Schultz

– The nucleus of the ancient weapon

● the water picking mushrooms regeneration time has been adjusted.

● The scope of the lantern has been adjusted.


[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● inflicting robbers NPC mage’s a phenomenon that appears in the mini-map by Degas? Has been fixed.

● The Les ordo Dias phenomenon that has been modified incorrectly recognized as material dealers.


[Referral, knowledge]

● The request was repeated to obtain additional materials to the trade guilds to compensate the imperial rows Isobel Enka Rocha top of the Heidelberg Xi’an.

– If the trade level 25 (skilled 5Lv) than you can order.

● Remember the genus Eliza, storage Key directions of the Commission’s rabam has been improved.

● ‘I, I got to know the real thing! ” The Commission has improved the range of directions.

● Combat Upgrades commissioned three consecutive paper added.

55 can proceed at a level at least, to summon the spirits black by pressing the [Assistant] button, you can see the NPC location to the upgrade request.

– You can obtain a commission as a reward upon completion of combat experience.



● When this withdrawal and expulsion from the state party dressed wijangbok character name (or message) that appears abnormal phenomenon has been fixed.

● Shortcuts window, this phenomenon has the potential to break through levels have been fixed detachable quick slot that is not marked.

● The C key has been added to the real-time display keystrokes.

● Game Settings -> Input the Hotkey of pet / mercenary command 1 pet / Mercenaries 2 entries each command absorb anger, the name was changed to anger transition.

●The size of the UI has been adjusted to move the channel.

● specific request intermittent error messages appear This phenomenon has been improved in progress.

● The potential breakthrough by using the Crohn’s seat after seat without Crohn’s symptoms are checked using the Crohn’s seat has been fixed.

● This phenomenon is visible Durability has been modified to describe in Perl armor costume shop.

● botu digg this NPC to get around the world map and knowledge described in the UI have been modified to correctly describe the knowledge shown.

● Some ask and knowledge, the NPC ambassador typographical errors have been corrected.

● World map icons on mouse-over when outbuilding outbuilding effects (Buff effects, etc.) has been modified to display an explanation.

● Categories: A, B, C, D, E grade has been fixed in this separated colors to be displayed.



● fishing rod used up, the level of fishing action stops this phenomenon has been fixed.

● bottles collected during W, A, S, and this phenomenon is not collected bottles are moved back to D has been corrected.

● danghamyeon shot while watching a spectator mode has been modified so that the mode is terminated.

● Is the light of the setting graphics resolution options below chandelier in the middle of this phenomenon has been modified does not turn on.

● screenshot format to display the name of the file that is saved has been changed.

● Intermittent remaining time indicated is an abnormal phenomenon in the PC room Jackpot box have been corrected.

● Minimum Specifications IFF opponent’s Guild character mode has been improved.


Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

[Pearl Store]

“Event Information”

◈ Setting celebrate the feast Limited Product launch events
– Date:  Thurs, January 28th, 2016 after the check-Thurs, February 18th 2016 until check
– Content: Lottery through the purchase of a set of costume hanbok seolbim the duration of the event will be a mobile culture vouchers 5 minutes manwongwon (20).
Seolbim Costume Costume Set purchase bokdon (5 million) will be a bonus for two.

“Release Product Information”

※ sale items may differ from the images below, and are subject to change.
※ The costume may look different depending on whether you wear underwear, and other accessory items.
※ The items purchased in Perl may not be registered on the stock exchange in accordance with item attributes.


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