27/08/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

27/08/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Aug 27 Tansie  
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Hello .

The MMORPG, Black Desert.

This weeks maintenance check included the release of the palette  along with 46 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


● The events of summer night have begun

* Last weekend of August jackpot event! Enjoy benefits for 54 hours

Duration: Friday, 28th August at 6PM – Sunday, 30th August at 12AM 

– Combat experience doubled, drop rate increased!

During the duration of the event, combat experience is doubled and  sharp black pieces drop rate has been increased.

– Enjoy the day and night! Blackstone drop rate in the daytime, and fishing events at night!

From 7AM to 10PM Blackstone drop rate is increased. At night, from 10PM to 7AM the probabilty of catching a coelacanth fish has been increased.

(During the duration of the event coelacanth sale price is increased.)

– Fun with mileage!

Pearl Shop (F3)> miles tab from [Event] to obtain Midsummer night honey for 1 mileage.

(Item constitution: Ornate golden rod, [event] underwear box, firecrackers)

More information below:



● Characters will automatically and instantly change to battle stance on resurrection.


● Will of wind skill damage has been reduced.

● Will the wind direction skill cancelling in use has been changed avoid shooting disabled.

– After using the will of the wind direction after canceling left and right key + left-click easy to maintain shortcuts pane skill has been modified to be used.


● Tribulation: The red moon skill used in super armor judgment has been changed by the front guard judgment.

● Has been modified to convert the skill used in non-aqueous plugging direction.

● Damage of the non-aqueous plugging skill has been increased by 268 – 327%.

● Plum: the use of skill ascension speed has been increased.

[Wizard & Witch]

● A bug has been fixed where you will move backwards while on a horse when using the chain lightning skill.

● A bug has been fixed which caused strange behavior while on a horse when using the Residual lighting II skill.


●  Ilseom skill energy consumption has been reduced slightly.


● Convenience concentrated herbal pension, highly concentrated herbs can be, added mass production of purified herbal diet can

– Herbs can be 30, one herb can be concentrated salt = 10

– Concentrated herbs can be 30, 1 = highly concentrated herbal salt can 10

– Highly concentrated herbs can be 30, 1 = refined herbal salt may 10

● Simple dishes with concentrated juice cereals, enriched grain juice has been added mass production of refined grain diet juice.

– 30 grain juice, sugar = 1 10 grain juice concentrate

– Cereals juice concentrate 30, 1 = 10 sugar juice enriched grains

– 30 highly concentrated juice, cereals, one refined sugar = 10 grains juice

● The registration waiting time exchange of items was reduced.

● New dye has been added.

– New dye can be obtained through the purchase box, you can still get only rare color from the box.

– The new dye is applied  with the color and material.

● Voucher weapons has changed the character belongs to the family picked up from.

● rights to the premium end of contour changes “However, River: hind-elect, River: Take the front foot, open: instant acceleration, speed: lateral movement, except technology,” description has been added.

● Maximum Durability recovery costs has been changed.

– If you attempt to repair the items with the improved items: 100 000 silver

– If you attempt to repair the item in the General items: 200 000 silver

– If you attempt to repair the improved items to the General Item: 50 000 silver

● The effect of this bug has been fixed: Some alchemy items applied incorrectly.

– Including the use of breath ahal

● Barricades, trap error is indicated by the output section that describes the installation of the cannon has been changed to match the corresponding fixture.

● Voucher weapons bug client exits have been fixed.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● New NPC has been added to Valencia.

– Valencia Furniture Dealers Baht puta

– Valencia arms dealer of YO Dilla


● Greater ZAKA hunting message “The roar of the monarch greater ZAKA of corruption are sounding Serendipity Boutique and globally.” After the output has been modified so that they appear larger ZAKA immediately.

● The equipment monsters drop items that are adjusted for the setting of some monster, deuropyul has been raised.

● The tunnel has been modified naturally grind foot.

● yielded by the unusual effects of Kurume Sat Elite bottle has been fixed.


● Exchange items have been reorganized.

– If the registration message exchanges are expensive items that are registered with the exchange output 1 at 1 per person it will be given the opportunity to purchase once.

– Click the Buy button in the same way as the existing success or failure when you enter the security code in to the purchase.

– If the failure is given the opportunity to buy the next adventurer, adding there is no chance until one minute has passed from the register.

– If you do not have one minute even after the purchase is successful adventurer switch in the same way as existing, is owned by the First At this point you have purchased an adventurer.

* In order to more clearly describe the content is the content delivery has been fixed part.

● suspended horse racing will proceed normally.

● Guild sentence has been added to the elephant show.

– Guild owned elephants flag appears, the sentence will be displayed in the guild flag.

● Equipment Light gray elephant with light wood top face top face of the names have been changed.

● The base is not connected to this phenomenon which can be obtained as a silver imperial trade guilds Characters Bag items when delivery has been fixed.

● The Guild House, and this inaccessibility has been modified If you receive a successful bid to the same guild houses in a row.

– For the management of the guild of gold and 50% Not available nakchalgeum a period of guild funds it has been paid.

[Referral and knowledge]

● New titles has been added.

– Kunoichi costume maker

– Kunoichi outfit expert

● knowledge ‘anon’ is now enhanced to also get to meet requests directly, as well as the NPC anon.

● Shaka base of the ferry to the lungs, this knowledge has been added.


● Horse racing can be registered, the colors of racing information button UI has been improved clearly impossible when the registration status.

● Added a checkbox to use the pension automatically jangbichang seats.

– Is exposed only when the pension is equipped with seats.

● palette has been added.

– The palette is the perfect place to put put the dye.

– Pallets can be opened from the bag.

To dye (J), you must put the dye in the palette.

● Click on the stained window, even if the character has been modified so that it does not change poses.

● Random pose stained window at the top right change button has been added.

● The potential breakthrough levels of character to the end of the game UI has been added to let.

● bags of processed ON button has been changed to only function in the ON / OFF function.

● The icon of the stupid tree ordinance armor has changed.

● World emergence of bosses message design has been modified.

● When you install a barricade out a notification message box is a phenomenon that does not normally disappear has been fixed.

● When you withdraw the guild proclaimed in the list of declared war, not a declaration of war on other guilds, select to withdraw the guild that this phenomenon has been fixed.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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