24/05/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Striker class added!

24/05/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Striker class added!

May 24 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

This week we are very excited to expand our roster, welcome Striker to the BDO lineup! We know you have been following the Striker closely since it debuted in the KR Region, and to share in your excitement, we have launched a series of events! Read more below to see what is in this week’s patch, which is expected to be ~1 GB.

  • Striker Level Up Contest Begins!
    • In celebration of Striker’s release, we’ll be hosting a special Level Up Contest. All players need to do is create a Striker character, jump in game and start leveling. Find more details >Here<.
  • Striker’s Seal Event Begins!
    • Players can begin collecting Striker’s Seals from various in-game activities like Fishing, Killing Monsters, and Gathering.
      • Event Duration: May 24 ~ June 14.
      • Rewards: Seals can be exchanged for Black Stones (Weapon & Armor)
        • 15 Striker’s Seals = 1 Black Stone (Weapon)
        • 10 Striker’s Seals = 1 Black Stone (Armor)
      • Additional Info: Seals can be exchanged with these NPCs:
        • Buntt, Tachros, Cruhorn Wyrmsbane, Psebor, Abdul Jaum.
  • Striker In-Game Level Up Event Begins!
    • Event Duration: May 24 ~ June 14
    • Rewards:
      • Reach Level 15
        • Gold Ingot 10G (1x)
      • Reach Level 25
        • Gold Ingot 10G (2x)
        • [Event] Cold Dark Beer (10x)
      • Reach Level 35
        • Gold Ingot 10G (3x)
        • [Event] Cold Dark Beer (10x)
        • Black Stone Weapon (5x)
        • Black Stone Armor (10x)
      • Reach Level 45
        • [Event] Elion’s Tear (10x)
        • Hard & Sharp Crystal Shards (3x)
        • Advice of Valks [+15] (1x)
      • Reach Level 55
        • 100G Bar (1x)
        • Cliff’s Skill Add-on Guide [1 Day] (1x)
        • [Event] Lauren Family Gift Box (2x)
  • Black Stone Increased Drop Event Begins!
    • Gotta get your enchant on? No problem, players can enjoy an increased drop rate of several useful items including Black Stones, Shards, and ancient relic stones.
      • Event Duration: May 24 ~ June 7
      • Additional Info: Killing monsters will drop Black Stones (Armor & Weapon), Gathering will have an increased rate of hard & sharp shards, and Fishing will have an increased rate for Ancient Relic stones.
  • Black Spirit’s Adventure Returns
    • Get ready for another round of everyone’s favorite board game!
      • Event Duration: May 25 ~ June 21
  • Pearl Shop Discount Sale & Coupon
    • To Commemorate the launch onto Steam, we’re having a sale and giving out discount coupons.
      • Event Duration: May 24 ~ June 7
      • Sale Details:
        • Inventory & Weight Categories will have a 20% off sale.
      • Coupon Details:
        • The coupon can be used until June 5th, 2017 at 08:00 UTC time.
        • Please note expired coupons will no longer be useable.
        • Please note that these coupons can’t be used for gifting, pearl boxes, shopping cart purchases, and loyalty items.
        • These coupons will also work on top of already discounted items. For example, if an item is already 20% discounted and you apply the 20% coupon on top of it, it will be a total of 36% off the original price.
[ System ]
  • Based on your feedback and in preparation for Steam Release we have prepared a total of 6 new channel servers. The new channels will be split as explained below;
    • New Olvia Servers (2)
      • Olvia Servers are special servers for New & Returning Players that provide +100% EXP, following maintenance we will have Olvia Servers 1~6.
      • Please note that Olvia Servers are intended for new users and as such do not offer Field or World Bosses.
    • New Olvia_Steam Servers (4)
      • The Olvia_Steam Servers are a set of 4 Temporary Olvia Servers that are limited only to the new Steam Users, which will be removed June 21st, 2017. For 4 weeks these servers will be restricted to Steam Users and then will be recycled into standard servers for all users.
All Classes
  • Fixed the issue of when a character who was knockdown by a skill during PVP and the knockdown character’s location changed abnormally.
  • Fixed the issue were repeated abnormal movements occurred when a character dies while carrying trade items on their back.
  • Character motion when falling off from Miniature Elephant has been improved to be more natural.

[​IMG] Striker
  • A new class, Striker, has been added.
    • Born to a Noble Calpheon Family that had fallen into disrepute, the Striker specializes in the various fighting techniques of the Eastern Martial Arts.
    • Striker uses gauntlets to enhance his powerful melee combat attacks, and also uses a vambrace as a secondary weapon to protect his arms while enhancing his melee attacks.
    • Striker uses combo attacks to chain his skills, including the ability to quickly move short distances in a sudden burst of movement.
    • Striker has the ability to extract special resources from Martial Spirit Shards that are gathered while the Striker is in combat, these can be used to inflict additional damage or enwrap himself with special buffs.

  • Striker’s main weapon “Gauntlet” and secondary weapon “Vambrace” has been added.
  • [Event] Character Slot Expansion Coupon is now available in the Loyalty Shop for 1 Loyalty to commemorate Striker Release.
    • Currently the pearl version of the Character Slot Expansion Coupons will state maximum of 13 character slots allowed but it in fact is 14 slots. This known issue and will be resolved soon.
  • Description for the following item has been updated.
    • Black Magic Crystal – Agility :
      • All Evasion +12 → All Evasion +8
Pearl Shop Update

  • Chances to breed a higher tier horse has been increased greatly.
  • Store function has been added to Orc Camp Node Manager, the Orc Hunter Buddy.
  • When you play the mini game to capture a baby elephant, SPACE bar is now only displayed when the baby elephant lifts up his front foot.
  • Fixed the issue of Chandelier not being able to be installed to a high ceiling in Heidel Chapel No.3-6.
  • Fixed the issue of other building walls sometimes looking unnaturally when you open the window from your house.
  • Fixed the issue of the camera view being locked when you go into [Place Mode] right after using server chat in your house.
  • Mask Owl Archer’s Attack Power, Attack Speed and Attack Range has been decreased.
  • The following monsters will no longer be stunned when hit with their weakness.
    • Red Nose [Flute]
    • Giath [Small Drum]
    • Dastard Bheg [Stun Trap]
    • Muskan [Musket]
    • Dim Tree Spirit [Flame Trap]
    • Hexe Marie [Flame Trap]
    • Agrakhan [Musket]
  • Extraction tutorial has been added to the Blacksmith NPC.
  • The Daily Quest that you can receive from Vype Stoner has been changed to ‘Other(Repeat)’
  • If you converse with villager NPC during the quest ‘Donatt, the Forgotten Name’, location and hints to other NPCs you need to meet are now fixed.
  • Location where you complete ‘Unknown Energy’ Quest has been slightly moved so it can be seen better.
  • 2 Black Stones (Weapon) and 2 Black Stones (Armor) have been added to the quest rewards for the last quest of the continuation quest for hunting in Southwestern Calpheon.
    • [Defeat the Rhutums IV] An Endless Fight
    • [Defeat the Manshas III] Never Give Up
    • [Defeat the Catfishmen IV] I Accepting Defeat
    • [Defeat the Treants IV] In Order to Prevent Future Damages…
    • [Abandoned Abbey III] Call This a Rescue?!
    • [Calpheon Temple III] Reduce Their Power
    • [Hexe Sanctuary IV] Purifying the Hexe Sanctuary
  • Quest completion subject for [Event] Gift of Skill Reset has been changed from Armstrong to Black Spirit.
  • Converse with Gavinya Volcano Zone Node Manager, NPC Muturan, and you can acquire node knowledge of the Volcano Zone.
  • When changing the pet behavior mode, the waiting period has been removed and also the animation has been removed.
  • Redeem icon has been added to the main menu. Click on the Redeem icon to open My Account Coupon page to redeem items from web coupons.
  • A feature button will now appear when an outfit or pet item is clicked, regardless of Pearl Shop category.
  • The Marketplace button next to the City icon in the World Map is now removed.
    • The Marketplace can now be accessed through the Marketplace button located on the bottom of the World Map.
  • Under My Information > Enhancement stat portion, it now shows what classes Attack Speed and Casting Speed apply to when you hover your mouse over the stat.
  • When [Wizard] Jordine Casual Clothes have been equipped and not in combat stance, the cloak not being visible issue has been resolved.
  • When [Wizard] Akul Ear Cuff have been equipped on a young wizard, you may now correctly apply dye to the costume.
  • An issue which the Valkyrie’s awakening and non-awakening shield stat being the same has now been fixed.
Official Post: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/patch-notes-may-24th-2017.4156/

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