23/11/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Musa/Maehwa Awakening

23/11/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Musa/Maehwa Awakening

Nov 23 Tansie  
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[ Events ]

  • The Musa and Maehwa Awakening has been released!
    • 23 – 30 Nov. In-game Pearl Shop sales up to 40% off
    • 24 – 28 Nov. Hourly & Daily Sales up to 80% off on our website
    • 24 – 28 Nov. 50% off Game PackagesBlack Friday Sales! (11/23 – 11/30)
  • The Black Spirit Adventure Event has ended (11/2 – 11/23)



uECh0VJ.pngWitch & Wizard

  • Fixed an issue where the feather was not visible when equipping the Lahr Arcien Eye Patch on a Witch.


  • Awakening quests and skills have now added [Awakening: Haeam’s Crescent Blade].


Musa’s Warlord Glave resembles a scorpion’s tail and specializes in strong piercing attacks. Prior to awakening the Musa’s attacks were fast and light, while awakening attacks have a more powerful and heavy feeling. Also, compared to the blade weapon, the Haeam’s Crescent Blade has a longer attack range and all nearby foes can be targeted so depending on the situation Musa can use various skills to adapt and connect powerful combinations.  Now, with the power of the mushindo, the Musa has transformed into a heavy striker class.


  • After using “Tiger Blade” Skill and falling off a high elevation you may now use normal attack stance skills.
  • While equipping “Treant Camouflage” and hiding the cloak should now properly hide when the option is toggled on.



  • Awakening quests and skills have now added [Awakening: Maehwa’s Kerispear]



Maehwa’s Eclipse Viper Spear attacks with a piercing motion. Look for the right opportunity to attack your enemy’s weak point and swiftly use your skills to pierce your enemy multiple times with critical strikes. The Maehwa also has numerous awakening skills in her arsenal and can connect splendid combos using her blade. With the additional range gained with her Kerispear, Maehwa can target enemies further away and she focuses on her movement and positioning to create advantageous situations to lead her to victory.


  • After using “Tiger Blade” Skill and falling off a high elevation you may now use normal attack stance skills.
  • While equipping “Treant Camouflage” and hiding the cloak should now properly hide when the option is toggled on.



  • The following items have been temporarily removed from the Pearl Shop until the opening day of the New World:
    • Family Name Change Reservation Coupon
    • Character Name Change Reservation Coupon
    • Guild Name Change Reservation Coupon
  • The Black Friday Discount Event is now live!
    • All discounts will be applied to selected categories in the pearl shop:
      • Function: 20%
      • Furniture: 30%
      • Mount: 20%
      • Pet: 20%
      • Customizing: 40%
      • Dyes: 30%
      • Outfit & Costume: 20%
      • Underwear & Accessories: 30%


  • Special  Discounts on Popular Outfits:
    • [Warrior] Clead, Wilderness
    • [Ranger] Cavaro, Bern
    • [Sorceress] Tyrie
    • [Berserker] Wilderness
    • [Tamer] Binari, Jegrina
    • [Musa] Lahr Arcien
    • [Valkyrie] Venslar, Cavaro
    • [Maehwa] Tyrie
    • [Wizard] Karlstein, Acher Guard Armor
    • [Witch] Kyrill
    • [Kunoichi] Sicarios
    • [Ninja] Sicarios

Pearl Shop update



  • Time-out countdown at end of horse races has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds.



  • In preparation for the upcoming winter scenery the following changes have been made.
    • The textures of snow piles have been changed to look more realistic.
    • Darkness around your character while snowing has been fixed.
    • Snow piling on the grass making the grass overly white has been fixed.



  • Players who have already activated or claimed the [Returning Explorer’s Event] – Day 2 reward “Value Pack (7 Days)”, will receive 1 Merv’s Palette (7 Days) via in-game mail due to the issue preventing the event item from granting the appropriate buff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused players.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to randomly not be able to see other players on horses.
  • Fixed an issue causing the display key input to not save properly when editing the UI.


Update: An error occurred requiring us to temporary block the following items from being registered on the market place.

[Berserker] BD9 Weapon & Costume Classic Set

[Berserker] BD9 Weapon & Costume Premium Set

[Berserker] BD9 Weapon & Costume Awakening Set

[Berserker] BD9 Helmet

[Berserker] BD9 Armor

[Berserker] BD9 Shoes

[Berserker] BD9 iron Buster

[Berserker] BD9 Axe

[Berserker] BD9 Ornamental Knot

[Witch] Cavaro Weapon & Costume Set

[Witch] Cavaro Helmet

[Witch] Cavaro Armor

[Witch] Cavaro Shoes

[Witch] Cavaro Staff

[Witch] Cavaro Dagger



Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/120830-patch-notes-november-23rd/


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