22/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

22/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Oct 22 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Thursday, 22nd October 2015 update included  Warrior Weapon awakening ‘Great Sword’ and new boss ‘Karan is’ along with 76 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


Event images will be uploaded shortly.

● Limited Edition Halloween Items! The event is in progress.

Larger Event Image

● Warrior Adventurer Countries, awakening your weapon! The event is in progress.

– Level 56+ weapons of the Black Spirits Awakening quest to complete the final character Warrior Reward (Great Sword) it will be automatically submitted when picked up.

Events page Shortcuts

● Slaughter in the sky, relative Karan Be different! The event is in progress.

– The payment of debris Karan (5) of memory for an adventurer gained power after the procedure and the item will be the next cache through a lottery.

Events page Shortcuts

● Please return the gift package to bomb an adventurer!

– Support for special supplies for adventurers returning after a moment away from the battlefield.

Events page Shortcuts


● Warrior ‘Great Sword’ has been added.

– When you are done, you can request a new weapon to obtain a Great Sword.

– The new Warrior skills has been added.

– You can change the way of Great Sword combat and traditional sword / shield from the C button, press the C button in some of the skill available is linked to the flow of the Great Sword skills.

– Awakening weapons skills is applied to the weapon damage of awakening, it does not apply to existing primary weapon. However, the gravity is modified and the enemy will be applied in the main hand.

[Warrior awakening]


● Land All figures ever increasing gravity of calling technology has been raised, consumption mentality has changed.

division Ever increasing numbers of gravity Spirit consumption
level existing Crystal existing Crystal
1 Lv 0.75 3 12 40
2 Lv 0.75 3 14 38
3 Lv 1.5 3 15 36
4 Lv 1.5 6 16 34
5 Lv 2.25 6 17 32
6 Lv 2.25 6 20 30
7 Lv 3 6 21 28
8 Lv 3 9 22 26
9 Lv 3.75 9 23 24
10 Lv 3.75 9 24 20

● When using all the premises of the technical vocation ever increasing effect of gravity has been modified to apply only to themselves.

● Playing: avoid shooting technique has been modified to be used for technical awakening effect is applied.

[Warrior, Valkyrie]

● When defenses get attacked from the rear offset the effect of this phenomenon has been improved to be applied.


● Serendipity Boutique and formal, a tooltip of special Serendipity Boutique and official items have been modified.

– 5% critical strike chance -> critical strike chance of Step 1

You can raise a cow with a fence ● ‘haystack’ it has been added.

– When the ‘haystack’ on the fence to breed cows can be harvested to obtain leather, cow meat and milk.

– A haystack, you can get a 50 dried weeds.

– If after a cow bred improve the ‘haystack’ You can get a fine, teuksangpum ‘haystack’.

– Use the ‘haystack’ of higher grade can be more breeding cows get more crops.

– ‘Haystack’ is not affected by the items fertilizers.

● Tools sword in the studio peon fishing rod, fishing rods media, ash wood crucifix, maple blossoms added.

● Added a new fishing rod.

– Carl peon rod

– Media rod

● Added a fishing bobber, which can be mounted on the secondary weapon slot.

– Ash wood crucifix

– Maple Crucifix

● The following new species have been added.

– Clownfish

– Beulrutaeng

– Yellowfin carp

– Willow carp

– Grayling

– Alrong carp

– Hyangeo

– Tuknun carp

● it has been added to create a ninja suit the aristocratic wardrobe step 2.

● Store maeipga of large ZAKA weapons have been adjusted.

– 14 580 -> 750 000

● [Sorcerer] cover as a weapon, it has been modified successfully sell costume set.

● exchange phase of a particular item Pearl shop / lower limit has been fixed unusually established phenomenon.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● jinbeo reyiseom been added to the bridge that connects the island in the middle.


● World Raid bosses ‘is Karan’ has been added.

– The haunting is that Karan Karan from the hill top.

– You can acquire weapons dandelrion box Karan is stochastic in Christchurch City.

● The decision to summon the chief orders when using a pop-up description of the dimension has been added.

– Decided to summon up the ancient ruins

– Standing in witchcraft Cartier

– Pilar page incantation books


● professional craftsman worker skills has been added.

– The extra work in the production per worker acquired the technology when working under.

– The material is consumed, depending on the result quantity.

* Professional workers

– Siege weapons production technology: one-time job at an additional one-time job at the mill siege weapons

* Artisan Workers

– Skilled siege weapons production technology: once when working with three additional jobs in the siege weapon Works

● technology to summon the captain and the guild guild members being connected to the same channel as the current location of the guild colon ‘gatherings command’ has been added.

– Guild captain when using the “Gathering command ‘technique,’ Gather Command icon is created on the top right of the screen being connected to the guild.

– ‘Gatherings command’ icon will be exposed for about 10 minutes, click on the icon, the guild will be summoned to the location of the Guild boss.

– If the colon is not in connection guild, guild gatherings command can not be used again until the colon is connected.

– The cooldown of “gathering command ‘technique is 11 hours, guild members are summoned to the technology should be at least 30m away from the Guild boss.

● The sweeping reorganization was conducted for fishing species.

– To give it more variety of effects through the improvement of existing fishing catching fish in a restricted area designated fishing is a full-scale reorganization of the contents was conducted.

● The ability to use energy as a temporary space (Space) when fishing was aborted attempt.

● Added the effects of fishing levels.

– Professional or later: fishing mini-game, enter one character reduced to 10% probability.

– Craftsman or more: fishing mini-game, two input characters reduced to 15% probability.

– Masters more than 20% chance of fishing mini-game Enter letter to the three reduced.

– Degree or higher: fishing mini-game, four input characters reduced to 25% probability.

● The construction of the fort and the command post has been reduced workload.

– Workload 200.00 -> 50.0

[Referral and knowledge]

● Awakening the Warrior Weapons commissioned been added.

* After the Black Warrior Spirits summoned in more than 56 levels, you can start the referral.

[Warrior] New Weapons

[Warrior] forgotten memories, goyen yongbyeongdan

[Warrior] articles in question

[Warrior] mercenary skills

> Makings of a mercenary, mature

> Makings of a mercenary, patience

> Makings of a mercenary, defense

[Warrior] Return of conviction

[Warrior] bayonet skilled goyen-linked

[Warrior] bayonet skilled goyen – practice

● Warriors awaken knowledge has been added.

* Awakening the Warrior If you have completed all requests can be obtained.

– Goyen yongbyeongdan # 1

– Goyen yongbyeongdan # 2

– Qualities of mercenaries, mature

– Qualities of mercenaries, patience

– Qualities of mercenaries, defense

– Goyen yongbyeongdan # 3

● new title has been added.

– Brother of goyen yongbyeongdan

– The sharp taste

– Ppyojokyi

– Spiky black crystals authority

– This rigid taste

– This rigid

– Solid Black determining authority

– Ninja costume maker

– Ninja costume expert

● Some names have been changed monsters and knowledge.

– Contaminated Man> infected men

– Contaminated women -> infected women

– Contaminated Dwarf -> Infected Dwarf

– Contaminated Giant> Giant infected

– Contaminated -> infected butcher

– Contaminated Wizard -> infected Wizard

– Contaminated witch> witch infected

– Contaminated dog -> dogs infected

– Contaminated black dogs -> infected black dog

– Contaminated butchers -> infected butcher

● Serendipity Boutique and southern treasure map has been improved so you can get back to the map carved destruction of the commission.

● Some of the symptoms progress commissioned to find a lost kite, open cycle does not interact has been modified.

● <Foo turum compensation package> with the contents of the <Agra Khan compensation package> has been replaced.

● Alfredo, I mebo Village, tulrem, the ohsa Aguadilla familiarity with NPC game was proceeding easily improved.

● recommended level of contribution to the black spirits / Knowledge Commission has been fixed at 30.

● early contribution to the ordinance black character tutorial period / energy commission has been modified to appear.

● All these exchanges mark button in the Angler region has been deleted.

– Proof of anglers are using this function will be suspended for future improvement.

– Proof of anglers already being held can be sold in shops NPC.

● Some names have been changed and the targets of fishing-related requests.

existing change
Be careful underfoot, broken needles naksit Environmental Protection
Krio and starfish Krio and Canary
Cute beodeulchi Cute Willow carp
Delicious sweet fish Delicious kkeuri
Iridescent fins Slippery slippery
Dongle, dongle head Just eat good fish
Fat Guy Nutrient-rich fish
Delicious rockfish The larger the better!
Garbage rescue Post Garbage rescue Post
Anyone who advanced tasteful, Fishing Anyone who advanced tasteful, Fishing
When fishing for anglerfish ready! When fishing for anglerfish ready!
I can not admit it! Organoleptic! I can not admit it! Organoleptic!
Nando high fish Nando high fish
If that is the easy catch. Organoleptic! Noraemi horse mackerel is not easy to catch. Organoleptic!
What about halibut? Organoleptic! What about halibut? Organoleptic!
You are seen benjari? Do you ever seen a red tilefish?
One will praise guts. One will praise guts.
The best fish of the region The best fish of the region
Organoleptic! You grow as a group of top anglers! Organoleptic! You grow as a group of top anglers!
Fishing [Chuckles] I am sure sense! Organoleptic! Fishing [Chuckles] I am sure sense! Organoleptic!
Incidentally catching bass. Incidentally catching bass.
Northern whiting ssom I got drunk and left? Organoleptic! Dorado group got going mangsangeo left? Organoleptic!
A little farther marlin and herring, too! Bonito and even a little farther dokgasichi!
Herring 2 dorado 1 Dokgasichi and bonito
Crab send Krio 5 Filefish sent to the Krio 5
Taste of Filefish Taste of Okhotsk Atka Mackerel
Look catch Spanish mackerel. Organoleptic! Look out the mouth. Organoleptic!
Gajaemi favorite! The favorite singer!
The best flavor marlin The best flavor yarn tail Dome
Obtaining specialties for energy recovery Obtaining specialties for energy recovery
Leah is in Ephesus. Gasinda calm? Leah is in Ephesus. Gasinda calm?
Shock therapy Shock therapy
Only incidentally catching more Only incidentally catching more
Delicacies for you guys breakdown Delicacies for you guys breakdown
A rope to catch Uncle Dangerous goods
Fishing trip? Okay here is the flying fish! Fishing trip? How stingrays?
Mangsangeo also grabbed Sup? Pompano also grabbed Sup?
Do you know the fish named Red gampeng? Do you know of grouper fish?
Tasty food, stingray Gourmet, John Dory
… Have you catch a fish called dokgasichi? … Have you catch a fish called kkotjari?
Fishing trip disgrace ship called the group. Fishing trip disgrace ship called the group.
Oh, incidentally also catching whiting. Oh, incidentally also catching rockfish.
Offering specialties Offering specialties
Fishing is fishing, trade is trade! Fishing is fishing, trade is trade!
Delivery of goods for advancing troops Delivery of goods for advancing troops
Harpoon fishing is what ttaewo hours. Harpoon fishing is what ttaewo hours.
How to fish or to bake together? How to fish or to bake together?
Humans get dirty river Humans get dirty river
Fishing testing of Holly O Fishing testing of Holly O
Five species of holly Information Five species of holly Information
Fertilizer bag recycling Broken rope recycling
Non-species alive rather OK (beodeulchi) Non-species alive rather OK (beodeulchi)
Non-species alive rather OK (crayfish) Non-species alive rather OK (crayfish)
Stamina food for the workers (trout) Stamina food for the workers (trout)
Stamina food for the officers (carp) Stamina food for the officers (carp)
Floated on laundry Floated on boots
Fresh seaweed cuisine Fresh seaweed cuisine
Kkeokji and beodeulchi Kkeokji and beodeulchi
Napjul gang want to show the taste. Napjul gang want to show the taste.
Invisible special fish Invisible special fish
We need sashimi! We need sashimi!
This’m so dead! This’m so dead!


● when you specify a removable items or skills to register and a shortcut to the quick slot, setting the specified key to the essential keyboard shortcuts it has been modified to close the window.

● Gather command button has been added.

– It will move to a place with the click of a button Guild boss.

This phenomenon does not work ● tooltip has been corrected in the exchange items Specials category.

● Hot Items Items exchange information that is missing when moving to a general exchange the item category from the product category has been modified so.

● The actual technology was added to the combo tutorial is to check whether or not to use.

● Pension seat when charging is complete message has been added.

● The number of seats required to charge pension charge was modified to appear.

● recent memory has been modified to close after 30 seconds.

● The remaining time indicated fort and the command post set up in the building demolished during the construction window has been added.

● has been added to jangbichang awakening weapon damage.

● stronghold fort was built to be the number displayed on mouse-over tooltip when the base has been modified to appear during the base before proceeding.

● This phenomenon has been modified camel icon is not exposed to the minimap.

● awakening awakening arms and weapons (costume) dye has been added.

– The Awakening weapons added characters only.

● Apply a pearl store weapons awakening ON / OFF button has been added.

– If you wear the weapons and arousal or awakening, select the item containing the weapon can be applied.

● The descriptive text for the game to start the channel selection has been added.

● standard bases around the area name marked on the bottom right of the mini-map has been added.

The UI has been added to livestock fence ●.

● livestock only interact button has been added.

– Feeding management, parasite catch sight Livestock Information

● The planting guide can be seen in fence installation mode has been changed to see divided into crops and livestock.

● Pearl stained windows of the shops in the ‘Show arms awakening “button has been added.

● All “is part of the explanation for the effect” knocked out in the technical description has been modified this phenomenon marked by Stern.

The icon of the items below have been modified ●.

– Sealed boxes weapons of greater ZAKA

– Sealed weapon of the press box Vere

● fort and the command post after installation is complete, this phenomenon has been modified demolished UI.

● Adjust the scale more in UI editing window that controls the symptoms reduced size has been fixed.

● mapae stall state registration button at the bottom alert window appears, it has been modified to prevent this behavior.

● Price Guarantee trade goods are sold when an abnormal phenomenon sale price has been fixed period has expired.

● enemy gravity amplifies my item tooltips and buff tooltip different phenomenon has been fixed.

Publications gravity jungpok first item tooltips enemy gravity 5-> 3


● The transparency input a mouse arrow over the state of the dialog has been modified a phenomenon that remains at 100%.

● When reconnecting the game while on a ship carrying the words to say that this phenomenon has been improved through the water.

● The duel has been modified to disable the emergency avoidance.

● Intermittent registration and exchange phenomena that can not properly use a pet has been modified.

● stall has been improved so that you can receive a mating after the Colts in full.

● times have been modified to allow the battle from above.

– However, the ship is immune to all states on the phase shifter and grip, no conflict between the characters.

● pension polishing stones, and growth function has been modified successfully.

● The development board is not updated in the info window, put the item into water boarding water bag has been fixed.

● Before starting position occupied prior to and during ‘After a while before the occupation (former stronghold) will start “system message has been modified to appear on all channels.

● has been modified several times crossed the unusual phenomenon of a dead male horses.


Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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