21/06/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Striker Awakening!

21/06/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Striker Awakening!

Jun 21 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

Below you will find this week’s Patch Notes, including a Black Stone Drop Event, a new Battle Arena on Iliya Island, and who better than to try it out other than the Striker Awakening! We look forward to seeing all of you back in game and hope you enjoy the update. This week’s patch will be ~1,75 GB.


  • In celebration of the Striker Awakening Release Event, the drop rate for Black Stones has been increased.
    • Event Duration: June 21 ~ July 12 (09:00 UTC)
    • Event Details:
      • The drop rate for Black Stones (Weapon & Armor) has been increased for killing monsters.
      • The drop rate for Sharp & Hard Crystal Shards has been increased from gathering.
      • The drop rate for Ancient Relic Stones has increased from fishing.
  • In celebration of completing “Growth of a Kamasylve Tree” Event, we will be preparing additional events as a reward to all users! These events will be opened shortly and we will let you know of the details soon!
    • Increased drop rate for Black Stones Event for another week.
    • Patrigio’s Secret Shop Sale Event
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 days)
  • Striker Level Up Contest has ended, the winners will be announced tomorrow.

  • The following events have ended.
    • Golden June Event | June 7th 09:00 ~ 6/21 (08:59 UTC)
    • Rose Festival | May 31st 09:00 ~ June 21st (09:00 UTC)
    • Growth of a Kamasylve Tree Event | June 14th ~ June 21st (09:00 UTC)
    • Black Spirit’s Adventure Event
[ System ]
  • A new Battle Arena has been added.
    • All players who are level 50 or above can teleport to the Battle Arena by clicking on the Battle Arena icon from the Main Menu [ESC]
    • When escaping out of the Battle Arena, there is a 1-minute cooldown after first entering the Battle Arena to teleport you back to your previous location.
    • There are scarecrows placed within the Battle Arena so that you can practice your skills and combos.
    • There are no death penalties in the Battle Arena and can resurrect immediately.
    • There are invisible walls surrounding the Battle Arena and you can’t get outside the boundaries other than to teleport back to your previous location.
    • You can’t summon maids in the Battle Arena.
    • You can only teleport to the Battle Arena when you are at full HP.
    • Battle Arena is located in Iliya Island.
  • New titles have been added for hunting
    • The following titles are located within the Combat title category.
      • Figure of Loneliness
      • Hit First, Think Later!
      • Wowww!
      • Sly Foe
      • Lonely Wolf
  • The Karma lost when flagging up and PKing another player has increased.
    • 60,000 Karma → 120,000 Karma.
All Classes
  • The animation when your character loots an accessory item or Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard has been improved.
[​IMG] Valkyrie
  • The skill description for Punishment has been modified to include that the skill now ‘can be used with Lancia through Quick Slot”E”.
[​IMG] Witch & Wizard
  • The Lightning Chain skill effect has been improved to be more natural looking.
[​IMG] Ninja
  • The issue which Shuriken: Malice III’s critical hit rate did not match the actual effect has been corrected.
[​IMG] Striker
  • The Striker Awakening has been released with a full set of Awakening Skills!
  • The new Awakening weapon for the Striker, ‘Gardbrace’ has been added!
    • You can claim your Gardbrace after completing all of Awakening Weapon Quests. Press “C” button to switch from main weapon to an awakening weapon and vice versa.
      • Damage of the awakening weapon skills is affected by the awakening weapon, main weapon, Martial Spirit Shards, and accuracy.
  • Text of ‘Gardbrace Weapon and Gardbrace Outfit being invisible upon equipping’ has been added to the description of [Striker] WeDan Gloves.
  • The special effect of Weight Limit -25 has been removed from All Elsh main weapons.
  • Item descriptions of Elsh main weapons have been changed.
  • [Guild] Galley Plan item’s icon has been changed by the addition of a red stripe to the original icon.
  • Item descriptions for Courser Training items will now show which training the item is used for.
Pearl Shop Update
  • The monsters in the following areas of Mediah have been adjusted to give more EXP and have less HP:
    • Abandoned Iron Mine
    • Manes Hideout
    • Wandering Rogue Den
    • Helms Post
    • Elric Shrine
  • The following Mediah regions will no longer include the item ‘Magic Crystals of Infinity’ in the item drop table. Instead, the drop rate for Black Stone (Armor) has been increased:
    • Abandoned Iron Mine
    • Manes Hideout
    • Wandering Rogue Den
    • Helms Post
    • Elric Shrine
  • The monster spawns in the Sausan Garrison have been changed.
    • Some monster spawn locations have been removed, and new spawn locations have been added.
  • In the following locations within the Mediah region, there will be an increased drop rate for the item Armor of Hercules’ Might :
    • Abandoned Iron Mine
    • Manes Hideout
    • Wandering Rogue Den
    • Helms Post
    • Elric Shrine
  • New grinding spot Shultz Guard post will be added to Sausan Garrison with ferocious monsters below.
    • Shultz Guard Gladiator
    • Shultz Guard Sniper
    • Shultz Guard Armored Soldier
  • Hunting monster “Giant Fox” not being responsive at times when attacked has been fixed.
  • New Striker Awakening Weapon Quest has been added.
    • Quest can be accepted from the Black Spirit for Strikers of Lv. 56+
    • [Striker Awakening] Memory of That Day
    • [Striker] Calpheon Deep Forest
    • [Striker] Hideout
    • [Striker] Enlightened Martial Arts
    • [Striker] All Ready
    • [Striker] Descent of Fury
    • [Striker] Enlightened Gardbrace
    • [Striker] Enlightened Gardbrace – Combo
    • [Striker] Enlightened Gardbrace – Practice
  • New title ‘Wolf of Lonely Wilderness’ has been added.
    • Title can be gained after completing all of Striker Awakening Quests..
  • Striker Awakening Weapon Knowledges have been added. .
    • Training of Wilderness #1
    • Training of Wilderness #2
    • Training of Wilderness #3
    • Striker’s Quality, Pursuit
    • Striker’s Quality, Asceticism
    • Striker’s quality, Wilderness
  • Yan’s assistant’s name has been changed to Sahin.

  • The quest “Bandits’ Treasure Chamber” now has auto-navigation to the Biraghi Den’s Well.

  • Adjustments have been made so that Worker’s Elixir can be given to Sugarsh in the quest ‘For the Weary Workers.’

  • The following new quests have been added
PN 21-06.PNG

  • Throwing away items can now only be done by using the trash can icon in the inventory window.

  • Fixed some of the text clipping issues with the quest names and descriptions within the quest UI.

  • A rotation related shortcut description has been added to the UI when something is being installed or placed.

  • When the screen resolution is very small, some of the interior item pieces were unselectable and this is resolved now.
  • The [Maewha] Kibelius Kerispear dye reset issue has been fixed.

  • Customizing a Tamer to have a obese body type and then wearing the Tyrie Outfit set created an unintended graphical texture issue, and is now resolved.

  • The graphical issue when wearing the Venia Riding Attire Costume on a Kunoichi has been resolved.

  • The graphical issue with the arm of Tamers wearing the Jegrina Outfit set when dyed has been resolved.

  • The graphical issue of Tamer with the Anemos Outfit have been resolved.

  • When a dyed version of [Wizard] Robert Boxer Briefs has been equipped on a young wizard, the dye wasn’t being applied. This issue has been fixed.

  • [Valkyrie] Desert Camouflage having graphical display issues has been fixed.

  • Fixed the issue of chat panel not having a scroll bar when adding a chat panel while the chat is empty.

  • Item link not being clickable when entering chat window while the scroll bar is in a fixed state issue has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue which the customizing modifications were not saved when using the shortcut keys.

  • Fixed an issue which the customization shortcut keys did not work when customizing the character’s body.

  • Fixed an issue which the customization shortcut keys would apply when entering the name for the customization file.
Official Post: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/patch-notes-june-21st-2017.17218/

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