21/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

21/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

May 21 Tansie  
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This patch update was approximately 330MB and included new items called Alchemy Stones along with 81 additional changes.

For details on this update, refer to the information below.

[Events ]

● May event gift – Lotus Lantern headdress has been added to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday.

* Mon, May 25th 12AM until 11:59PM (UTC+9) the item will be available to purchase.

* Item can be purchased for 1 Mileage from the in-game Pearl store (F3) under the Mileage tab.

[Character ]

 Color has been added when in PvP mode to distinguish between friends and enemies.
 Fixed a bug where the character appears to drown when swimming on top of water.
 Fixed a bug where some characters in the crouching position consumed an unusual amount of endurance when rolling.

[Giant ]

● Predator Hunting skill has been modified so that it now works correctly after using the Wind Spirit skill.

[Blader ]

● Using Rear Chase sequel 3 Skill after Psalm 1 skill has been modified so that it will stun even when on cool-down.

[Valkyrie ]

● Shield toss, straight kick, striking the sky and Shield Slam skills awakening icons are now displayed correctly.

● Shield toss skill has been modified for PvP so that it no longer applies a stun effect.

● The description of the ethereal sound skill now shows the correct figures of knockdown level.

[Plum ]

● Using Rear Chase sequel 3 Skill after Psalm 1 skill has been modified so that it will stun even when on cool-down.

● The description of the Pole: Blind Opening skill has been modified.

● Gathering will no longer show bare-hands if the player is using a tool.

● The ladder climbing down action has been modified to look more natural.

[Item ]

● Easy-to-use features of the breath to improve an item temporarily halts.

● Solid fence’s appearance has been changed.

– Obtaining the item is the same as before.

– Return the old fence and you can hire a new solid fence.

● Cannon recovery time has been changed from 180 seconds to 30 seconds.

● The damage when using a cannon on other players is now dependent on the character

● Dying slots have been added to costumes.

● A bug where Ranger Costumes shoes where invisible has been fixed.

● The effective duration of the flight current items has been increased.

– Existing 3 minutes → 5 minutes, down from five minutes → 08 

● Opening boxes have been modified to display the acquired item name in the message.

● A message appears on the item when using the maximum number broke the probability of potential fixes.

● When mounting the shoes of the embargo rattle  appearance has been modified successfully.

● Zaka weapons have been fixed so that fail enchanting after +15 has a chance of declining to +14

● The defense of Kia’s pitching has been changed to increase by 3 after enchanting past +15.

● Some silver jewelry items have been raised to an item exchange maximum upper limit of 1.8 million.

● incorrectly labeled content of the tooltip of the item Ata Nice shoes Ranger has been corrected.

– Familiarity +10% > 0.5m increase in jump height

● +16 Items exchange trading price of weapons has had some adjustments.

● Calpheon suits/dresses costume description has been changed.

● Kia’s Helm, Armor red nose, his beret gloves and a set of effects in the shoes of Optimus Khan added:

3 Set: The maximum endurance +200

4 Set: Attack Speed ​​+1 and casting speed +1

[Content ]

● Characters to say that the damage has been reduced.

The number of remaining at the end of the market at the time of registration if you do not have a mating technique not adversely affected due to the pricing has changed.
If the construction worker is sent to the Citadel to increase the amount of activity the Guild has been fixed.
1 channel other than channel seems to have taken over from the former of trade items your character if you do attack,catching the tendencies in the combat area is reduced.
Have not joined a Guild characters cheer during the war are unable to do.
All other channels 1 channel to cheerscam is not.
The abandoned mine sites benefit from the occupation of productive capacity has been modified in one step two tax benefits.

 Alchemy Stones

● Alchemy from one skill level can be flexible Alchemy Stone.

– Create a combination of certain ingredients in the alchemy tools installed on alchemy settlement stones.

* Shining Powder x10, the blood of the sinner x10, years of flour x10, pure powdered reagents x10, x10 clear liquid reagents

– Find the golden recipe for making Alchemy Stones!

● making alchemy stones probability of success will depend on the level of alchemy.

– Production output: Incomplete destruction of the alchemy stones, stone imperfect defense of alchemy, life annuities incomplete stone, one of the ‘broken stone pieces alchemy’

● There are eight levels of both growth stages, alchemy stone for each growth stage seats are four grades.

– Growth stage: Incomplete polished → → → rough sharp solid → → → youngrong a brilliant shining →

– Rating: plain, green (magic), blue (rare), Yellow (unique)

– The same name, even if you can get a variety of effects, depending on the grade.

● After mounting the item mounting alchemy stones it can be used by pressing the U key.

– The unique effect is activated during use, durability is consumed by one.

– Same family (destruction, the Guardian Life) seats and share of cool-down, the effect will not be nested.

● Durability can be recharged with a depleted alchemy stone.

– Durability charge depends on the value of the jump.

● Durability according to the alchemy stones as follows: Class seats each.

– Imperfect, rough, polished: 100

– Rugged, sharp, youngrong one: 150

– Brilliant, shining: 200

● by consuming certain ingredients alchemy stone gains experience.

– If you experience reaches 80-150% range of growth may try, the more experience, the higher the success rate of growth.

– alchemy destruction stone: mineral consumption, the jewelry and the work of the material

– alchemy patron stone: wood consumption, the sap flow and the work of the material

– Life annuity stone: consuming medicinal herbs, cereals, fruit crops and their work with the material

● Growth attempt requires a certain level of alchemy level.

– Incomplete: trained more than 1Lv

– Rough: Professional 1Lv over

– Trimmed: Craftsman more than 1Lv

– Robust: Scenes 1Lv over

● If successful growth you can get one of three results.

1. The stage of growth and rising with the grade

– Yes) incomplete fracture of the alchemy stones (general) → alchemy destruction of rough stone (Magic): the probability is extremely low

2. The rating rises

– Yes) alchemy of incomplete destruction stone (general) → alchemy of incomplete destruction seats (Magic): the probability is very low

3. The rise in the growth phase

– Yes) incomplete fracture of the alchemy stones (general) → alchemy destruction of rough stone (General): Low probability

● If the growth fails, the following will occur:

– Imperfect, rough, it trimmed a 50% loss of current experience.

– Rugged, sharp: the growth phase decline (ratings maintained)

– Youngrong one spectacular: destroyed items

● Alchemy stones can be traded through the item exchange, it can not be sold in stores.

– Exchange rates are only affected growth phase.

[Monster ]

● When the chief rewards of obtaining greater success ZAKA Reid has been modified to allow more characters to get.

The Guild boss Reid‘s stamina is reduced, and the monster ferry-drop probability.

 [Referral and knowledge ]

● Treasure Hunt – the acceptance condition to merge maps has been added.

– It has been changed so that you can order a referral, even if you are holding the unfinished treasure map.

– A treasure map obtained in the previous request before meeting before hand Mariano  been modified so that the Commission is followed.

● Images have been added for knowledge.

● The Blackstone (Weapon) Compensation Commission have been added to aid the black desert adaptation of novice adventurers.

● NPC’s buttons for starvation has been fixed.

● ‘chicks come Gon meat’ chances of acquiring the target quantity and the Commission have been relaxed.

● Do Sar, not to talk of other leaf and villages have been added to help you obtain the “roving bandits of Xixia ‘knowledge.

 [UI ]

If you press the character deathResurrection experience drop penalty has been modified so that the message is not shown when:

– Another character or summoned monster kills you

● When you join another Guild, the previous guild progress will not be displayed.

● If mounting, right-click the item in the warehouse NPC dialogue if the delay of a button comes out near the warehouse has been removed.

● A maximum of durability has been modified to initialize recovery of material items registration window.

● Production notes for clothes such as the [jukebox] prayer time, [Valkyrie] Carl peon aristocratic dress has been added, thus the other contents have been modified and updated.

● Guild Invitation shortcut menu in the interaction with other characters have been modified so that they do not appear to R.

● If you right-click the maximum durability in the recovery of the items have been modified to mount the screen is turned off.

Other Guild the Guild commissioned a complete message has been modified so that it doesn’t appear.

The Guild list has been modified so that they appear as normal activity level

● Horse equipment has been modified so you can now extract Blackstones.

● The dock alignment feature has been added.

● The skill features have been added to the stables.

– End technology of the 100% rating “training” button will appear in the non-technical.

– For training, horse training techniques rights commission ‘is required.

● Equipment character giant the bottom right side of the head portion

● Hide button has been removed.

● World stables list and map information window at the stables has been modified so that they appear together.

– Stables changed to appear in the list window only.

World map, rather than the purchase of the House directly from the front of the House with a window open a stall.

World map, rather than the purchase of the House directly from the front of the House with a window open a stall.

● The following items have been added to the production notes.

– Chipped stone pieces pensions, life annuity seats imperfect, incomplete patron seats pension, pension for incomplete destruction seats

 [System ]

● When you fall from a very high place the character will no longer freeze.

● A bug has been fixed where the Santa Hat was exposing parts of a characters face.

The items enclosed in a letter to the adventurers come back if there is no letter, it does not delete.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

Thank you.

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