17/09/2015 Weekly Maintenance (KR)

17/09/2015 Weekly Maintenance (KR)

Sep 15 Tansie  
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Good evening.

Thursday, 17th September, we will be bringing down the servers for weekly maintenance. The servers will be going down for 4 hours between 7AM and 11AM (UTC+9). During this time connection to the game and online pearl store will not be available.

Additional Time Zone Information:
(Maintenance will be this afternoon/evening for us)
6 pm EST to 10 pm EDT
3 pm PST to 7pm PDT
10 pm GMT to 2 am GMT

Time in Korea:

Please ensure that you log out in a safe location because exiting the server in combat zones may result in you or your mount being attacked.

Stronghold Update Information:

Stronghold changes which were scheduled for Wednesday, 16th September have been delayed. They will now take place on Sunday, 20th September at 8PM. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  After the changes, additional instructions and announcements will be made.

We strive to provide more reliable service.

Thank you.

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