17/09/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

17/09/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Sep 17 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, a black desert.

Thursday, 17th September 2015 patch notes included a new ninja class, along with 62 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


● 3 Events are currently taking place to celebrate the release of Ninja.

More information below:

Event rules apply

New Event item has been added.


Modification of the ancient spirits – fast Speed ​​Step 2 synergy of each character by Carl peon can be obtained by heating the aristocratic costume transition only possible Costumes (on) can not exchange registration and shop sales※ modifications that are not destroyed even when the character death.
[Event] claws of the black spirits Each town haberdasher to 500 000 Available in silver

costumes through potential breakthrough socket that the can create one in (on)
a functional costumes potential breakthrough is not possible
(ENT apparel, Pennsylvania seungmabok, teombeong set, carboxylic key / Venetian Room processing clothing, etc.)

※ [Event] black claws items Jinn Thurs September 17th for a limited time and can be purchased in the store using the silver from the event end date is expected to be announced later.


● New ninja character has been added.

– The sword and chesul, charming character to take advantage of the excellent maneuverability and a variety of crowd control techniques as an assassin-type character to use ninjutsu.

– You can select one of the Shuriken to complement the recognition and defense as a secondary weapon to maximize the damage.

● boarding in no circumstances be attacked has been fixed so that the water can be targeted.

● The character in the character selection window has been changed to non-helmet wearing plain pitched for battle.

● When the cause intermittent damage during emergency avoidance state of emergency avoid entering this phenomenon that has been fixed state is released.


● combat operations three times during the operation of motion view has been modified to customize the symptoms that are applied to the previous technology operations.


● Playing: avoid striking roots to move to the right technique and the technology used is fierce attack skills when using this phenomenon has been modified to be used

● The stun effect levels increase when he shot to the other characters have been deleted.


● heukrang this phenomenon does not disappear even after the holding time after the summons has been fixed.


● The local upmarket goods merchants have been added to the list of items under selling.

– Clothing Alchemist

– Clothes for craftsmen

– Clothes chef

– Clothing trainer

– Clothes for hunters

– Professional collected clothing

– Professional naksibok

● specializes in collecting clothing, professional naksibok, clothes, craftsmen, chefs clothing, clothes, trainers, clothes for hunters, the price of clothes has changed Alchemist.

– 450,000 silver (1,500,000 existing silver)

● ‘Crohn’s seat, to prevent the numerical decline of failure potential breakthrough has been added.

– Chapter (+16) breakthrough potential failure of the item or later, you can prevent the decline in the numbers of failed items.

– The number of seats Crohn’s necessary, depending on the current market price of the item is different.

– Crohn seat required quantity is about 50% of the current market price of an item to try the potential to break through.

– Only Crohn’s can be purchased for 100 seats per each village in silver armor trader.

● The items described in the Advanced barley seeds has been fixed correctly.

● has been modified so that each character can be heated by Carl peon aristocratic costume from a costume exchange voucher.

● [Wizard] Carl peon aristocracy suits -> [Wizard] Carl peon aristocratic costumes, Position knife peon aristocratic dress -> [location], the name was changed to Karl peon aristocratic costumes.

● changed probation / skilled / professional clothing collected, apprenticeship / skilled / professional naksibok to be sold in shops.

● has been changed so that you can register your costume voucher to exchange the item.

● Do not register the price of the camel market has changed.

– The camel base price and price per level has been set.

● end of the base price and the price per level has changed.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● pilgrims to the sanctuary – has been modified dig people of modest stronghold stronghold Button Manager Tariq.

● Epee Ria -> Alti Nova -> Caddo not a phenomenon that the delay in the shuttle cargo to and from the Inner Harbor has been fixed.

● NPC steal Arendal is an unusual phenomenon in the motion was modified.

● knowledge of mutan image is registered.


● Guild House and the daily production limit of production, production prototype has been reduced for some time.

– Mapae: Elephants] once

– Ballet North / Serendipity Boutique / knife peon / media / Valencia Specialty – 10

– Imperial trade goods package] twice

– Steel top surface for battle, the battle for steel sanggap, battle for silk saddle, stirrups silk combat] twice

– Ballet North / Serendipity Boutique / knife peon / media / Valencia Specialty workload: 600 million> 1.5 million

– Imperial trade goods package throughput: 75 million> 10 450

● The cost of trade goods to produce a Guild production was rising.

– North ballet specialty 1.13251 million

– Serendipity Boutique and Specialty 1.14876 million

– Carl peon specialties 1.15623 million

– Media specialties 1.15896 million

– Valencia Specialty 1.1603 million

– 1.68487 million imperial trade goods package

● end of the price of technology has changed.

● Technical camel has changed.

● 30/40/50 Reach level challenges rewards have been strengthened.

– Level 30: 1 million silver

– Level 40: 1 million silver + horse

* Horse: tier 3 / instant acceleration (Basic Skills) / No exchange registration / Imperial delivery possible / mating possible

– Level 50: 3 million silver

● The necessary costs for the completion of workers immediately upgrade has been reduced.

– The existing 60 Pearl> 30 Pearl

● The need for a complete fabrication cost is reduced immediately.

– The existing 90 Pearl> 60 Pearl Changes

● The response time to pick up every item have been increased.

● Find camels during a camel ride at the stables has been modified after this phenomenon happens momentarily.

[Referral and knowledge]

● knowledge of how sand Bazar manager Guild syuka added.

● knowledge of some NPC has been corrected image are different phenomena and physical appearance.

● Valencia has been added to a new picking request belrap oasis.

– Collected more than 25 levels

● knowledge of fish image has been added.

– Images that knowledge also applies to ‘fish illustrated book.


● it has been modified so that it extends to the contents intact Guild Ranking tooltip created by the Guild Introduction UI.

● The new line features when creating a guild introduction has been modified to operate.

● Added a reset button next to the Guild Introduction Register button.

● vitality elephant, mouse-over tooltip description when the life bar has been added exposure on board.

● life to elephant stables Guild Information UI, has been added during mouse-over tooltip description on life.

● The laborers Management Window View across town by a filter function has been modified to work properly.

● subsidies, harp, this phenomenon can not press the button intermittently payment has been fixed.

● Before the occupation, the message of the base have been added before proceeding to appear character also connected underway.

● In case of defeat at the base before the message out, “we lose.” The phrase has been deleted.

● batch, has been modified to also search Enter to search in Setup mode.

Guild Notice intermittent phenomenon is not corrected ● has been fixed.

● When you apply a filter on the workers laid off workers after the management window it has been fixed so that the filter only to be laid off worker.

● If you own the Guild House Guild House in the World Map it has been modified to produce the quantities produced icons that marked today.

● [workers] upgrade the system message has been changed.

– Upgrade the sentence is impossible to move the channel was removed during the test.

● Guild Captain period of time when not connected to the Commanding Officer Guild Guild delegation button invisible phenomenon has been modified.

● attached to a pearl jewelry shops costume has been added to allow extraction through the Blacksmith NPC.

● About the character information window has been added functions.

You can enter 6 lines of up to 120 characters long.

● The guild is an adventurer registered About the recruitment function has been added to the list About the exposure as a tooltip.


● Guild was being occupied base add the ability to pay the subsidy.

– Incentive payment period is three days. (Occupied evangelism has changed from 7 days to 3 days.)

● occupation before / during the Citadel repair base for the% recovery of the former have been slightly downward.

● former occupation / base around the fort and the command post can not blow this one phenomenon in progress has been modified.

● has been changed so that it can not be seen even when the effect the effect of some arrows set off the option of a different character.

– Former occupation / base case appears before the effects of all arrows.

– Former occupation / base if not before PvP, the guild ever, only the effect of a friendly guild arrow is displayed.

● If you get shot while moving the UI is an open channel that this phenomenon does not disappear UI have been fixed.

● pitching dyeing Window On / Off button has been added.

● The pre-occupation coverage area icon on the mini-map has been deleted.

● character to life and technical resources (spirit / divine power, etc.) the resurrection after death has been modified to revive the town with a 100% condition.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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