14/12/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Merry Christmas!

14/12/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Merry Christmas!

Dec 14 Tansie  
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[ Events ]

  • [Event] Santa’s Gift Box.
    • Start: 12/14/2016
    • End: 12/28/2016
    • During the event, Santa will appear in the sky riding his sleigh and dropping gifts through the world of Black Desert in the following regions:
      • Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia
  • Players can obtain various gifts by interacting(R) with the Gift Boxes:
    • Christmas Decorated Candle
    • Christmas Lace Wall Decor
    • Christmas Black Spirit Face Wall Decor
    • Christmas Black Spirit Snowball
    • [Event] Hot Chocolate
    • [Event] Santa Hat
    • [Event] Pirate Bandana
    • [Event] Pirate Eye Patch
    • [Event] Pirate Flag
    • [Event] Fox Mask
    • [Event] Deep Bamboo Hat
    • [Event] Medium Energy Tonic
    • [Event] Unknown Dye Box Bundle
    • [Event] Elion’s Tear
    • [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)
    • [Event] Magic Carpet
    • [Event] Jack-O-Lantern Mask
    • [Event] Sweet Cone Hat
    • [Event] Wolf Nose
    • [Event] Devil Horn Headband
    • [Event] Cherry Blossom Earring
    • [Event] Taeguk Earring
    • [Event] Taeguk Tattoo
    • [Event] Scarecrow Mask
    • [Event] Max HP Increase Scroll
    • [Event] Stardust Candy
    • [Event] Sour Candy
    • [Event] King Candy
    • [Event] Candy Basket
    • [Event] Small Energy Tonic
    • Roast Chicken


[ System ]

  • Winter has arrived in Black Desert!
    • Winter Theme Background has been added
      • It has begun snowing in the world of Black Desert.
      • Some regions will now have fallen snow and winter themes applied.
      • Login, Channel Select, and game loading screens have had Winter themes added.
      • In-game night times have a new Aurora effect added.
      • Fallen snow effects have been added to some UI/Menu windows, these effects change at random each time the window(s) are opened.
  • Christmas outfits, Furniture, and Decorations have been added!
  • Pearl Shop gifting has temporarily returned for the holiday season.
    • The following restrictions will apply to be eligible to send gifts, should you meet them you will be able to send gifts to the character you want:
      • Character must be level 56 or above.
    • You can input the quantity and the character name to receive when purchasing.
    • To check for a gift simply open your mail with the (B) key to find them along with your normal mail.
    • Gifts can only be sent to characters belonging to the same World (NA or EU) and can not be sent to yourself.
    • You can not gift more items to someone than can normally be purchased/obtained.  As an example gifting will not allow someone to go over the normal amount of possible inventory slots.




  • While wearing the Zebra Underwear or Zebra Underwear (No Stockings), and entering Dye interface with the combat stance turned on will no longer cause a graphical glitch with the sorceress’ body.



  • Equipping The Thermian Casual Outfit and hiding the hat will no longer cause a graphical glitch.



  • Backlight and Reflection effects have been updated:
    • The lobby character selection screen, lobby customization screen, Pearl Shop, in-game customization screen, and Dye UI have been updated to include the newly upgraded backlight and reflection effects.
  • To celebrate the seasonal holidays, the following items will now be permanently available for sale in the Pearl Shop:
    • Sunset Prop Set
    • Golden Prop Set
    • Golden Sunset Supper Set


Pearl Shop Update




  • An issue that was causing the horse icon to randomly disappear from the screen when entering the settings menu directly after taking a horse out of the stable has been fixed.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/123466-patch-notes-december-14th/

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