12/04/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – DK Awakening!

12/04/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – DK Awakening!

Apr 12 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

Found below are the patch notes for this week. We are excited to release the Dark Knight Awakening along with the Golden Flondor Goose Egg Event! This patch is ~794 MB.




    • The Spring theme has been applied to the game world.

      • Tulip Event Duration: Apr. 12 ~ May 10

        • Throughout the world of Black Desert, Tulips have bloomed (where the climate permits of course).  We encourage you to take your time and enjoy the beautiful sights!

    • Golden Flondor Goose Egg Event begins.

      • Event Duration: Apr. 12 ~ Apr. 26, 07:59 UTC

      • An event-related quest titled ‘Legend of Florin’ can be obtained from the Black Spirit.

      • This quest will navigate you to Florin to visit the NPC ‘Valentine’ where you can begin the hunt to find the Golden Goose and her egg.

      • Find the wandering goose near Florin to earn the Golden Goose Egg. This quest can be done once a day.

    • Cherry Blossom Screenshot Event Winners’ screenshots have been added to the game loading screens. A total of 4 individual loading screens will appear in game for 2 weeks.

    • The following event items have been removed from the game as notified via in-game mail.

      • [Event] Lauren Family Coin

      • Dark Knight’s Seal

    [ System ]

    • Dark Knight Awakening has arrived!

    • Applying popular beauty album customizations function has been added to the Customization UI.

      • Feel free to apply one of the most popular customizations from the beauty album at random to see if your tastes match others’.

      • The popular beauty album will be determined by recent download ranking.

    • A new title ‘Guardian of Darkness’ has been added.

      • All players who complete the Dark Knight’s awakening quest will receive the new title.

    • New knowledge for the Dark Knight Awakening Weapon has been added.

      • Dark Knight’s Quality, Dominance

      • Dark Knight’s Quality, Abstinence

      • Dark Knight’s Quality, Faith

      • Root of Darkness #1

      • Root of Darkness #2

      • Root of Darkness #3

    [ NPC ]

    • Valencia’s Arms Dealer NPC ‘Ossa Dilla’ can now be found using the NPC search and navigation feature.

    • The first interaction with the NPC Izella in Florin will now navigate you to find the NPC ‘Valentine’.



    All Classes

    • All character’s DP effectiveness has been increased in PVP mode
      *Edited to clarify which mode has been affected


    ZQChgri.pngDark Knight

    • The Dark Knight awakening has been released.

    • The Dark Knight Awakening weapon ‘Vediant’ has been added.

      • Vediant can be obtained once players complete the awakening quest.

    • Dark Knight’s Awakening skills have been added.

      • Once fully Awakened players can press ‘C’ to toggle between normal and awakening weapons.

      • Like all other classes, the Dark Knight’s Awakening skill damage is determined by Attack Power from the Awakening Weapon, Main Weapon, Crystals, and Accuracy.

    • Dark Knight Awakening Weapon quest has been added.

      • Players must be level 56 or higher to accept the quest from the Black Spirit.


    • The following items have had their names changed to correctly fit the corresponding item:

      • Four-legged Dining Table.

      • Two-legged Dining Table.

    Pearl Shop Update 




    • During the mini game while capturing a wild horse, pressing the Spacebar will now only work when the horse raises its front legs.

      • Additionally after successfully capturing the horse and then mounting it, will now correctly remove the rope from the player’s hand.

      • The Spacebar text readability has been improved.

    • Players level 15 or below can now see and use the ‘Exit’ (Esc) button that allows players to force-quit the conversation with Black Spirit.


    • Gaining 7 knowledge in Margoria ocean will now give 1 max energy.

    • The accept conditions for the quest ‘Finding NPC Akan’ have been changed to be only available in Olvia.


    • Fixed an issue that caused the character voice to revert to a default voice while casting the skill ‘Tiger Blade’ for the Musa/Maehwa.

    • Not being able to dye the 7th dye-able slot (neck section) for the item “[Wizard] Anemos Armor” issue has been resolved.

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