10/09/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

10/09/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Sep 09 Tansie  
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Good evening.

The MMORPG, a black desert.

Thursday, 10th September 2015 patch notes included changes to Guild Wars along with 93 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


● Japan this type’ll give you another patch! Revealed dictionary updates on the event.

[Go to expect a new character a ninja advance Comments Event]

– Check in advance to the wind of change blows on the black desert come the second half of 2015 with a massive update!


● while in a guild has been added to enable the flag Wave of social behavior.

● In the high places have been added to the diving operation when plunged into the water.

– Cliffs and drop-offs are available when you enter the front of the stop motion falling from high places or ‘Shift + Space + ↑’ key on.

– It must have a certain depth of the water before leaping dive where the action is displayed.

● When the monster down opponents attack, baekeotaek damage has been corrected to 150% eseo 135%.

– However, when there is an existing relative character of damage it remains.

● If the word while before completely stopping off at the end of the future has been modified to run automatically converted into combat position after a certain time.


● Rotate Sunder I, II, III, IV hit damage of the technology has been increased.

– Sunder rotation I, II, PvP damage of blow III, IV is identical to the existing technology.

● The distance Sunder technology used in rotation pushed back a monster has been reduced.

● Bang II, III, IV technology is used in spirit consumption has been reduced.

● When Sunder I, II, III technology and the ground deeply Sunder I, II technology, the impact damage has been increased.

– When Sunder I, II, III technology and the ground deeply Sunder I, II technology PvP strike damage is same.


● Pole: a phenomenon that applies effects to non-target collars technology used in Monster ride the wind knocked been fixed.


● Add a piece of the dark I, II, for 10 seconds when using a piece of the darkness of III technical damage has been corrected to 20 seconds.


● Switch to combat this phenomenon have been fixed position and the image of a knife in hand does not disappear when moving backward.


● poles: justice sword rushed three times hitting condemnation of the use of technology has been modified during the phenomenon that is not used immediately.

[Wizard & Witch]

● combat this fast-moving operation in the state naturally has been improved.


● underbelly Sting Sting underbelly multi-stage technology development has been fixed is not used intermittently after use.


● The potential breakthrough jewelry items, all amounts in exchange registration (oil, copper) have been adjusted.

● The amount of the modified item exchange registration of black magic have been adjusted.

– Revision of black magic – Classes

– Revision of black magic – tonic

– Revision of black magic – robust

– Revision of black magic – Jinjiang

– Revision of black magic – falls

– Revision of black magic – Agility

– Revision of black magic – Emergency

– Revision of black magic – fast

– Revision of black magic – memorizing

– Revision of black magic – redundant

– Revision of black magic – overruled

– Revision of black magic-wow

– Revision of black magic-wow

– Revision of black magic – sturgeon

● fish prices have been increased 5-10 times compared to existing.

● fishing rod in one hand and the equipment has been changed.

● New pets have been added to the desert fox.

* Desert Fox does not currently exchange.

– The skills of a desert fox resistance to heat stroke and hypothermia.

● from the store the night of the part geometry, and then re-price of the items have been adjusted.

Kia’s Helm

– Chopping his gloves

– Plymouth Khan’s shoes

– Beefy armor of the tree spirits

– Decorative ears of the Witch

– Mark of Shadow

● Patrizia Geo piece of pointed black crystals overnight package from shops – 3 / solid piece of black crystals Package – 3 have been added.

● [Guild] This item has been rising strength of the barricades.

● The potential breakthrough has been added to the rod of two possible 10.

– Northwest Ballet rod (effect: reduced auto fishing time)

Effect of the potential step to 10%, 11%, 12%, 13%, 14%, 15%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 25%

– Epee Ria rod (effects: High Durability)

● ancient guardian of the tension that ranged attacks and magic character string fixes the damage phenomena does not apply when worn properly.

● The exchange registration for the beginner to the amount of hand craftsmanship canvas hunting has been adjusted.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● Delivery of Imperial NPC has been modified not to receive any more Valencia San trade goods

● improvements can be rented from the library being shed Valencia Lama units.

● Added new NPC haberdasher Mer Noir is neutral in the northern region.


● has been modified so that some fishing on the coast of Valencia.

● progress horse racing channel is changed for each one channel from all channels.

● say this person has passed before the city passed the halfway point of their own 10000000000000000 shares has been modified to display.

● The items that monsters drop the local media has been changed to fit the concept of the monster.

● When you replace the Black Stone (weapons) to the tension of the hunter demand it has been reduced from four to three.

● Pets technology has been added during the exchange.

– Fishing experience increased 3%

– Fishing experience increased 5%

– Fishing experience increased 7%

– Hunting experience increased 3%

– Hunting experience increased 5%

– Hunting experience increased 7%

– Cooking Experience increased by 3%

– Cooking Experience 5% increase

– Cooking Experience increased by 7%

– Experience pension increases 3%

– 5% increase in pension experience

– Experience pensions increased by 7%

– Experience working increased by 3%

– Working experience 5% increase

– Experience working increased by 7%

– Obedience experience increased 3%

– Obedience experience increased 5%

– Obedience experience increased 7%

– Experience trade increased by 3%

– Experience trade increased by 5%

– Experience trade increased by 7%

– Experience cultivation increased by 3%

– Experience cultivation increased by 5%

– Experience cultivation increased by 7%

● laborers technical effect has been changed.

– Skilled herbal packaging technology: herbs box when working with additional work twice> Herbs box when working with three additional tasks

– An experienced mushroom packaging technology: Mushrooms box when working with additional work twice -> mushroom box when working with three additional tasks

– Skilled fish packaging technology: Fish box when working with additional work twice -> Fish box when working with three additional tasks

– Skilled wood packaging technology: wood box when working with additional work twice -> Wooden boxes when working with three additional tasks

– Skilled ore Packaging Technology: ore box when working with additional work twice -> Ore box when working with three additional tasks

– Skilled weapons production technology: added twice during weapons production tasks -> Add weapon three times during manufacturing operations

– Skilled manufacturing technology Armor: Armor additional two times during production operations -> add armor three times during manufacturing operations

– Clothing production technology, skilled life: life blessed twice during authoring Add -> Add blessed life three times during manufacturing operations

● workers has been increased probability of promotion.

● Valencia inland fishing time has been reduced.

● drop the package from the guild raid bosses (mud monster, ferry DE) and the World Raid bosses (greater ZAKA, press Verbier) has changed ownership disappear after a time.

● daily, weekly special commission, the ancient ruins of the decision, adding that contributed to both the party bosses drop the package when the catch has been modified so that they produce.

– Drop the package out to the bosses it will disappear after a period of ownership.

● If the current death trap (trap stunned, elephant traps, etc.) have been modified to receive the death penalty.


● ‘clothes can be a hermit farmers’ costumes have been added to the list of mill production.

● tool workshop ‘ballet North rods’ in making the list and the ‘Ria Epee rods’ have been added.

● production of new items have been added to the list, such as Valencia.

<Occupation before / base former>

● Before occupying the third season begins.

● The tax benefits have been added to all areas around the base.

– Occupation tax base fingers can receive only one channel of this base for their area.

● Benefits are based around the area benefit is that some areas have been modified to not display.

– Sliema Island, felt run island, dry island reneu

● Make presentations Wu, Mark E. Faust, who was the lord menu to Sergio Bianca has been deleted.

<Occupation before and bases around Season 3>

● former occupation / base construction can not be canceled before the completion of construction of the fort and the command post during the proceeding.

※ under construction buildings can be canceled at any time.

● The function of the occupation before / during the Guild Wars former stronghold and PK (PvP button) will be temporarily suspended.

– Guild Wars proclamation is possible, but the former occupation / base transition progress of all the channels function Guild Wars is not working.

※ The other channels can be properly Guild Wars.

– If the former occupation / base previously declared before the Guild Wars guilds are also party or his former occupation / base former participant is interrupted, the time period involved.

– All PvP characters This button functions from the channel before the occupation / base transition in progress will be temporarily disabled.

● former occupation / base former participant is no longer considered a participant if the fort and the command post destroyed or recovered.

● former occupation / base before participants criterion refers to the guild fort and the command post before the completion of the occupation / base before proceeding before construction.

● occupy the channel in which the front / base transition proceeds will be set as follows:

– All characters are mutually conflict, regardless of the level are activated.

– But the miserable woman be attacked unilaterally to participants, you can not fight back.

● former occupation / base before participating regions, such as guild battles between each other is possible, however, another participant in the occupation before / around the base area is considered to be a miserable woman in a non-construction area.

● base before the first one can be installed only where stronghold citadel.

– If successful, the occupation can be extended to the next base before you can install additional base adjacent to the Citadel where you are up to five bases.

– The second time around the base should be extended to two bases can build a fort before the next third base.

● command post and fort before the occupation can be constructed gotman of the manor.

– After a successful occupation of estates constructed elsewhere, you can build an additional occupation entire estates until the next one.

● former occupation / base former ‘repair’ constructed the fort and the command post in front of the proceeding and provide interactivity, use the material in the bag and can repair the fort.

– Repair material and number, time is different depending on the type of the fort and the command post, the recovery amount of the one-time repair is the same as 0.5%.

▷ command post

– Maintenance Materials: 5 Blackstone powder

– Acts hours 2 minutes

square fort

– Maintenance materials: polished stone 3

– Action time of 1 minute

solid square fort

– Maintenance materials: polished stone 4

– Action time of 1 minute

solid octagonal fort

– Maintenance materials: polished stone 5

– Action time of 1 minute

stronghold citadel

– Maintenance materials: polished stone 3

– Act time 30 seconds

● former occupation / base former combat participants is available from anywhere except the safety region.

● If the former occupied the fort and the command post construction is either completed or under construction for participation unable to build a fort for the base before participating.

– In case of vice versa, which should remain the same.

● If you have died to the participants before the former occupation / base do not wear any death penalty.

– However, if the dead as a monster or any other conventional method has the death penalty as applies.

– Apply water Like boarding.

● If one channel in each occupation before / base transition in progress ‘immediate resurrection’ button does not appear.


● The Specialty Packaging cattle have been added to the Guild House.

– Take advantage of the material produced in each region, you can create an imperial trade goods.

● The workload of the Imperial Guild Package trade goods increased, prices have been rising.

● The tab to check the production status to the guild guild window has been added.

– Guild Production Status tab appears incomplete work.

● Added the ability to increase the guild protect personnel.

● The space that can be introduced in the guild guild window has been added.


● The automatic movement speed and the movement speed of a camel in the desert area has been rising about 20%.

● aboard a camel it has been modified to also move to right-click.

● mating market has been modified so that display the number of dead horses.

[Referral and knowledge]

● Change eliminate those referred to goals for reclamation and the difficulty has been alleviated.

● Carl peon was also a phenomenon that can not be modified orders to commission trade NPC.

● collect referral-type life on rocks posts have been added.

* Gatherers experienced five or more

– Start NPC: Silas, non-Sar Village, Las civil, Gaby De

● knowledge of pure powdered reagents unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● modify the ancient nature of horsepower to the guild raid bosses ‘Ferry de’ scoring chance – Revision of the Geum River and ancient red flames horsepower – you can acquire the force.

● Guild Raid bosses ‘huge mud monster’ aid when modifying a chance to ancient magic of nature – you can acquire Kum.

● being held in Valencia [Special Commission II] The Commission has been changed to force holy [Special Commission III].

– Special Commission II] and it can be performed once a week apart.

– Knife which is in progress peon [Special Commission II] can be performed by selecting only one a week like before.


● Some intermittent sentence and when moving Guild Guild Guild UI icon on the page has been modified by an abnormal phenomenon.

● guilds to declare war button captain, commanding officer has been modified phenomenon, not visible to the class.

● Information Window of my life annuity, positions of Obedience has changed.

● Add button guild phenomenon in the pages of another tab, the guild has been corrected when the connection in the guild information window.

● ‘We lost the entire occupation. “When his citadel destroyed from the base before the message” has been defeated in the former stronghold’ has been modified to.

● The% of the population density figures and adventurer reputation estate information has been deleted.

● exchange the notification list window Help button has been modified to work properly.

● remove the technical name of the horse in the stables in the village of World map, technology icons when mouse-over tooltip has been corrected to appear.

● The text has been changed to the Pearl Button Image button on the product information window shop.

● When the notification registered potential breakthrough potential breakthrough item number is lower than the corresponding item of the same item has been modified, a notification is not registered phenomena.

● The overlapping phenomenon that has been modified round-trip transport to the harbor.

● Left top level display is changed, the experience has been corrected to show up to three decimal places.

● When mouse over the guild at the guild name and guild name Ranking Guild UI has been added to introduce a tooltip to appear.

● Red battlefield battle to reward participation in the description of UI ‘If there is no empty space in your bag, you can not obtain compensation. “The phrase that has been added.


● exchange the item, turn off the notification list of game development has been fixed is added back during reconnection.

● Maid has been modified to be shown in a fixed form when placed in the appropriate location.

● Made furnished with furniture made arrangement when placing a rolled-up position in a residential interior points have been fixed does not count phenomenon.

● If you put an item into the warehouse through a maid weight limit (50LT) This unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● Voice sound of some characters has changed.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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