04/06/2015 Weekly Maintenance (KR)

04/06/2015 Weekly Maintenance (KR)

Jun 03 Tansie  
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Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/notice/read?bbsId=BN001&articleId=400

Good evening.

Thursday, June 4, we will be bringing down the servers for weekly maintenance. The servers will be going down between 7AM and 10AM (UTC+9). During this time connection to the game and online pearl store will not be available.

Please ensure that you log out in a safe location because exiting the server in combat zones may result in you or your mount being attacked.

We strive to provide more reliable service.

Thank you.

 [Update]: 04/06/2015 Translated Patch Notes are now published.

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