03/08/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

03/08/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

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  • Valencia Sieges will be available starting this Sunday!
  • Increased drop rate of Black Stones event has started.
  • Golden Backpack Event has ended.



2T5Sm40.png Tamer

  • Fixed the issue where Heilang would not follow Tamer immediately after dismounting.


  • The number of junk items dropped at Marni’s Laboratory has been adjusted.
  • Shuriken have been renamed as Kunai, and Ninja star have been renamed Shuriken.
  • The following crafting costumes have been added:
    • Please note these costumes can be crafted after acquiring a level 2 Costume Mill House.
      These costumes may be equipped in the same inventory slot as pearl costumes after using a costume exchange coupon.
    • Delphe Knights Costume
      The required Design can be obtained by doing the repeatable quest from the NPC Jeron at Delphe Knights Castle.
      New daily quest added for level 50 or higher players available at Delphe Knights Castle.
    • Garner Traveling Players Costume
      This costume can be crafted after purchasing the design from the NPC Merve in Calpheon City.
    • Edan’s / Owen’s Travel Wear
      This costume can be crafted after stealing a design from Yaz as he sleeps on the 2nd floor of the Valley Lily Inn in Heidel.
    • Jordine’s Casual Wear
      This costume may be crafted after stealing the Craft Permit: Serendian Special Fabric from Caroline, a handmaid NPC in Heidel. Then purchasing the design from Enrico Mancini’s amity shop in Heidel.
    • Jarette’s Armor
      This costume may be crafted by stealing the Craft Permit: Finest Female Casual Clothes from Caroline, a handmaid NPC in Heidel. Then Purchasing the design from Ornella’s amity shop in Heidel.

      Pearl Shop Update

    • XD6fTey.jpg
    • LhtgLlP.jpg



  • Some of repeated housing items no longer give extra points.
  • Guilds may now use Guild Stables without owning a guild house.
  • [Guild Elephant] ‘Lifespan’ stat has been changed to ‘Energy’.
    • A guild can use a Guild Elephant permanently by recovering its Energy at a guild stable.
  • When summoning a Guild Elephant at an Elephant Nursery during node / siege warfare, it will be summoned with full HP and Energy.
  • Guild Elephant’s Energy will decrease when traveling, attacking, and using skills while mounted.
  • Elephants may also have their Health restored in a similar fashion to reviving a horse after it has died at a Guild Stable.
  • Injury rate system has been added for Guild Mounts.
    • Whenever a Guild Mount dies, the ‘Injury Rating’ will increase by 10%
    • When ‘Injury Rating’ reaches 100%, the ability to summon or revive the mount will no longer be available. (Even at the Elephant Nursery)
    • A guild can reset the ‘Injury Rating’ by paying with guild funds, the amount paid will vary depending on the amount of ‘Injury Rating’.



  • The conditions for accepting the following quest sequence has been simplified and the objectives have been changed:
    • World of Enemies
    • For a Sharper Weapon
  • New hunting quests have been added for the Calpheon area.



  • Detail setting for view distance of NPC’s has been added
    • Setting > Graphics Quality > NPC distant view
  • Fixed the issues where some details of the Skill Add-On Buff were not matching their description.
  • Added the “Appearance Changed” icon to the Horse Market section of the Horse Stable interface.
    • If the horse’s appearance has been changed the “Appearance Changed” Icon will be shown in the lower right side of the horse image.
    • Players can now see the original appearance of horses by clicking the “Appearance Changed” icon.


  • Fixed the issue where White Parrot’s name was displayed as ‘Green Parrot’ while changing the appearance with ‘Pet Appearance Change Coupon’.
  • Calpheon Castle Terrain Issue has been fixed.
  • Users that encountered a temporary issue with the Skill Add-On system shortly after being implemented have been issued a Cliff’s Skill Add-On (1 Day) coupon available via their account page.
  • Fixed the issue where Pet Information was not saved and would reset.
  • Fixed the issue where Horseback Combat was available without equipping stirrups.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/106217-patch-notes-august-3rd/ 

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