02/07/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

02/07/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jul 02 Tansie  
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This patch update included a new red battle system and new pets along with 43 additional changes.

For details on this update, refer to the information below.


[Character ]

● Pearl store has changed the look of the characters using facial expressions, smiling.


[Warrior ]

● Battlefield of Sound skill cool-down has been reduced from 20 seconds to 12.

● Battlefield of Sound skill damage has been reduced for PvP only.

● Battlefield of Sound skill now uses the full skill, piercing the cast has been modified shortly before the operation.


[Sorcerer ]

● Night of the Crow skill MP consumption has been reduced from 350 to 250.


[Blader ]

● Rolling animation after gyeokpung skill has been fixed to work correctly.


[Plum ]

● Rolling animation after Beheading skill has been fixed to work correctly.

● The transition between combat stance and non-combat stance is now slightly faster.

● A bug has been fixed with the animation of the basic attack skill.


[Blader & Plum ]

● A bug has been fixed with the Blind Stab I skill which would result in the character chasing the monster.

● A bug has been fixed with the cool-down of the Basic Attack skill.

● After the second hit of the separator technology, the use of pot harvesting techniques have been easily corrected.


[Wizard ]

● The transition between combat stance and non-combat stance is now slightly faster.


[Item ]

● New pets have been added (hawk, cat, puppy)

– Skills: Item pick up, finding powerful monster, etc.

● Wizard and Witch Calpheon Noble Suit and Calpheon Noble Dress costumes have been added.

● Wizard and Witch Calpheon Noble Suit and Calpheon Noble Dress costumes have been added as a costume exchange voucher.

● Dolmen has been added to allow you to obtain a sharp piece of black crystals with a low probability when picking after treatment.

● The items in the shop of the dealer in question is part Geo Lee added, sales prices of some items have been changed.

● Great Whale bones selling price has changed from 300,000 silver to 100,000 silver.

● Character Slot Expansions are no longer available on the Pearl Store.

[Content ]

● Red Battleground system has been added.

– Red battlefield can participate whether ON / OFF via the Black Spirits.

– Red battlefield is no fixed time limit, content to participate in a war at any time.

– Press the button teams battle is being determined, it will immediately participate in the war.

– If the red battlefield occupation of participation before the start of the transition base and red battlefield will automatically shut down.

– Participate in red battlefield acquires the other treatment during tension, replace the seal if you can get a special modification.

* Modify special rewards through tensile exchange is expected to be implemented later.

● After the command post aboard horses and horse skills base citadel of the rushing attack, dipping forelimbs, hind-elect, taking paw river, the river hind kick strike damage has been fixed to be applied to the command post and stronghold citadel.

● The probability of failure has been increased on the Skill change scroll (Pearl Store).

● New titles have been added:

– Valkyrie costume maker

– Valkyrie costume expert

– Plum costume maker

– Plum costume expert

– Wizard costume maker

– Wizard costume expert

– Witch costume maker

– Witch costume expert

● If the fort is unfinished, destroying a command post will not effect status or karma.


[Monster ]

● World bosses larger ZAKA has been changed to re-spawn at the same time on each channel within the server.


[Referral and knowledge ]

● ‘[special request I] secret research (once a day) of the fanatics’ requests to perform the bloody place has changed as elixirs in the monastery.


[UI ]

● Sub-category knowledge (H) UI has been changed to display the knowledge in a circular graph.

● Equipment repairs bag items, the ability to select a warehouse was added.

● A bug has been fixed with the Gamepad input settings window.

● A bug has been fixed where the tooltip of the alchemy stones on the item slot did not appear.

● Skill re-awakening/wake buttons have been combined into one button, reawakening through the appropriate button / awareness has been improved so that you can select.

● A bug has been fixed where the camera did not change back after de-summoning the Black Spirit. 

● A bug has been fixed where the processing window does not close when you check the symptoms do not overlap items in the confirmation window that appears when you enter a continuous process.

● Sound has been added when you open a Trade Information window.

● A bug has been fixed with the Item Market Register window.

● A bug has been fixed where mount information shows differently from the Horse Market mount information. 

● [Repeat All] on the list of ministers, pressing the [full recovery button has been added to enable the feature.


[System ]

● Add acquire combat experience Order, [event] the acquisition of additional orders acquired combat experience additional amount of 10% -> 50% has been changed.

● Premium PC Room combat experience acquired additional amount of 10% -> was changed to 20%.

● combat experience acquired additional amount of 20% of the Value Package -> was changed to 30%.

● premium being added to the challenges connected to the PC room to acquire call (PC room) feet Augsburg, PC room the jackpot acquisition box has been changed.

* Shout to Hidel (PC room) is only available with a premium PC room.

– Week 30 minutes, 1.5 hours, 2.5 hours, 3.5 hours, 4 hours and 30 minutes of calls to Black oil (total of five) obtained

– Week 1 hour (weekdays Step 1 box), 2-3 hours (weekdays Step 2 box), 4-5 hours (weekdays Step 3 boxes)

– Week 30 minutes, 1 hour and 30 minutes, 2.5 hours, 3.5 hours, 4.5 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours and 30 minutes of calls to Black oil (total 7) obtained

– Weekend 1 hour (Step 1 weekend box), 2-3 hours (weekend box Step 2), 4-5 hours (weekend box Step 3), 6-7 hours (weekend box Step 4)


We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

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