01/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Dark Knight

01/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Dark Knight

Mar 01 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

This week we are bringing you the Dark Knight class along with some exciting events to help commemorate the occasion! After spending all week with the Dark Knight Pre-Registration Event (which ended with Maintenance), we look forward to seeing everyone in game. This week’s patch is ~700 MB.




  • The One Year Anniversary Field Boss Event will be held on Mar. 3rd, 2017.

    • Players can fight special event only Field Bosses for a [Event] Field Boss Reward Bundle, find out more details >Here<.

  • Black Desert Online 1 Year Anniversary Thank you Gift

    • To celebrate the 1 year anniversary, a thank-you gift has been sent to all players via in-game mail.  Please check your mail and receive the thank you reward (First Anniversary Cake)

  • One Year Anniversary Pearl Shop Discount Coupons are distributed!
    * Please note these cannot be used for Gifting, Pearl Boxes, and Loyalty items.
    ** The discount coupons will also work on top of already discounted items. For example, if an item is already at 20% off and you apply the 20% coupon on top of this, it will now be 36% off from the default price.

    • Loyal Players Discount

      • All current players will receive a 20% discount coupon that can be used in most categories of the Pearl Shop.

      • The coupon will be delivered during the maintenance on 3/1/2017 via the in-game mail.

      • The coupon can be used until the day of 3/12/2017 and will expire after this date.

  • Dark Knight Seal event has begun.

    • Duration: Starts Mar. 1st, and ends with maintenance on Mar. 29th, 2017.

    • Details: Dark Knight Seals can be obtained from hunting monsters, gathering, and fishing.

    • Trade 15 seals for 1 Black Stone (Weapon) or trade 10 seals for 1 Black Stone (Armor).

    • Dark Knight Seals will be removed from player’s inventories during the maintenance on Apr. 5th, 2017.

  • New and Returning Users Attendance Rewards have been changed and the duration has been extended. Read more >Here<.

  • Margoria Screenshot Event Winners’ Screenshots applied to in-game
    – Four winners’ screenshots have been applied in-game. Check out the details of the images >Here<.

  • Dark Knight Pre-Registration Event has ended with maintenance.

  • Valentine Day Event Items have been removed.


  • A new class, Dark Knight, has been added.

    • A fearsome knight representing the Vedir tribe of Kamasylvia. Her use of the nature’s force, deeply rooted in dark magic, is rather destructive. The Dark Knight uses Kriegsmesser as a main weapon and Ornamental Knot as a secondary weapon. Her weighted blows are seamlessly connected through dark magic.


  • It has been adjusted so that when monsters are hit with the Heilang: Roaring Skill’s explosion, the monsters will not be blasted as far away.


  • Ninjas can now roll from the backpacking crouch stance while carrying trade items.


  • Kunoichis can now roll from the backpacking crouch stance while carrying trade items. (While having equipped a backpack due to carrying trade items, rolling while squatting wasn’t possible. This issue has been fixed in order to enable rolling.)

ZQChgri.pngDark Knight

  • Dark Knight has arrived.

  • The default portrait of Dark Knight has been added to the [Change Character] window.



  • Kaia Kriegsmesser has been added.

    • You can rent the weapon from NPC Kanobas in Calpheon once the Dark Knight reaches Lv. 45.

    • You need 50 contribution points to rent it, and you will get the points back upon returning the item.

  • Dark Knight added to the list of characters that can use the +15 Main Weapon, Awakened Weapon Support chest (short-term).

    • However, the awakened weapon support chest cannot be opened by the Dark Knight character at the moment. It will be updated in the future when her awakening arrives.

Pearl Shop Update 




  • Dark Knight Level Up Missions have been added.

    • Duration: Mar. 1st through Mar. 29th

      • Dark Knight Has Reached Lv. 15!! Reward: 10G Ingot

      • Dark Knight Has Reached Lv. 25!! Reward: 20G Ingot, 10 [Event] Cold Draft Beers

      • Dark Knight Has Reached Lv. 35!! Reward: 30G Ingot, 5 Black Stones (Weapon), 5 Black Stones (Armor), 10 [Event] Cold Dark Beers

      • Dark Knight Has Reached Lv. 45!! Reward: 10 [Event] Elion’s Tears,  3 Hard Black Crystal Shards, 3 Sharp Black Crystal Shards

      • Dark Knight Has Reached Lv. 55!! Reward: 100G Ingot, [Event] Cliff’s Skill Add-On Guide (1 Day), 2 [Event] Lauren Family Gift Boxes



  • The Coupon Book button has been added to the Pearl Shop.

  • Some item icons which appeared in the crafting interface were different than the actual item icons. This has been fixed on the following items:

    • Silver Azalea

    • High-Quality Carrot Juice

    • Special Carrot Juice




  • Attendance Reward Client Crashing Issue Fixed

    • Even when New and Returning users try to claim the attendance rewards past midnight, the game client will not crash.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/133459-patch-notes-march-1st-2017/


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