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Family-Shared Inventory Guide

IntroductionFamily-Shared Inventory is a new tab available in your character’s inventory once you have completed a family questline that requires level 60+. The family-shared Inventory is called the “Family Inventory” and any item you put in there can be accessed […]

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Global Lab Updates – 12th November 2020

Global Lab Changes this week! Hadum Server – Naga Grindspot added Serendia's swamp naga habitat has been encroached by Hadum. Fogans, angered by the Naga's attack, also organized a raid and invaded the Naga territory. Huge and powerful 'swamp naga [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 29th October 2020

Global Lab Changes this week! Blackstar Awakening Weapons The blackstar awakening weapon production quest has been added. Unlike the previous Black Star Equipment quest, the Black Star Awakening Weapon Production quest does not explore the star tomb with archaeologist Marta [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 15th October 2020

Global Lab Changes this week! Horse Racing Rework With the support of the Old Moon Guild, Gula, the head of the Stonetail Horse Riding Association, introduced a new stallion. The new horse, called Gorga Brisa, has a completely different abilities [...] Read more

Global Lab Updates – 21st August 2020

Global Lab Changes this week Pit of Undying Changes As the number of guests to watch the thrilling duel in the pit of undying is increasing day by day, the original Crow Patrigio began to provide more and more Crow's [...] Read more

FS Storage, Season Boss Scrolls, and New Grind Spot

Global Lab Changes this week:Main Quest changesMain quests have been seperated from all other quests so you can find them easierA “main quest” menu has been added when speaking to NPCs and when talking to your black spiritYou can use […]

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