Shadow Arena: Battle Royale

Shadow Arena: Battle Royale

Mar 12 BDFoundry  
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Shadow Arena has been closed!

More information here:


The Shadow Arena is a Battle Royale game mode where up to 50 players (minimum is 40), play against each other to be the last survivor. The game mode can only be accessed during certain times:

[EU] Shadow Arena times
Monday – Thursday (9 hrs.)15:00 UTC – 24:00 UTC
16:00 CET – 01:00 CET
Friday – Sunday (14 hrs.)10:00 UTC – 24:00 UTC
11:00 CET – 01:00 CET

[NA] Shadow Arena times
Monday – Thursday (9 hrs.)24:00 UTC – 09:00 UTC
16:00 PST – 01:00 PST
19:00 EST – 04:00 EST
Friday – Sunday (14 hrs.)17:00 UTC – 07:00 UTC
09:00 PST – 23:00 PST
12:00 EST – 02:00 EST

To enter the Shadow Arena, press ESC then click the Shadow Arena icon at the top of the menu. Anyone can join the arena, as long as your character has completed the game tutorial.

Once you’ve entered the lobby, you can choose in the bottom right, whether to play as a team of up to 3, or play alone. There is also a Private Room option for special events and a practise mode.

In the top left, you can also see your stats.

Basic Gameplay

When the match begins, each player will start as a Black Spirit and will randomly fly through the air until you land in your starting position. You can only fly around as a Black Spirit as use the spacebar to move over the terrain quickly.

As you move around, you will see various classes to choose from. Pick any class you want to use. You must pick a class because your HP will begin to decrease while you are a Black Spirit, but once you pick a class you cannot change to another.

Once you’ve picked a class, you will start off with a basic weapon and basic auto attack skills. You now need to start collecting gear and skills to use. Kill monsters around you and look out for chests.

When you obtain a skill book, the skills will automatically be learned and will show up on the right in your quickslot menu. Skills can be used with the 1-9 keys or by using their combos (e.g. S + F).

If you pick up gear which is better than your current equipment, you can press G to automatically equip it. You can also view your inventory by pressing I and can throw away items by clicking them with Shift + LMB. Your team members can pick up any items you discard.

All consumable items (HP potions, Fire Bombs, Flashbangs, Elixir of Swiftness, Stun Traps) are automatically assigned to your Z, X, C, V and B buttons when you pick them up.

In the top left, you will see the amount of survivors left in the Shadow Arena. If you kill another player, you will obtain all the items dropped by them.

As the game goes on, a dark fog will slowly surround the arena and you must stay within the battlefield. If you go into the dark fog, Black Spirits will appear which deal fatal damage to you. You can press M at any time to view the map and see where the fog is. Make sure you stay within the blue circle on the map.

Ranking and Rewards

If you come between 1st and 5th place you will recieve points towards your ranking score. This score is shown

  • 1st place: 1,000 points
  • 2nd place: 200 points
  • 3rd place: 100 points
  • 4th place: 50 points
  • 5th place: 25 points

If you survive more than 5 minutes, you will gain a Survival Score which is proportionate to the amount of your survival time.

You will also gain 10 points per kill while in the Shadow Arena.

Rewards bason on season ranks are awarded after the season ends. You can view your ranking through the Shadow Arena menu and can also view the top 100 solo and party rankings here.

In addition to your ranking scores, after each game you can earn some rewards. If you collect gear whilst in the arena, the gear is exchanged for silver depending on it’s gear grade. For example, if I collected a Red Nose Armor piece, I will receive 400,000 silver after the match.

Gear GradeSilver Value
Yellow400,000 Silver
Blue80,000 Silver
Green30,000 Silver
White10,000 Silver

You will also receive Black Rocks depending on the rank position you came in during the match. These Black Rocks can be used to obtain Black Stones and Memory Fragments.

If you have a Blessing of Kamasylve buff active you will also receive extra rewards.

RankRewardsKamaslyve Rewards
WinnerResplendent Black RockKamasylve Chest
2nd – 10thRadiant Black Rock Kamasylve Chest
11th – 20thSturdy Black Rock Kamasylve Chest
21st-30thFaint Black Rock Kamasylve Chest
31st – 40thRough Black Rock Kamasylve Chest

All rewards are must be collected from your Black Spirit’s Safe

Tips and Tricks

  • Choose a class that you are comfortable with or take some time to experiement with classes.
  • Avoid fights at the beginning and instead make sure you farm monsters to get gear and other loot.
  • Black towers spawn on the map and in these areas you will find more classes to choose from as well as monsters spawning. These areas can bee a good place to start but you need to be careful because most players will head in this direction at the beginning.
  • Chests are more likely to drop skill books and consumables, while monsters are more likely to drop equipment.
  • Monsters become stronger as time goes on and will start to drop rare equipment. Bosses will also spawn and have a higher chance of yellow-grade gear.

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