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NPC Quests

Black Spirit Quests

Guild Quests

NPC Quests


These are the quest icons that will appear above an NPCs head. The yellow icon means the NPC has a quest for you, the blue icon means that a quest is in progression, the red icon means the quest is completed and you can hand it in at the NPC, and the green icon means that the NPC has a life skill quest for you. 

By default, not all quests will show up, only important quests such as story line quests and black spirit quests will be avialble. You must turn on other quests such as life skill quests, by pressing [O] to open your quest log, then click all of the quest type buttons at the bottom, making sure they are highlighted.

To accept a quest go up to the NPC and press “R”, click “Quests” then the name of the quest and click “Accept”.

To view your current quests, press “O”. Here you can abandon quests (flag/2nd icon), use the pathfinder to locate the quest area (arrow/3rd icon), and use the walk button (person/4th icon) to automatically run to the quest area.

Once you have accepted a quest, the quest will show up on your map by flickering blue. Quest areas also show up on your mini-map as a yellow circle and quest monsters will have “Quest Target” above their head and will flicker blue



NPC quests generally follow the same 4 objectives:

  1. Kill quests – These quests require you to kill a certain amount of monsters in the area(s) marked on the map, the number is usually at least 10 and can go as high as 50. These quests may also require you to kill 3 or 4 different classes of the same monsters, such as warriors, mages and soldiers. These quests may also require you to kill monsters for a certain “item drop”. You don’t have to loot to obtain the item needed to complete the quest, and the item does not appear in your inventory or take up any space in your inventory.
  2. Knowledge quests – These quests require you to keep killing the monster until you gain “knowledge” of them. This can take a very long time to complete.
  3. Collection quests – These quests involve going to an area on the map and collecting an item. These quests can be quite unique and have different requirements. Some examples include collecting wild herbs in a field, using a fruit basket to collect a tamed raccoon or moving a trade pack.
  4. Escort quests – These quests are quite rare and involve escorting an NPC to another area, whilst battling monsters and keeping them safe. These quests are quite simple and easy to complete.

Black Spirit Quests

Black Spirit quests are available every time you level up. There are currently over 150 Black Spirit quests. To summon your Black Spirit, press the “,” key. You can also open the menu by pressing “Esc” then clicking on the Black Spirit, or you can click the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

When the Black Spirit has a quest for you, the icon in the bottom-right corner will glow and you will get a notice in the middle of your screen as well as an audio message.

Black Spirit quests generally follow the same 3 objectives:

  1. Kill quests – These are just the same as the NPC kill quests and require you to kill a certain amount of monsters in the area(s) marked on the map.
  2. Discover quests – These quests involve talking to an undiscovered NPC on the map. These undiscovered areas/NPCs usually have quests for you to complete.
  3. Boss quests – These quests usually have “[CO-OP]” at the start of the name. The Black Spirit will give you a scroll in your inventory, to summon the boss, go to the area marked on the map and right-click the scroll in your inventory. Although it does recommend you to have a party, you can kill the monsters without help, just make sure you have HP pots and be careful to dodge attacks.

Guild Quests

Guild quests are quests that the Guild Master selects from the Guild Missions Menu to give to guild members. These quests will show up on the guild menu which you can open by pressing “G”.

The guild menu will give a description of the quest objective, the amount of time you have to complete the quest and the gold reward. The time is shown in red text and reward is shown in yellow text. Gold rewards go directly to the guild bank once completed.

Other rewards the guild will earn from guild quests include guild points and guild boss scorlls. Guild points are required to upgrade the size of the guild or guild skills, while guild boss scrolls can be summoned and defeated for rare loot.

There are 5 types of guild quests:

  1. Kill quests
  2. Gathering (and Fishing) quests
  3. Crafting quests
  4. Trading quests
  5. Boss scroll quests
For more information on guild quests, check out our guilds guide.

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