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Mar 12 Tansie  
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Item Market Locations

How to register items on the market

How to buy items on the market

How the Pre-Order System works

Item Market Locations

You can view the Item Market from any location by opening your map and clicking the yellow bag icon next to the town/city icon. This icon will only show up next to towns/cities that have an Item Market. 2015-05-11_11618856[386_-9_-292] Even though you can view the market from anywhere, you will need to go to the Item Market NPC to register or buy items from the market. Below is a list showing the location of Item Market NPCs in the main towns and cities.

Velia Town

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Hidel City

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Calpheon City

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How to register items on the market

To register an item on the market you will need to go to the Item Market NPC and press “R”, then click “Item Registration” at the bottom of the screen. This will open a window of all the items you have listed on the market. Here you can cancel an item you have listed by clicking “Cancel Registration”. You can only cancel items from the same place that you listed them. Once you have sold an item you can also receive the payment by clicking “Sale Receipt”. You can choose whether you would like the money to be sent to your inventory, or your warehouse, by ticking one of the options in the bottom left of the window. To register a new item on the market, press “Register” in the top right corner of the window. 2015-05-09_1511895[-2565_-26_-316] After clicking the register button, another window will appear along with your inventory. Select an item from your inventory that you would like to put on the Item Market then enter the price per unit and click the confirm button. You can only put items on the market between certain prices. For example, in the screenshot below I can only put this item on sale between 146,534 silver and 144,999 silver. Once you have finished setting a price click “Register” to confirm. 2015-05-09_1665444[-2565_-26_-316] You can also register items by going to the Warehouse and clicking “Register Exchange”. This will only work for towns/cities that have both a Warehouse and an Item Market. Untitled

How to buy items on the market

To buy an item on the market you will need to go to an Item Market NPC and press “R” to talk to them. A window will pop-up showing the market and all the items for sale. The bar across the top are the different categories of items.From left to right, these are: Sundries, Ore & Jewelry, Plants, Seeds & Fruits, Leather, Seafood, Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Blackstone, Crystal, Potion & Elixir, Food, Pearl Item, Housing and Mount & Pets. Also, some items on the market may show as grayed out. These items are not currently on the market but have been on the market in the past. 2015-05-09_1561350[-2565_-26_-316] To purchase an item from the market, click the item you would like to buy to show all the prices for that item. Once you have found an item for a good price per unit, click purchase to open up the purchase window. Here you can enter how many of the available product, you would like to buy. Underneath it will show the total price that this will cost. For example: in the screenshot below I can buy a maximum of 480 Silver Azalea, but I would like to purchase 20. In total this will cost 9,600 silver. Enter the numbers shown in the image and click “Buy” to confirm. The items you purchased will now be in your inventory. You can also select whether you would like the silver to come out of your inventory funds, or your warehouse funds, by ticking one of the boxes in the bottom left of the window. 2015-05-09_1597182[-2565_-26_-316]

How the Pre-Order System works

The pre-order system is used if you want to buy an item without the item being on the auction house yet. It is very useful if you would like to purchase items that are  usually bought straight away. When an item is listed, there is a chance it can be sold through pre-order, or it may go onto the auction house listing as usual. You can set the desired silver amount you want to pay, and if your bid is the highest you will automatically be sent the item when it comes on sale. – You can register a pre-order through the Auction House NPC. Click on the picture to view original size. – To register an item, the item must not currently be on sale. This is indicted by the item being grayed out. Click on the picture to view original size. – You must then enter how much silver you would like to bid for the item, this silver will act as a deposit and will be removed from your inventory/warehouse. – To bid on the item, you must bid higher than the item’s upper limit market price. – Item Purchase Reservation can only be placed on an specific item once per family. You can also select how many you would like to purchase, up to a certain amount depending on the item. Click on the picture to view original size. – The player who bids the highest amount will automatically be sold the item  when it is registered on the auction house. – If the highest bid is the same amount as another player, the first character to register the bid will receive the item. – If you win the bid, the item will then be sent to you by mail. – If you have bid on an item and another player gets the item due to placing a higher bid, you will receive a message but your bid will still be in place until cancelled or bought. – The player selling the item will be given an additional bonus amount based on the upper limit market price of the item. Auction House tax fees still apply. – You can view a list of all items you have bid on by clicking the  ‘Pre-Order’ button at an Auction House NPC. – Cancelling bids are only available through the Auction House NPC. Click on the picture to view original size.

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