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Guild Info

Guild Name
Onslaught Regiment
Leader Name
Level, PvE raid end-content, PvP Node Wars
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
18+, TS3 for guild events
Onslaught is a hard-core PvX raiding guild on the NA server, utilizing an evolving military structure to expedite leveling and completion of content. Our guild events will start promptly, be short, and effective, so we don’t waste anyone’s time. TS3 will be required for guild events. We are accepting all players 18. At level cap, players can opt-in to hard-core raid teams for both PvE and PvP (Node Wars) or remain on Reserve (Casual) status. These team elections are known as tours and can be changed every 2 weeks. Players who opt-in to specialized teams will be expected to follow through with the obligations therein. We will be utilizing the game’s contract system to allow players to join teams. Players who opt-out will not receive contract bonuses but will remain in good standing. When we’re not involved in Node Wars or PvE, we will be picking fights with other guilds to sharpen our skills. The game has a unique system of war declaration among guilds, which suspends karma penalties for PvP combat vs enemy guilds. Plan on getting your hand dirty destroying every corner of this game. I spent 2 months in the Russian Open Beta and have solid knowledge on game mechanics, and know best how to maximize our leveling and preparation for end content.