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Our main goal in BDO will be to dominate our rivals and have fun while doing so! We are gonna cover both PvP and PvE aspects of the game. In Guild Hodor we will have on a daily basis: Guild Wars / Small scale PvP / Sieging / Node Wars events and everything else that this game has to offer.
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
You must be 18 years old with mature behaviour (Drama queens are not tolerated in our guild). Be respectful towards the guild members and all players (The way a person behaves always reflects on his guild's image). TS3 is mandatory for Guild events.
Formed in the early days of “The Elder Scrolls Online” ,Hodor is an English speaking PvX, multi-gaming guild with players from all around the world. We are a tight-knit community of experienced and mature mmo gamers. We have both the talent and ambition to be on the top, and we always strive to achieve the absolute maximum in every game that we play. Our guild holds several world records in Elder Scrolls Online: • World 1st speed clear of Sanctum Ophidia, • World 2nd clear of Sanctum Ophidia Hard Mode, • World 1st clear of Veteran Dragonstar Arena, • World best times in all Trials pre-patch 1.6   We are looking for capable and mature players, who are willing to work towards a strong and cohesive guild. Our recruitment requirements are simple: • First and foremost, we recruit the Person not the Character. We need good and capable people, not only a character who meets a specific set of requirements. • If you want to be part of our guild, you must be with the mindset: GUILD FIRST • Be 18 y.o.+ and with mature behaviour(drama queens are not tolerated in our guild). • During guild events being on TS3(TeamSpeak3)is mandatory. • Be respectful towards your guild members and all other players. Every action you take always reflects back on the guild’s image. Contact info: • Website: http://hodor-ep.guildlaunch.com/ • Teamspeak Address: hodor-eso.teamspeak.de • Contacts: xMovingTarget , D3usEX (Enclaver)