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I know everyone wants their Guild to be the best. I don't want that for Eclipse because we are not the only Guild out there.. I do, however, want Eclipse to be one of many fantastic guilds that will be coming to NA BDO so we can be one of the best. My goal is to always keep the game fun and entertaining for my guildies but also to be respectful with other guilds as well! I truly want to present Eclipse as a welcoming Guild for players of any type, kind, and playstyle. Whether you are a solo or the life of the party, everyone who plays BDO will have the backing of Eclipse, and that mentality will help Eclipse to be one the best.
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
1. Be Active while in Eclipse. 2. For the first month of release anyone can join, after the first month level 40+ only. This is to ensure our guild members are committed to the game as much as me and many other members. 3. Interact with other guildies! Whether you use type chat or use Discord (preferred) we want everyone to be good friends with each other. After all we are all family. 4. Have fun with whatever you do! We don't force you to do stuff that you don't want to do but for those who want to grow and develop in the guild, commitment is a good place to start.
Eclipse is a guild that I wish to cater to the different types of gamers in NA. Whether you are a hardcore PvPer, a PvE Dungeon-delver, a story-telling RPer, or even an adventurer exploring something new everyday, Eclipse will always have a special spot for you and many others. Eclipse will strive to have big events and activities for our guild members and other guilds as well! For those who are ambitious and have goals of being a leader in some way, fear not! We want to see our members thinking outside the box so speak up and share your thoughts! It is a good way to get promoted within the guild for doing what you love to do! Since I am also a full-time employee, I plan on making Eclipse a Guild that is most active between 5pm-12am EST, but if we get alot of morning people we can work out a way to keep Eclipse active 24/7! If you are interested, please leave a comment below! I look forward to enjoying this wonderful game with you and I hope you find this to be your future family and home on BDO.