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Leader Name
Expand for NA. Gather members. Level up. Help new people.
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
Only requirement is you speak english. All time zones accepted! TS is liked.
Forsaken is a new guild currently made up of a close knit group of friends playing on Channel: Valencia-4/[Валенсия-4] . Who are now looking to expand the guild in preparation of the western release. We have experienced players who are willing to help new players settle into the game We are currently focusing mainly on expanding and helping new players level at the moment. With heavy interest in owning a castle in the future and being a dominate guild on our channel for western version (and possibly RU while we are waiting). Accepting all regularly playing English speaking members from all time zones at this time​ (most of us gamers have bad sleep patterns so why discriminate against diff time zones? haha). Feel free to drop into our TS and have a chat with us to see if we are right for you 🙂 Add Althorr to friends to message me ingame Or join us on forsaken.guildts.com​