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Guild Name
Leader Name
GVG and Siege
Level Requirement
Open at launch, but will need all to level at a good pace
Additional Requirements
Absolutely must be in teamspeak when in game, be understanding this is the, "bad guy" clan so accept that or don't ask to join. Must be extremely active. This is a quality over quantity clan
INCOGNITO (NA based pvp focused clan) INCOGNITO ~ HARDCORE MEDIUM SIZE CLAN youtube.com/watch?v=oYjXI6YncEo (Harlem Shake) youtube.com/watch?v=5iPW7r0TdEA (Strategy) youtube.com/watch?v=X9AsLpgYC-k (Wager duels) youtube.com/watch?v=yUxf1uW8krA (A day in incog) youtube.com/watch?v=GAPxdxyGG_o (Black Desert Sneak Peak) Focus: PvP/Siege Heavy/Huge in GVG North American (EST)Server: Timezone: Most of our group is US based Note: Must be EXTREMELY active and MUST be in our comm’s when in game Incognito is an established PVP focused clan. We do understand the importance in pve to advance and we will have our pve core so don’t be afraid to apply or message to chat. In the past Incognito has been a top notch clan in games like Tera, Earthrise, Darkfall and Lineage 2 (during GOD). Our main goal at this point is to focus on sieges and take over the world as we started in Darkfall back in our day. Overall control of a section of the map is our plan and demand. While members in the clan are often top pvpers, we are more interested in players that are willing to listen in a controlled environment. Anyone interested in this clan should watch the strategy video up top to understand what is meant be controlled pvp with the ability to listen. We’ll take players that can do that any day over a single uber player. Some of our players have been playing Korea, so we do have in game knowledge and will help people get their bearings in the beginning. If this is the type of clan that interests you, message me and I’ll give you more information about us. While we will have numbers in this game, we refuse to be the mindless zerg just spamming numbers. We refuse to lose GVG’s because of people that can’t work together so we will grow as a strong core of non niche members. In closing, it’s important to know a few things about this clan. We do tend to be the bad guys of the server, many clans will see this thread and instantly bash us because of the pk mindset. That is our identity, the server bad guys and we like to win alone hence the motto, “You are either with us or against us.” That said, most bad guy clans are dominated but young ragey kids, that’s where we differ. We have fun and we cut up, but we are not ragey kids, we respect each other in comms and kick poisons as soon as we notice them. So, if you like the bad guy mentality, but are a good guy in life, this could be a good place for you. Feel free to message with questions and if it works out we’ll forward you our logo. Good Day, Sir Balin Refugee of SWG, Darkfall, Lineage 2, Tera, AA, Earthrise, RF Online