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Life Skills, with some support for PvE content, assisting new players and chilling out.
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements

is a brand new life skills guild looking for new members for engaging with content, finishing missions and milling around on Balenos 5. Heck, feel free to join if for no other reason than you want to finish that pesky requirement for Adventure Log Book 6. Don’t feel like chatting? No problem! You can be as active or as quiet as you like. You do you!

Guild Skill focus (as of now):
  • Nimble Fingers: Gathering
  • Art of Fishing
  • Scholarly Ambition: Chance to gain knowledge


  • Furious Roar: Accuracy
  • Battle Roar: AP
  • Flame of Life: HP
  • Keen Insight: Evasion

We’ll also be adding more guild member slots as capacity dictates.

Interested in joining? Whisper Beaver in-game on for an invite! I am online quite a bit and will try to get back to ASAP. Just note that I might be AFK at the time and we’ll have to be on the same server to sign you up. I hope to see you guys in-game soon!