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Guild Name
Leader Name
Samantha (Samantha_jane, Solei_Ortus)
Current Goals - Gain more active players, if you see someone not in a guild feel free to invite them to ours. - Help players gear up to a renown score of 350 and above. - We intend to do more World bosses. - We would like to do Guild mission at least 4 times a week. - We are looking to increase members salaries. So be active and you can benefit. Long term goals - T1 node wars. - Guild house. - Higher guild pay (in the hundred thousands at least). - 420+ gear score.(edited)
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
LGBT friendly, no homophobia or transphobia tolerated
:blue_heart: Guild Rules :blue_heart: Server rules still Apply – No homophobia transphobia or bigotry. – Feel free to use the rest of the server, though tbh the server rules could use a touch up. – This is intended to be a supportive community, please don’t deride people for not knowing the game or messing up, that’s just part of learning. :blue_heart: Full Guild Description :blue_heart: LGBT friendly guild looking for people to build a supportive community to succeed in BDO. – Help Available: Feel free to ask for help. We encourage our members to work together and help each other progress through the game. We can help with leveling up, Gear progression and understanding the game in general. – Community: We wish to grow an active community and need your help. So don’t feel too shy to talk to us. PvE: We encourage grinding in groups to maximise exp. It is also much safer to be in a group as there are rogue players that will murder you for fun especially if your near a grind area. – PvP soon: We intend to expand the guild to include PvP gameplay such as node wars But for now we are doing character progression and PvE. – Ships: We have a ship. We have an epheria sailing boat and another under construction. If you are interested in building a guild ship so are we so make some noise. – Bosses: We like to participate in World Bosses. We can help you gear up so this can be a regular thing. We also do field bosses and scrolls together. – Voice channels: are available for better cooperative play. You can use voice text channel if you do not have or wish to not speak but listen.