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Edge of Sanity
Leader Name
We want to build a nice community of players in a helpful and supportive atmosphere. Our main goal is to build the guild up on a strong foundation of laughter, banter and friendship up to the guild wars stage. We also want to help out new players and grow together as a community <3
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
Discord is a must, because our rules are up there and it also helps build strong bonds between members. 18+ is our second requirement. Thirdly, we expect a certain amount of activity from our members. The activity requirement isn't hardcore, we accept casual players with no problems. BUT, members must meet their 10 000 activity before the end of their contract. Don't panic though! This can be done through casual game play like leveling, gaining life skill exp, grinding mobs and participating in the guild missions that we do everyday.
We’re a new guild looking for new/old players that are fun loving and looking to be a part of a community. We thrive on banter in voice chat and everyone is willing to help out or give advice when it’s asked for. We’re looking to grow together and explore the depths of Black Desert Online from the deep sea’s, to the highest mountain peaks and all the way back to even the lowliest bunnies. Our desire is to build a tight knit community to a stage where we can start participating in node wars. We have a long journey ahead of us but getting there is always half the fun! For those of you who shy away from the hardcore guilds and their high gear requirements to those of you who just want a good laugh… Edge of Sanity is the place to be! We have cookies but only the truly insane can tell you what they taste like.