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Must join discord and be somewhat active.
Welcome to the Oversea Company. We have a few ground rules to keep business running smoothly. Rule #1: Share all profit techniques amongst guild members. Rule #2: Do not share these techniques to people outside the guild. If it’s unknown it stands to bolster our profits so the market dousnt flood. Rule #3: Be respectful to each other. If you have a dispute take it to PM’s. If the content of the PM’s violates any rules it will be deAlt with providing you show proof. Rule #4: You must be 18 years or older to join. If you join and are found to be under this age you will be removed immediately. NO exceptions. Rule #5: Do NOT poach from other guilds. If you are found doing this you and the person you poached will be removed immediately. NO exceptions. Rule #6: Do NOT harrass other guilds. It harms our public image and stunts potential growth. You will be given a warning if you are found doing this. Rule #7: No racism whatsoever. If your are found doing this you will be immediately removed. NO exceptions. Rule #8: Your discord name must reflect your family name. Rule #9: We request that your main color be shadow mint. You can use any secondary and tertiary color you wish.  Our home server is Velia_2 .  we would like to impart the guilds motto. “Buy low. Sell high. Don’t by what you can make”