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aiming to own castles and take leading spots on server ranks.
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements

What we are looking for?

We are looking for more players to be one of the top PVP guilds, aiming to own castles and take leading spots on server ranks.

Even though we aim at the top, we have a laid back attitude to life – hate and drama has no place here. We also want to create a collaborating team that help each other, where noone is treated as better than another – after all, it’s a team based game.


About us

Our core players came from the Korean version of the game.

They all have deep knowledge about the game and are happy to help out members that are new to the game.

I have been playing the Korean version since the beginning of OBT which was last December.

From that point on I have been in various guilds such as Onggi and Gatekeeper – keeping up with the Korean players in gear and pvp achievements. After my 2 western guilds I’ve joined one of the top korean guilds and competed against the other top 10 guilds for castles and guild wars.

I have been constantly keeping up to date with information shared through Inven (korean information website) and the official websites, so I’m able to provide all the important information that can be very useful for our version of the game.


What do we provide

We will help our members to learn their classes and advise on what equipment they should be using.

After months of experience we have deep knowledge on the content which we will be getting in our version and we are able to help our members snowball through the game.


Achievements as a guild

Our guild was formed on the EU alpha server where we were on the top of the ranks both in gear as well as levels.

We are looking forward to CBT1 to show our strength and secure a spot among the best guilds in EU.


How to contact us

If you are interested in joining the Guild you can either message me here on the official forums as merevin or add me on Steam Xtuzes. We are currently using discord as a voip.