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Guild Info

Guild Name
Leader Name
- Weekly Guild Missions - Wars if needed - We plan to grow to one of the biggest - Intend to be the longest lasting
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
- Be Active - Stay Active - Help everyone and be a productive member of the community.

[PVX] TheDabzHouse (TDH)

We are a casual guild looking for players that are active and ready to help us grow as a team. We are aiming to be one of the longest lasting and largest guilds in the game. Once you join our family you will finally feel at home. We make sure all players in our guild are taken care of. If you ever need help we have your back.


  • Be Active
  • Stay Active
  • Be ready to help us grow
  • Cooperation
  • No Children Please
We have really simple requirements so if you’re concerned about anything feel free to contact us. We also highly recommend that you join our discord: https://discord.gg/0OtKo9Dvtv2LuGKT

Things We Offer

  • Active Players to Learn With
  • All Accuracy +3
  • All AP +3
  • Max HP +20
  • Damage Reduction +2
  • Fishing Level +1
We have many plans for the future as our guild grows. Events, giveaways, and so on. We have a YouTube channel we will be uploading to, and we will have guild related things there. As well as an Instagram account (@thedabzhouse). We also will be doing guild quests on Fridays. We will notify in the guild chat to prepare everyone!   (Hopefully bdf fixes their image uploads for the guild icons soon. :\ )