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Guild Name
Championes pvp/pve
Leader Name
Become a special forces type who hunt gods.
Level Requirement
56+ 170ap/240dp
Additional Requirements
Must be in discord chat no need to talk but must be in voice.
WE ARE GOD SLAYERS! Technicality speaking We do guild seamonster hunts!!! We use discord bants, communication, and guild event planning. We do attempt to be diplomatic at times, well most the time as we have lower gear members. Unless we just want to to screw you up. Requiements are you must be in discord. If no mic not a problem but must be in voice chat. weekly guild missions mediocre if you can’t make it just let us know. Very reasonable people here. We like to pvp. But mostly all are welcome life skillers etc. Recruitment officer: Mommakoala. Contact anytime. Officer’s: Venombe, Typholo, Everflury