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Calmalann, Rhotan or Rhogun
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Obsidian_Dragon is a group of like-minded individuals spread around the globe, founded in 2001, and active in a number of Online MMO’s, and, we are currently recruiting for our PVX Black Desert Online Division. This clan is a family friendly environment, open to all and has lots to offer with the novice or skilled player, super friendly, helpful and group where “Everyone” has a say in day to day operations, and everyone matters. We have weekly Guild Boss Scrolls, weekly Guild Meetings, daily Guild Missions, and much more…, we also use Discord for a more relaxed and friendly experience. Node wars is on the radar and we are almost at that stage with our numbers to start to give it a serious consideration. So if you’re a Fisher, Cook, or Combat is your thing, give us a whisper…Check out our newly updated community website at: We are a great group of people and if this is the kind of playing environment you desire you have come to the right place. Mergers are also welcomed from smaller groups. Our currently maxed Guild Skills are the following: Gathering – +3, Fishing – +3, Accuracy – +5, AP – +3, Max HP – +2, Damage Reduction – +4, Siege Weapon Damage Resistance – +1, 2 guild galleys and 2 guild elephants. Thanks for your interest!! OD-Tink Please contact any of the below for an invite: Division Lead: Calmalann, Character: Rhotan, Rhogun Division Talon: Family_Name: Aethandor, Character: Rhuarc Division Officer: Family_Name: Aesthete, Character: Mariigold, Turquoisa Division Officer: Family_Name: DocGrizzly, Character: Doc_Pakuna Division Officer: Family_Name: Draconisian, Character: Sabrina_Godwell or Aimee_llana Division Officer: Family_Name: Elvenrune, Character: Chaint Division Officer: Family_Name: Gwenador, Character: Sampia Division Officer: Family_Name: Kourjan, Character: Jhovena Division Officer: Family_Name: MsGrizzly, Character: Flyinghawk Division Officer: Family_Name: Pixie_Hollow, Character: Bricia, Nimta or Emmelina