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Doing our best while still having fun.
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
Ability to listen (speaking not required) on Teamspeak. Minimum 30 hours weekly.
About Eternal Eternal is a guild established in December of 2014. Eternal is a guild that focuses on a tight-knit community, the main focus of this organization is to provide our members with the tools and oppurtunities they deserve to get maximum enjoyment from the game. We are a community which plans to fully invest ourselves in all facets of the game, be it PvE endgame raids, advanced and organized PvP. Eternals primary focus will be driven and progressive success in the realms of PvE Progression raiding and PvP Domination. We seek to be a server first contender in raiding and give our membership the tools necessary to achieve maximum results. Recruitment Are you interested in Eternal? If you think Eternal is the right guild for you, here is some of our requirements. Joining: – TS3 is our choice for voice-communication. It is not required, but is highly recommended! – Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, PvP and other activities. Joining Eternal is very simple. Visit our Website and join! Events As we know from experience, after playing any type of game for an extended period of time, the feeling of boredness get a hold. That’s why Eternal is committed to shaking things up on a weekly basis with new and fresh guild events! After all, we are here to have fun! Links: Eternal Website: www.eternalguild.de TeamSpeak: