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Guild Name
Leader Name
Sieges and Node Wars
Level Requirement
Additional Requirements
Must be able to participate in Sieges/Node Wars. TeamSpeak Required
is a PvP guild from all over the world. We have members from USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea. This means we have members online at all times! We do Territory Sieges, Node Wars, GvG, Guild Quests, and More! BDO History: has been around since the beginning of OBT, originally starting off as a small group of friends looking to banditry. Once we realized that banditry was not viable we turned our sights towards GvG and Sieges. As far as we know we were the first and only English speaking guild to own a Territory not once but twice. We have also successfully taken over nodes in both Calpheon region and Media Region, and members of one of the strongest alliances on the KR servers. Requirements:
  • We are looking to recruit serious PvPers only. You must WANT to pvp, and WANT to do sieges.
  • Attendance at sieges. You must be able to attend at least 1 siege every 2 weeks. If you miss two sieges consecutively you will be removed from the guild barring a valid reason.
  • TeamSpeak is Required. You don’t need a mic, but you need to at least be able to hear 🙂
  • Have fun. At the end of the day we are here to have fun, we enjoy PvP in all it’s aspects and thus everyone needs to have fun, if not..what’s the point?
If you are interested in joining to be part of something great feel free to contact any of our officers below! Feel free to also contact any members in and they can direct you to the proper person 🙂 Zemi (GM) TheGhost (EN Officer) Dalores (EN Officer) Nomormercy (KR Officer)(He speaks very good English)