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      We are finally back!

      If you don’t know where BDFoundry has been the last few days, we had some issues with our website host, causing the site to be down for a while. Ironically, we were already planning to move to a different hosting package in the same day, so we decided to go ahead with our migration.

      Along the way we literally ran into every error you can imagine and this caused the site to be down for much longer than we hoped. We also had issues with connecting our domain name, but luckily we had a white knight to save us and everything is back to normal! Your user information should be intact and all previous links to guides/pages should work. If you have any problems please let us know on our forums.

      A massive thank you to Ashelin for putting up with us for so long on our previous hosting, and to our friend at blackdesert-portugal.com for saving the day! The migration would have been never-ending without their help and we would still be sitting here scratching our heads.

      Sorry again for the downtime. I don’t think anyone has missed the site more than we have! We have lots of plans to make it up to you, including a new Musa/Maehwa class guide and map updates.

      Thank you for sticking with us and it’s great to be back.

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