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      Since the Warrior weapon awakening just came out today in KR, with Sorceress and Giant next on the list, we can only presume that Ranger will be revealed soon. So I thought I would start an interesting discussion on what weapon awakening we think the Ranger class will use.

      I’m personally hoping for a crossbow or perhaps even a gun if it doesn’t step outside the lore too much 😀 What do you guys think?

      For those people that haven’t seen here is the Warrior weapon awakening and Sorceress and Giant weapon awakening.

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      The Sorceress’ weapon looks very awesome! Hopefully they will get added in EU/NA version without much delay. As for Ranger…can’t imagine. Crossbow would definitely be interesting.

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      It definitely does! I love how they are adding these new Weapon Awakenings. I don’t really know what else Ranger could get though besides a crossbow or dual guns. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. I’m also hoping Kunoichi/Ninja will have a kusarigama or something 😀

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      Ranger with a pet that can attack.

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      As far as my observations on limited sources (Im from JP server ) , it seem that it only give weapon/offhand upon complete lv 56 “Awakening Quest”. Few questions,

      Will solo player able to defeat Harpy Boss and drop awakening weapon ?

      I reckon she drop a medal to claim awakening weapons and open up awakening skill tree from NPC ?

      The awakening only give weapons. The costume that shown with awakening weapons in ads are likely to be cash costume. I saw the costume in cash shop Korea from one of the youtubes. Hope someone can fill me in on this.


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        Awakened weapons are only available for level 56+. Your Black Spirit will give you the quest and you must kill the Harpy Queen boss to collect your weapon. The boss is not solo-able from what I’ve seen, it looks like it takes at least 20 people to take it down. I’m not totally sure about the details because I haven’t been able to try it myself, but once the boss is defeated you should get your weapon from your Black Spirit and a separate tab on your skill tree will be unlocked with your new skills. Below is a video of the Harpy Boss fight.

        I do believe that the Sorceress class has a different quest altogether where they must kill a variety of mobs to receive their weapon from an NPC. The costumes are a cash shop costume and do not come with the new weapon.

        For anyone else who is interested, KR recently revealed the Ranger Weapon Awakening and you can view the post about it here:


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