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      Hi guys!

      We’ve implemented some pretty big updates (and done a little spring cleaning) over the last couple of weeks so I just wanted to let you all know about them and how they’re going to completely change our guides.

      One of our biggest updates is our new interactive map! We will now start going through all our guides and adding links to the locations, making it easier for you to find your way around the world of Black Desert Online. I’d like to give a massive thank you to /u/Jeclar for all his help. Without his assistance the map wouldn’t be anywhere near the stage it’s at right now. We know there are already a few maps out there, we’ve actually been planning and developing our map since May 2015 when we first started the site. We also have a lot of ideas which will make it different. For example, we are currently working on a node contribution calculator, and will implement it as soon as it’s ready (hopefully before launch!). It’s also the only other map besides inven.kr to include the Valencia Part II nodes.

      Another big update is our Sorceress class guide. We’ll be updating the rest of our class guides over time to match the same style and include the extra information. We’ll be starting with the Ranger and Tamer class guides next. We are aware that we’ve used some items which will not be available at launch and we are considering writing a “Starter/Launch” guide for new players, which will cover class specifics for launch.

      Finally, we’ve updated our 1-60 leveling guide to add extra leveling spots ready for CBT2. We’ve also rated each leveling spot and added some item drops so you can pick and choose your favourite places, or have other options if the spot is busy.

      We would love to hear your feedback on these changes and tell us how we can improve! It has taken us a long time to implement these changes but as our website, and the game grows we’ll be updating more and more. We currently have a very long list of every guide we need to update and new guides to come. Thank you for your support.



      • Added the BDFoundry Interactive Map
        • Map Features:
          • Click or hover over any marker to show more information about each node.
          • Search for a specific node using the search box in the top-right.
          • Click the “share” button on any node to get a permalink for the node.
          • Add and share a custom location by clicking the marker icon in the top-right corner.
          • Hide and show different nodes by clicking the layer control buttons in the top-left, or add extra layers using the drop-down box in the top-right.
          • Pin up to two  nodes on the sidebar.
        • Includes Valencia Part II nodes
        • Includes Sea Regions
        • Includes Leveling Spots
        • Includes Wild Horse locations
        • Tested on IOS and Android.
      • Updated “Sorceress” guide
        • Changed layout and design
        • Updated skills and skill build
        • Added information on combos
        • Added information on sockets
        • Added information on accessories
        • Added information on consumables
        • Added information on skill awakening
      • Updated “1-60 Leveling” guide
        • Added more locations
        • Added ratings for each spot
        • Added item drops
      • Updated “Recipes” list
      • Updated “How to find and use the Warehouse” guide
      • Updated “How to increase inventory space” guide
      • Updated “Hunting” guide
      • Updated “Enchanting & Sockets” guide
      • Added “Pets” guide
      • Added “Cooking” guide
      • Added “Alchemy” guide


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