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      Map/Node Calculator Change Log:

      • 11/07/2020 – Added Kamasyliva, Dreighan, Margoria and O’Dyllita nodes.General update to correct node names
      • 12/07/2020 – Added link back to website on sidebar UI and added confirm to leave the page
      • 13/07/2020 – Updated search feature to allow you to search for matieral names or villa buffs. Added production names to node tooltips for better UI
      • 15/07/2020 – Re-added the old map features that add extra layers (Sea Regions, Leveling/Grinding Spots, Wild Horses, World Bosses). Also added a new layer “Sea Monsters”
      • 17/07/2020 – Added new layer “Hunting Locations”
      • 25/07/2020 – Added new layer “Aakman/Hystria Portals”
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