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      Thanks for your site, i use it and appreciate very much what it has to offer.

      I would ask for precision about Farm Nodes. I don’t know if when discovering a new node via the node manager, a character also discover all farm Nodes (production) associated or if we have to do something else to have them to appear in the game. I ask this because i noted important differences between your map and my actual ingame map. My game version is european.

      For example Oze Pass Node (called Oze Path on your interactive map) :

      • In my version, there is only a Cedar Timber production Node associated.
      • In your interactive map, i can see a Gold Mine too (wich doesn’t appear in my game).

      Did I miss something (important) in the game or is the interactive map out of date or for Korean version ?

      Thank you for clarifying this for me, so i can bring you a more accurate feedback.

      P.S : sorry for my english as it’s not my native language.

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      Hi Warox,

      Thank you for using our map. Production nodes are discovered when you discover the adventure node they are connected to, in this case Oze Pass.

      The Oze Pass node currently has just the one production node (Cedar Timber) on the EU/NA version. The map is up-to-date with KR so it’s most likely the node was only added later on and isn’t available yet. If you spot anything else like this I can add some information to the node on the map, so that people know it isn’t yet available in our version.

      Thank you again for using the map and providing your helpful feedback.

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      Hi ! First of all, thanks a lot for all the effort you put into the site and the map in particular, it’s really awesome. I’d like to pinpoint a small error : in game, Calpheon and Falred Dirt Farm are directly linked, but not on your map.

      Thanks again !

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      Wanted to stop by and say I love the map. However I did notice the map was missing one node manager for Rumbling Land in Mediah Territory. The node manager name is Daloanarin and she is located just South and a little west of  the Ancient Fissure called Crevasse of Antiquity on your map right by the little stream beside the road.

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      Hello ! Thanks for your answer. I’m glad to learn there are some gathering nodes not yet implemented in our versions. I really was worried I should have miss an important point in the game. I will surely give you feedback, it’s the least I can do to support your good work. I fully appreciate your site as it’s my main reference. Wish you the best.

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      Just a quick update:

      Rumbling Land has now been added. Please post if you find any errors, the node manager is a little to the west of where it is marked – we plan to add NPCs *eventually*,  Calpheon and Falred Dirt Farm are now linked on the map as well as Balenos Forest and Hiedel Pass.

    • #10645

      Just to be completely unrealistic… how about being able to find the closest node of a certain type based on a current network?

      So, say I have my current network, but I want to add an Ash Tree node, it can tell me where the cheapest one is?

      Feel free to tell me to shut up 😉

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      Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would just add to this one and hope you’re still updating the map!


      I found a few nodes that have CP values that don’t match in-game:

      Abandoned Ferry in Shakatu: 2 CP in-game, 1 CP on map

      Ahto Farm: 2 CP in-game, 1 CP on map

      Manes Hideout: 1 CP in-game, 2 CP on map

      Kuit Islands (Cutie Archipelago on map): 3 CP in-game, 1 CP on map


    • #10095

      The ability to add written notes to existing nodes would be appreciated.

    • #10096

      We can possibly look into this but would need to set up cookies and have users login to use the feature. Thank you for your suggestion and for using our world map! 😀

    • #10138

      The node calculator isn’t working.  So when I was in game, it was my experience that you could choose a farm node, instead of a travel/adventure node in the same area and still get the connection. In game the nodes seem to work more on a radiating circle rather than a point to point line system as your map is set up as.  While I understand that the radiating circle connection system is complex and unusual navigation system for a map, I still think that if you can’t get it to accurately or a close approximation of what is/happens or represents what is in game, it probably shouldn’t be a feature yet.

      As it is now, it doesn’t give even a close approximation to the number of nodes needed to connect to each other as it is requiring nodes that are not needed, as an example Wiel Farm just outside of olvia, your showing that it takes 2 contribution point to connect it, 1 for the purple connection node and 1 for the farm, but this is not my experience in game, it only took one to connect olvia to the Wiel Farm directly, and that farm node could be used in place of the purple connection node.


      Other than that great work on the map, and it has been an amazing tool to help plan and explore in game!!

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      Hi Listatta,

      We recently updated our map with a higher res version and changed the way some of the back end works. Due to this, you may need to delete your cache and restart your browser before some features will work as intended. Please let me know if this works or doesn’t work.

      The node system is definitely complex and it’s hard to get it exactly how it is in-game. That being said, the map is also pretty complicated if you don’t know your way around it.

      There are 2 types of nodes which may be leading to your confusion about the number of contribution you need to connect them. The purple connection nodes are the adventure nodes, while the farm node is a production node. The farm node is technically inside the adventure node, you can only see it if you click on the Wiel Farm. This production node, is where you would send your workers to gather materials. So you have correctly connected the two nodes, costing 1 contribution point. But if you want to send workers there you must click this node and invest in the farm node attached, for another 1 contribution point.

      Hopefully this clears things up a little 🙂

      Thank you for your suggestions and checking out our map!

    • #10365

      Hi =)
      As this topic is “Map suggestion” I will post mine here.

      What I have in mind is to go a little further than Glucente’s idea, it would be to be able to save personal notes on existing nodes (kind of Glucente’s suggestion) and more than that, being able to add personnal markers to the map (with the sharing function) and save them on our BDFoundry account, with a link on our account profile for example to get into it (the “Map” menu would still open a clean non user-edited map like atm), and even to share it.
      The personnal mark, when created, would contain the following: name of the mark, category (“Mining”, “Gathering”, “Fishing”, etc with every job and an “Other” category), and a short description.
      In the map ui, it would add a (little) panel listing our personal markers, with a research field in case we add a lot of markers.

      This feature could be really nice and imo would enhance your map quality more than it already is!


    • #10568

      An awesome feature would be to calculate the % distance bonus between two nodes when trading; or at least between cities.

    • #10581

      Cypress Wood/Cypress Sap(wrong translate) –> White Cedar Timber

      and search bar would be better if we could search materials not just node names

    • #10584

      Only suggestions I would have would be to maybe differentiate between the KR and EU/NA servers so map is correct. Not sure how realistic this idea would be though.

      Also the ability to import/export/save/share a particular node network would be very useful.

      Awesome website man, greatly appreciated either way.


    • #10599

      Looking into all of these. Thank you for the suggestions guys! Keep them coming.

    • #10602

      The ability to highlight nodes with traders/stables might be nice. Traders for people planning trade routes and stables because.. why not?

    • #10626

      if there is a way to do this already make it more obvious (and inform me how)  if not then  :  when using the NODE CALCULATOR allow a way to save it.

      1. to edit it later (cant count how many times i have recalculated my IG node map)

      2. to share it with other people who are interested.

      keep up the great work!

    • #10644

      @eur00 @Jikuu

      Saving node connections is now possible with our new map feature. You can read about the new feature here.

      Keep the ideas coming and let us know if you find any bugs/errors.

      Thank you!

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