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      In all mmo games, the aim and the interest is to level up, black desert online is without exception. The first thing, keep in mind, grind is the fast way to level up in black desert online. And most of quest won’t give any experience, instead you can get some bag space vigor and contribution points. To get the contribution points, you need to complete some quests. The disadvantage of grinding in black desert online is you may miss some chance to get points, because you need to spend a lot of time to catch up. As a beginner, i recommend you can all of the quests to 50 and take your time to learn the game.
      At the same time, there are 4 types of quests in black desert online. They are kill quests,knowledge quests, collection quests,escort quests. To complete kill quests, sometimes you need to kill a certain amount of monsters according to the mark for areas on the map. The amount maybe 10, even 50. Or you need to kill 3 or 4 different classes of the same monsters for item drop. During this procession, you needn’t loot to obtain the item. For knowledge quest, you need to keep killing the monster until you get the knowledge. To complete this kind of quest, you may spend a long time, because it is random when you gain knowledge. The third kind of quest is collection quests, including go to an area on the map and collect an item, or collect wild herbs in a field or use a fruit basket to collect a tamed raccoon or moving a trade pack. The last quest is Escort quests. These quests are rare. You may need to escorting an NPC to another area when battle monsters and keep them safe. This kind of quest is easy to complete.

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      Not in all mmo games is the aim to level up and actually that’s not the aim at all in mmo’s. The aim is to become stronger, getting better and in mmorpg’s the aim sometimes is then to get ready for pvp. Black Desert online doesn’t have a goal. It’s a game where you can decide how to play it. It’s a MMORPG with dozens of options, such as fishing. It is different from mmorpg’s such as TERA, Aion, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, League of Legends and the like. I’ve played myself TERA and Aion and also The Secret World (mmo adventure) and Devilian and Blade and Soul. In Aion for example the aim there is clearly getting stronger and take part in pvp. Aion is mostly pvp oriented. Black Desert is more PvE oriented. There is pvp, but currently that doesn’t live that much and people already leave. I’m talking about the EU/NA release then.
      In Black Desert you can fish all the day and do nothing more. There are those who do that. Not my cup of tea, but as said Black Desert doesn’t really have a clear aim.

      As for levelling; you will gain levels very quick in the beginning. Probably you will be level 10 when heading to Western Guard Camp for the first time. But indeed, gain some CP and knowledge first when you start for the first time and be sure to increase your inventory space as well, cause your pockets will soon be full.
      Next to that new players should just follow the questline first and don’t go just to somewhere, especially not towards thermian cliffs and try to get to calpheon on low levels.

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