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      Please follow our rules that we have set in place. They are here to keep the community friendly and happy. If you break the rules will get you get a warning. Additional rule breaking will then result in a seven day time out, and eventually a ban from our forums. Serious offenders will be dealt with differently.

      • Do not post any personal information about you or anyone else.
      • Do not abuse forum features.
      • Do not over-use CAPS or symbols in your posts.
      • Do not post advertisements
      • Please do not “hijack/steal” a forum thread by changing the subject.
      • If you have been timed out or banned do not make another account to complain or ask for a un-ban.
      • Do not Post in old dead threads to necro them.
      • Do not troll in any shape or form.
      • No racism, bully or threatening will be tolerated.
      • Do not spam memes, gifs or any inappropriate images.
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