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      If you haven’t already seen our post, we are currently giving away Black Desert Online EU/NA CBT1 Keys. Click here to enter now!

      All giveaways are now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered. Winners have been sent their keys via e-mail.

       All keys have now be distributed via e-mail. Check your inbox! Congratulations to all of our winners and commiserations to everyone who applied but did not win in one of our three giveaways. We wish we had enough keys for everyone.

      Make sure to like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for our e-mail newsletter to stay in the loop.

      Thank you and enjoy the CBT!


      This is our discuss thread for this exciting news.

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      Roughly how many keys are given away each contest?

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        70 keys will be given out here on our website. We will also be organising a Facebook and Twitter giveaway with 15 winners for each, making a total of 100 CBT1 keys. The Facebook and Twitter giveaway will be starting on Sunday so keep an eye out!

        UPDATE (13/12/2015): DAUM gave us an extra 40 keys so we will now be giving away 20 keys each on Facebook and Twitter, with 100 keys on website 🙂 Facebook and Twitter giveaway has now started and will end tomorrow at the same time as our website giveaway (8PM CEST).

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      Hope its not too late to send me a key ><


      **refreshing msg inbox**

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