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    Hey guys

    In the last week we’ve made many updates to our guides. Below is a list of all guides that have been updated, please check them out!

    • PVP and Battlegrounds
      • Added information on dueling and Arsha’s Window. Arsha’s Window is an arena available on KR which guilds can rent to use for tournaments/practice.
    • World Bosses and dungeons
      • Added Kutum and other bosses (bheg, dim tree, red nose, mudster). Added links to the boss hunting discord servers.


    New guides that have been added:

    • Day/Night Vendors
      • Day/Night Vendor locations
      • List of what items they sell
      • How to use the pre-order function
    • Elephants and Camels
      • This guide was previously a small section in the mounts guide. We decided to split it into a separate guide and add more information
      • How to capture and raise elephants (guilds)
      • How to get a miniature elephant
      • How to get a camel

    Lots more updates and new content is coming out soon. This includes: Golden Treasure Chest locations, knowledge guides, tier 9 horse guide, and many more!

    We’re still going through guides as well that still need updating, such as the skill add-on guide, leveling guide and enchanting guide.

    We know that a lot of people want a Dark Knight guide right now but unfortunately we don’t feel like we know enough about the class to do an extensive guide. If anyone is interested in writing up a class guide or has information that may be useful, feel free to contact us at any time. Thank for all of the support and I hope to see you in-game!

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